Gilad Atzmon: The book they don’t want you to read

Here we go again: Jewish Zionists and Jewish ‘anti-Zionists yet again join forces to burn a book that, amongst other things, explores the Jewish culture of book-burning. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

It seems as if award-winning Islmophobic Harry’s Place is now so desperate to stop ‘The Wandering Who’ that they wail, Why Is The Times Selling an Antisemitic Book?” “I am shocked and horrified to see that The Times is promoting Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who”, says one of the Harry’s Place ring-leaders.

I find myself laughing out loud. A mere thirty minutes after the panic lights started to flash, Israeli hasbara author and pro-war enthusiast David Aaronovitch was informing his fans at the Zionist cyber-ghetto that he was ‘on the case’. No doubt Aaronovitch knew exactly who to call.

Apparently the Guardian has already surrendered to Zionist pressure. As Harry’s Place continues, “I see from CiFWatch that at one stage, the Guardian’s online bookshop was also selling the same book. They appear not to be doing so, now.”

Well, good on the Guardian. At least it is consistent in it’s groveling to the ‘dangerous cult’ described so eloquently by Jonathan Cook.

We’re now looking into the very heart of Jewish choseness. In 2011 Britain, it is Jewish Zionists who decide what the British public will read and Jewish ‘anti’-Zionists who decide what British Palestine solidarity activists will do.

But let me reassure you. On every front they fail. Our world has changed. ‘The Wandering Who’ spreads like a forest fire and a second edition is about to be printed.

So, those who wish to peer into the depths of Liam Fox’s relationships with his real masters will have to read ‘The Wandering Who’. They certainly won’t understand it from reading The Guardian or The Times.

You can now order The Wandering Who on or

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