Hasan Salamah hails the prisoner exchange deal

[ 19/10/2011 – 03:10 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Imprisoned Qassam Brigades leader, Hasan Salamah said in a message from Askalan prison on Tuesday afternoon: “To get women captives free is an achievement to be proud of [..] to get all these veteran captives freed is a great achievement.”
“I wished to be with you along with all my remaining brothers, but Allah’s Will is for that not to happen now despite all your efforts,” he said.
Armed Palestinian Hamas militants keep p“We live with your promise to us, the promise of heroes, and that is enough for me, because you are the ones who promised and fulfilled your promise in this deal dubbed ‘the promise of free men’,” he added.
To the freed captives he said: “I wished I could have seen you off and hugged you before you left, but my consolation and that of my fellow captives is that you are going to your freedom. I wish happy times and hope you enjoy your freedom. We have a date when we will meet.

Again I congratulate this people, this movement, and this resistance spearheaded by the Qassam Brigades for this great achievement which contented my heart and brought tears to my eyes.”

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