Bandar Bin Sultan Involved in Mughnieh’s Assasination: Report

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Recently unveiled Reports have revealed that Former Saudi Ambassador to the United States and the Saudi National Security Council Secretary General Bandar Bin Sultan was involved in the assassination of Hezbollah military Chief martyr Imad Mughnieh.

The report that was published in a short time said that an Arab diplomat accused Prince Bandar of being involved in the assassination of Mughnieh in an operation that was conducted in February 2008.

Fars News Agency further quoted the Arab diplomat saying that Prince Bandar was arrested in the Damascus airport on the 12th of February, 2008; and that during the interrogations that the Syrian authorities conducted with him, Bandar confessed of major information about the assassination of the Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri and Leader Imad Mughnieh, in addition to sabotage schemes planned for Syria.

The report further included information about the latest developments in Syria and Prince Bandar, as well as the Saudi intelligence’s role in arranging for them.

“On the 12th of February, 2008, that is three years after the assassination of Hariri, the major military leader in Hezbollah Imad Mughnieh was assassinated. This reignited the situation, and aimed at creating a critical state that would destroy the relation between Syria and Hezbollah. A few days later, announcements were made indicating that the investigations in Mughnieh’s assassination have come out with important results, and that regional security apparatuses were involved in the crime,” the report stated.

It also pointed out that European countries instantly held talks with Syria after that, asking the latter to cover up its interrogations’ results, and pledging that the United States and its allies would halt their constant accusations against Syria in assassinating PM Rafiq Hariri.

“For its part, Syria refused to give any promises. However, it avoided announcements about its investigations,” the report added.

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