Gordon Duff Calling for unity??? What Time is It?

Warning: What Time is It?

“A statement of fact, reasonable and sensible, today would be worse than any of the phony “Al Qaeda” videos foisted on the public by the neocon/bankster conspiracy. What is that fact? Using force, police, military or otherwise against the citizens of America, Israel, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, France….” Thus stated Gordon Duff. “Citizens” of Israel he said, not the settlers occupying Palestine.


The Tunisians ,
Egyptians and Bahrainees were not armed !!
But the Libyans are armed !!! + the Syrians are armed !!
the Yemenis are not armed
although each carries a big dagger
but for the decoration .
One repeated phenomena, is that
regimes who were Israel-friendly
get non- armed-insurgencies
get armed-insurgencies ??


French Philosopher Bernard HenrI Levy poses with pro National Transitional Council (NTC) combattants at the Tripoli Medical center on September 15, 2011 in Tripoli.
Heroism and character in action

“That time is over.” Gordon added We are not going away quietly, no longer buying the lies, no longer divided by “left” and “right.” We are taking our lives back, not just in America or Israel or across the Arab world but Europe as well.”

“For those who are a bit slow, the “right’s” attempt to save their “monkeyboy,” Gaddafi failed.”

I understand one thing the United States of Israel stands behind killing millions of citizens all around the world, including those killed by Gordon’s Real Libyans“. Gordon – being a bit fast– is asking me to take my life back and forget my right of return and work hand in hand with my occupier. No Mr, Fa*t, get it or get help, the way for you freedom, stopping The coming American Nakba,  is full liberation of Palestime from the River to the Sea

Being one of those “who are a bit slow” unlike Gordon who don’t “want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried”, but instead of saying I wanted him to die Gordon said “He had to die, just like Saddam and bin Laden.” by those who Gordon knows “of heroism and character, hated him.”

Heroism and character
“Real” libyans and “real” Veterans in action

In case you missed it: WERE “MICRO-NUKES” IN ISRAELI AID PACKAGE TO GADDAFI?” asked Gordon

Libya “was a closed society for 42 years, much like North Korea” Gordon Claimed, which is not true, unless Gordon about Sanction’s period. “Anyone talking about pre-war Libya is simply making it up. Nobody is talking about the new government. But why are they talking about Libya at all?” he added. He only knows about the crimes commited in that 42 years “closed” society. Kaddafi had “ordered the imprisonment and killing of tens of thousands of innocent people”, yet, except him “Anyone talking about pre-war Libya is simply making it up. 

A real libyan in action

The King heard it from the real Libyan, not from “Queen Cynthia da Loon, nor from Lizzie Phelan who reported what she ws told by Gaddafi Regime. So take it from horse’s mouth, though he is sitting somwhere, on his labtop, he has contacts with freedom fighters such as Qaddafi´s own ex-ministers (Mahmud Jibril, Mustafa Abdel Jalil and slain Abdul Fatah Younis) who out of sudden became the “champions-of-de mocracy”
On the otherside, Frank Lamb, who was in Libya for months and returned with a snipper’s bullet in the leg heard it from Ahmad, Amal, Hind, Suha, Mohammad and Rana, are not real Libyans, even though they told their story after Libya is ” liberated “

Public spectacle: Young children queue to see the body displayed in a meat locker in Misrata
Gordon’s Real Libyan is hardly “surprising that most Libyans
are simply glad he is dead and do not care how he died.”
Look at tthe overwhelming majority of Libyans waiting to see his body

As far as I am concerned Gaddafi being aressted I wanted him be tried for the so-called “imprisonment and killing of tens of thousands of innocent people”, may be the trial would reveal to this American who didn’t “live under his rule for 42 years.” who killed tortured and arreseted tens of thousands after Gordon’s call to “Attack Libya NOW”

Like Raja, I don’t know how many victims died during the 42 years of Qaddafi´s rule ???
But, some two years ago, I heard from one of the Nato rebbels ( Jamaa Islamiya Fighters), holding a swiss passport, that Khadafi killed some 1200 prisoners at Abu Salim jail.

Please , think twice and compare
That is me,Raja Chemayel
One NTC-member,
dealing with his suspects !!

It is said that about 30.000 Libyans died since the beginning of the uprising.
Depending on who you ask, this figure varies between 25 and 33 thousands.

Bearing in mind that this “uprising” took 8 months up to now ,
I would like to ask you to compare :
how many victims died during the 42 years of Qaddafi´s rule ???

I honestly do not know !!
and may I add that any victim is a victim .

Please ask around you, or investigate :
How many died because of Qaddafi ??
and or ,
how many died by Qaddafi´s regime ???????

I know that even the Lokerbie-victims were not Qaddafi´s work

and the CIA knows that !!!

One thing I can say, with certainty :

NATO and the NTC have killed ,so far, directly and or indirectly,
more than Qaddafi in all those 40 years !!

I rest my case ,
and ask you to think twice…… and compare.

Raja Chemayel


Clinton came, she saw and Gaddafi died, “whether the person who killed him knew it or not, because he knew too much.” Saddam was hanged because he knew too much. Bin Ladin was assassinated for the same reason, and thrown with his secrets in sea.

Gordon’s “Libyan Heros” decided that Kaddafi is not a Muslim, and burried him and his secrets in the Desert .

I am not Libyan, but an Uprooted Palestinian, who lived and worked about five years under Kaddafi’s rule, in early seventies, before the “Green Revolution”. During thos five years Libya was the second country, after Syria in the world where a Palestinian may enter and work without a Visa, During those five years Libya was a  constuction site.

“It is not for me, who never lived under Gaddafi, to tell others how to react.” Thus claimed Gordon, but it is for him as “American who owns the world” to Call “America to attack Kaddafi Now” and it is for him speak on behalf of the people of Libya who “want their $70 billion back that Saif is holding in his personal checking account. Perhaps he needs it to pay for his lawyers?”

Poor Gordon, unfortunately is not a Lawyer like Franklin Lamb  


“This is just one of the Gaddafi accounts that total over $1 trillion that were stolen from the Libyan people.” Gordon claimed Gaddafi and his Israeli/neocon buddies spread around a lot of cash. Some who got paid off moved on quietly when it was time, others are making total asses of themselves.” So, Who would not like to replace him ?? ” asked Raja one month ago.

Gordon “wanted Gaddafi alive to hear him tell us how much he paid Bush and Berlusconi and Sarkozy and Blair and so many others.” I wanted the same and would add the trillions Kaddafi paid to wash his hands from the fake crimes, he never commited. 

Like Saddam Gaddafi is dead but like in Iraq, the resistance will not die, “The real plan is to get the Army back from Iraq and put it on American streets.” thus claimed Gordon,

I am not sure, but would say the Zionist plan is to move the Army from Iraq to another IRAQ. As far as I can see now, I reppeat what I said while Gordon was calling Amecica to attack Libya, Libya is the next Iraq.

He had to die, but Why??

Exclusive: Gordaffi at Gaddafi’s Capture and the “next mission”

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