I didn’t want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried, I just said "AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW!"

“I didn’t want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried. However, I am an American and didn’t live under his rule for 42 years. Those who did, people I know of heroism and character, hated him.” Wrote Gordon Duff,

I, 8 months ago, just said:  AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW!

“We can still be a nation of heroes if we are allowed to be, if we are led honorably.”

You are a nation of sheep led “honarably” by Netanyaho..
Your HANDS are soaked with BLOOD

“Our goal was not to kill Gaddafii”. Juppe said. “When I say us, I’m talking about the coalition, of France within NATO. Our goal was to force him to relinquish power. It was then up to the National Transitional Council to capture and judge him”,  he added


“Believe your instincts and information from reliable independent web sites and other sources.

The struggle to free Libya continues.” Stephen Lendman

Mutassim Gaddafi:Last Cigarette,rest and dead body. 

The Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi
In case you missed it: Stop the NATO Bombing of Libya- Victory to the Arab Revolution.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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