Abbas says to discuss PA fate with Hamas, Fatah official: There is no plan to dismantle the Palestinian Authority

Abbas says to discuss PA fate with Hamas

Reuters 27 Oct — RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – President Mahmoud Abbas plans to discuss the fate of the Palestinian Authority with his rivals Hamas next month, raising questions over its future with the peace process at a dead end…..

The Authority is not an authority. People and Palestinian institutions are asking me about the benefits of the continuation of the Authority,” Abbas said in comments to his Fatah party published by WAFA news agency on Thursday.,,,,

Fatah official: There is no plan to dismantle the Palestinian Authority

Haaretz/Reuters 28 Oct — Mahmoud al-Aloul clarifies that Palestinian officials simply regrouping and working to restore the PA to its former stature; denies reports of contingency plan to dissolve PA
within a couple months…..

Abbas: Arab world was wrong to reject 1947 Partition Plan
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The murder brigades of Misrata

Gadhafi’s demise was just a part of a vast revenge killing spree

Misrata steadfastness
Libyan rebels secure prisoners in the back of a pick-up truck.
The graffiti on the truck, in Arabic, reads, “Misrata steadfastness.” (Credit: AP)
MISRATA, Libya — If anyone is surprised by the apparent killing of Moammar Gadhafi while in the custody of militia members from the town of Misrata, they shouldn’t be.

More than 100 militia brigades from Misrata have been operating outside of any official military and civilian command since Tripoli fell in August. Members of these militias have engaged in torture, pursued suspected enemies far and wide, detained them and shot them in detention, Human Rights Watch has found. Members of these brigades have stated that the entire displaced population of one town, Tawergha, which they believe largely supported Gadhafi avidly, cannot return home.

As the war in Libya comes to an end, the pressing need for accountability and reconciliation is clear. The actions of the Misrata brigades are a gauge of how difficult that will be, and Misrata is not alone in its call for vengeance. In the far west, anti-Gadhafi militias from the Nafusa Mountains have looted and burned homes and schools of tribes that supported the deposed dictator. Anti-Gadhafi militias from Zuwara have looted property as they demanded compensation for damage they suffered during the war.

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Gordon Duff Calling for unity??? What Time is It?

Warning: What Time is It?

“A statement of fact, reasonable and sensible, today would be worse than any of the phony “Al Qaeda” videos foisted on the public by the neocon/bankster conspiracy. What is that fact? Using force, police, military or otherwise against the citizens of America, Israel, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, France….” Thus stated Gordon Duff. “Citizens” of Israel he said, not the settlers occupying Palestine.


The Tunisians ,
Egyptians and Bahrainees were not armed !!
But the Libyans are armed !!! + the Syrians are armed !!
the Yemenis are not armed
although each carries a big dagger
but for the decoration .
One repeated phenomena, is that
regimes who were Israel-friendly
get non- armed-insurgencies
get armed-insurgencies ??


French Philosopher Bernard HenrI Levy poses with pro National Transitional Council (NTC) combattants at the Tripoli Medical center on September 15, 2011 in Tripoli.
Heroism and character in action

“That time is over.” Gordon added We are not going away quietly, no longer buying the lies, no longer divided by “left” and “right.” We are taking our lives back, not just in America or Israel or across the Arab world but Europe as well.”

“For those who are a bit slow, the “right’s” attempt to save their “monkeyboy,” Gaddafi failed.”

I understand one thing the United States of Israel stands behind killing millions of citizens all around the world, including those killed by Gordon’s Real Libyans“. Gordon – being a bit fast– is asking me to take my life back and forget my right of return and work hand in hand with my occupier. No Mr, Fa*t, get it or get help, the way for you freedom, stopping The coming American Nakba,  is full liberation of Palestime from the River to the Sea

Being one of those “who are a bit slow” unlike Gordon who don’t “want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried”, but instead of saying I wanted him to die Gordon said “He had to die, just like Saddam and bin Laden.” by those who Gordon knows “of heroism and character, hated him.”

