Israel violates Egypt-brokered truce, escalates aerial attacks on Gaza

Israel violates Egypt-brokered truce

[ 30/10/2011 – 10:18 AM ]
GAZA, (PIC)– Israel has escalated its military aggression against the Gaza Strip and intensified its air raids at dawn Sunday immediately after a truce brokered by Egypt was declared between the two sides.
A spokesman for medical services in Gaza told the Palestinian information center (PIC) reporter there that Israel waged from one o’clock to three thirty in the morning more than 10 air strikes on different targets in Gaza especially in Khan Younis and Rafah areas..
The air raids caused extreme horror and panic among civilians especially the children and material damage in the bombed areas, the spokesman added.
Egypt was reported to have managed to broker a truce, supposed to start at three o’clock at dawn, between the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza and the Israeli occupation state, but the latter waged a series of air raids after this time violating the cease-fire.
A Palestinian informed source told the PIC that efforts made by the Egyptian intelligence service was able to convince the resistance factions in Gaza especially the Islamic Jihad Movement to accept a reciprocal cease-fire with the Israeli occupation starting today at three o’clock in the morning.

Egypt Brokers Truce between Islamic Jihad and Israel
Local Editor
Egypt has succeeded Sunday in brokering truce between the Islamic Jihad and Israel after a day of violence that killed nine Palestinians and one Israeli.

The ceasefire came into effect shortly after dawn, Sunday, after a day of violence that was ignited by an Israeli air strike that hit Rafah in South Gaza Saturday killing five Islamic Jihad activists.

The strike was later followed by a number of strikes that killed four other Palestinians.

The Islamic Jihad responded to the Israeli strikes by firing rockets at Ashdod, Gan Yavne, and Ashkelon killing one Israeli and injuring four others.

The Israeli police said 31 rockets were fired at Israel since Saturday’s initial Israeli air strike.

AFP quoted sources it reported were close to Hamas movement as saying that the Egyptian intelligence had managed to broker a ceasefire effective early Sunday morning.

“The efforts and intensive contacts led by senior Egyptian intelligence officials led to a national consensus to restore calm,” the sources told AFP, adding that “the Islamic Jihad is committed to the truce as long as the occupation commits to it.”

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