Occupy the World: We Are the 99%


People from 951 cities in 82 countries participated on October 15 in the ‘United for Global Change’ day. Hundreds of thousands filled the streets of European, Asian and American cities, calling for taxing the rich and an end to governments leaning on the poor and middle class to climb out of recession.
Hundreds of protesters were arrested around the world. Rome witnessed the most violence, as some protesters dug out pavement stones and threw them at police, while others threw explosives and attempted to storm the Ministry of Defense.

In New York, police prevented demonstrators from entering Zuccotti park, where they had been protesting since September 17. London saw some 1000 protesters attempt to break into the London Stock Exchange, only to be prevented by police on horseback. In Spain, ‘Los Indignados’ began their assembly in the Puerta Del Sol square in Madrid by listening to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Occupy Athens

(Photo: AFP – Louisa Gouliamaki)
Occupy Boston

(Photo: REUTERS – Brian Snyder)
Occupy Hong Kong

(Photo: REUTERS – Tyrone Siu)
Occupy London

(Photo: AFP – Leon Neal)
Occupy Madrid

(Photo: AFP – Dani Pozo)
Occupy New York

(Photo: AFP – Emmanuel Dunand)
Occupy Rome

(Photo: REUTERS – Max Rossi)
Occupy Rome

(Photo: AFP – Alberto Pizzoli)
Occupy Sydney

(Photo: AFP – Marianna Massey)
Occupy Sydney

(Photo: AFP – Marianna Massey)
Occupy Valencia

(Photo: REUTERS – Heino Kalis)
Occupy Vancouver

(Photo: REUTERS – Ben Nelms)
Occupy Vienna

(Photo: REUTERS – Leonhard Foeger)
Occupy Zurich

(Photo: REUTERS – Christian Hartmann)

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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