Heroism and character
“Real” libyans and “real” Veterans in action

In case you missed it: WERE “MICRO-NUKES” IN ISRAELI AID PACKAGE TO GADDAFI?” asked Gordon

Libya “was a closed society for 42 years, much like North Korea” Gordon Claimed, which is not true, unless Gordon about Sanction’s period. “Anyone talking about pre-war Libya is simply making it up. Nobody is talking about the new government. But why are they talking about Libya at all?” he added. He only knows about the crimes commited in that 42 years “closed” society. Kaddafi had “ordered the imprisonment and killing of tens of thousands of innocent people”, yet, except him “Anyone talking about pre-war Libya is simply making it up.
A real libyan in action

The King heard it from the real Libyan, not from “Queen Cynthia da Loon, nor from Lizzie Phelan who reported what she ws told by Gaddafi Regime. So take it from horse’s mouth, though he is sitting somwhere, on his labtop, he has contacts with freedom fighters such as Qaddafi´s own ex-ministers (Mahmud Jibril, Mustafa Abdel Jalil and slain Abdul Fatah Younis) who out of sudden became the “champions-of-de mocracy”
On the otherside, Frank Lamb, who was in Libya for months and returned with a snipper’s bullet in the leg heard it from Ahmad, Amal, Hind, Suha, Mohammad and Rana, are not real Libyans, even though they told their story after Libya is ” liberated “

Public spectacle: Young children queue to see the body displayed in a meat locker in Misrata
Gordon’s Real Libyan is hardly “surprising that most Libyans
are simply glad he is dead and do not care how he died.”
Look at tthe overwhelming majority of Libyans waiting to see his body

As far as I am concerned Gaddafi being aressted I wanted him be tried for the so-called “imprisonment and killing of tens of thousands of innocent people”, may be the trial would reveal to this American who didn’t “live under his rule for 42 years.” who killed tortured and arreseted tens of thousands after Gordon’s call to “Attack Libya NOW”

Like Raja, I don’t know how many victims died during the 42 years of Qaddafi´s rule ???
But, some two years ago, I heard from one of the Nato rebbels ( Jamaa Islamiya Fighters), holding a swiss passport, that Khadafi killed some 1200 prisoners at Abu Salim jail.

Please , think twice and compare
That is me,Raja Chemayel
One NTC-member,
dealing with his suspects !!

It is said that about 30.000 Libyans died since the beginning of the uprising.
Depending on who you ask, this figure varies between 25 and 33 thousands.

Bearing in mind that this “uprising” took 8 months up to now ,
I would like to ask you to compare :
how many victims died during the 42 years of Qaddafi´s rule ???

I honestly do not know !!
and may I add that any victim is a victim .

Please ask around you, or investigate :
How many died because of Qaddafi ??
and or ,
how many died by Qaddafi´s regime ???????

I know that even the Lokerbie-victims were not Qaddafi´s work

and the CIA knows that !!!

One thing I can say, with certainty :

NATO and the NTC have killed ,so far, directly and or indirectly,
more than Qaddafi in all those 40 years !!

I rest my case ,
and ask you to think twice…… and compare.

Raja Chemayel


Clinton came, she saw and Gaddafi died, “whether the person who killed him knew it or not, because he knew too much.” Saddam was hanged because he knew too much. Bin Ladin was assassinated for the same reason, and thrown with his secrets in sea.

Gordon’s “Libyan Heros” decided that Kaddafi is not a Muslim, and burried him and his secrets in the Desert .

I am not Libyan, but an Uprooted Palestinian, who lived and worked about five years under Kaddafi’s rule, in early seventies, before the “Green Revolution”. During thos five years Libya was the second country, after Syria in the world where a Palestinian may enter and work without a Visa, During those five years Libya was a  constuction site.

