Harper Downplays Occupy Bay Street

 Recorded telephone call to the Prime Ministers Office
by Joseph Sisson

What you are about to hear is a telephone call that I placed to the Right Honourable Stephan Harper.

I placed the call in the hope that I could have the Prime Minister or someone at his office answer the question that the Prime Minister avoided answering when it was posed to him in a press conference in Peterborough Ontario on Friday October 14, 2011 at approximately 10:40 A.M. MST.

The press conference was broadcast live by the CBC News Now network. I watched (live) as a reporter prefaced his question to the Prime Minister with comments about the growing Occupy Wallstreet Movement and that plans are to have an Occupy Bay Street protest tomorrow and the reported recollected the violence at the G20 summit.

Having said that the reported went on to ask the question: “What are you saying to the police”? The reporter was obviously referring to what instructions the Prime Minister had for “law enforcement” with respect to the upcoming “Occupy Baystreet” protest.

The Prime Minister avoided the question by saying “I think that Canadians understand…….” and went on to make statements about how things are different in Canada and that Canada did not bail out our bankers…..etc.

The Prime Minister concluded his “answer” to the question: “What are you saying to the police”? by saying that he would not comment further.

As a citizen of Canada I was not satisfied by the Prime Ministers avoidance of the question and would like to have the question answered.

I have phoned the Prime Ministers office in the past and have not being allowed to talk to anyone in person as the views that I expressed differed with those of the PMO.

So today, I decided that I would create the illusion that I was a citizen who was in favor of quelling the “Occupy Wallstreet Movement” at the border and not allowing this movement into “peace loving Canada”. Having said that to the receptionist responsible for screening calls and directing calls to the appropriate “route”, I was allowed to talk to “John” about my concerns.

I need to state unequivocally that I am in support of the “Occupy Wallstreet Movement” and encourage all Canadians to take action to support the movement provided that you do so peacefully.

In order for my voice to be heard at the PMO I stated that I was in favor of stopping the movement at the border and not allowing it into Canada. These statements firstly, allowed my call to be directed to a person rather than the voice mail option. These statements secondly, allowed me to talk to “John” who was “happy” and “pleased” that I was making these statements.

Listen to the conversation and draw your own conclusions. You will hear as I finally leave a voice message for the Prime Minister asking him to answer the question (which I state 3 times so there is no confusion as to what the question is) and to “try to stay on topic”.

Subsequent to my call to the PMO, I watched on CBC News Now as they presented to the viewing public the “edited” version of what I had witnessed live at 10:40 A.M. MST.

The edited version, which aired at approximately 1:05 P.M. MST omitted the reporter’s question: “What are you saying to the police?” and omitted the Prime Ministers concluding remark that he would not comment further.

You will be able to hear the Prime Ministers avoidance of the question aired again and again on CBC news as they create the illusion that the Prime Minister is making a statement about the current state of affairs in Canada.

You will see this illusion play over and over again with the PM saying “I think that Canadians understand…..”

So Mr. Prime Minister, what are you saying to the police with respect to the role of law enforcement at the upcoming “Occupy Bay Street” protest?

Will you allow Canadians their Charter Rights and Freedoms to peaceful protest?

If you will not answer this question when posed by a reporter in a free and democratic society then we will have to wait for the answer until tomorrow to witness the role of law enforcement in Canada when encountering citizens exercising their right to peaceful protest.

I remind you sir that the whole world will be watching.

I also remind all Canadians that the whole world will be watching and to act PEACEFULLY to exercise your Charter Rights to peaceful protest.
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