“It is not for me, who never lived under Gaddafi, to tell others how to react.” Thus claimed Gordon, but it is for him as “American who owns the world” to Call “America to attack Kaddafi Now” and it is for him speak on behalf of the people of Libya who “want their $70 billion back that Saif is holding in his personal checking account. Perhaps he needs it to pay for his lawyers?”

Poor Gordon, unfortunately is not a Lawyer like Franklin Lamb  


“This is just one of the Gaddafi accounts that total over $1 trillion that were stolen from the Libyan people.” Gordon claimed Gaddafi and his Israeli/neocon buddies spread around a lot of cash. Some who got paid off moved on quietly when it was time, others are making total asses of themselves.” So, Who would not like to replace him ?? ” asked Raja one month ago.

Gordon “wanted Gaddafi alive to hear him tell us how much he paid Bush and Berlusconi and Sarkozy and Blair and so many others.” I wanted the same and would add the trillions Kaddafi paid to wash his hands from the fake crimes, he never commited. 

Like Saddam Gaddafi is dead but like in Iraq, the resistance will not die, “The real plan is to get the Army back from Iraq and put it on American streets.” thus claimed Gordon,

I am not sure, but would say the Zionist plan is to move the Army from Iraq to another IRAQ. As far as I can see now, I reppeat what I said while Gordon was calling Amecica to attack Libya, Libya is the next Iraq.

He had to die, but Why??

Exclusive: Gordaffi at Gaddafi’s Capture and the “next mission”

Will NATO attack Syria?

After succeeding bring a favorable regime change in Tripoli, the Ziocon warmongers are pushing ZOG in Washington to play a similar deceptive ‘humanitarian’ NATO bombing of Syrian cities. However, the NATO generals are not sure of a success in Syria as it’s not as defenseless as was Libya.

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said a few days ago that what is holding NATO back is the safety of the Zionist entity.

Unlike Libya – Bashar al-Assad regime has two non-government armed allies; Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Though, Hamas has only resistance capability – Hizbullah has already proven both resistance and attacking military capabilities in 2000 and 2006. Hizbullah reportedly have long-range Iranian missile which can reach anywhere inside Israel.
Bashar al-Assad had told Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglo early this month that if NATO attacked Syria, he will deploy missile batteries along the Golan Heights which will hit military targets inside Israel. He also mentioned that he might ask both Hamas and Hizbullah to start a proxy war against Israel. Though not reported but Syria could decide to hit some of 24 NATO military bases in Turkey.

NATO, demoralized in Afghanistan has gained some military muscles by removing Qaddafi from power in Libya. NATO carried over 26,000air sorties in Libya while using militant insurgency on ground. However, Syria is a different story. While in case of Libya, all five veto-powers were united – Russia and China are not in favor of military action against Syria. The Arab League which blessed the removal of Qaddafi by force – is reluctant to play the same dirty game against a fellow Arab country due to its strategic location and its on-going conflict with the Zionist entity.

Syria is not a major oil exporter as Libya, therefore, UNSC sanctions will have insignificant effect on Syrian economy. In other words – the western vulture alliance will rather prefer to bask in NATO’s victory in Libya than venture into another Afghan-style military humiliation in Syria.

 New York Times: Turkey hosts armed opposition group members, allows them to launch attacks against Syria, provides shelter to group’s commander

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FINALLY !! The TRUTH Comes Out !

From the horse’s mouth, the TRUTH comes out;

The reality and the root-cause of “Jewish-Israeli” racism is exposed, by no other the Gideon Levy,

But please do NOT believe it, because of the high risk of being labelled as, “racist” and “anti-Semite”

I wonder, since Gideon Levy‘s article is exposing much of what I have been writing about, will he be added to the list of “racists” and “anti-Semites” by the Jewish anti-Zionist “supporters”?

Jewish people are just that, people, and far from chosen

The idea that we are members of the chosen people is deeply ingrained, not only in the Jewish tradition, but also among modern and ostensibly secular Israelis.

By Gideon Levy

On Saturday, the prayer was once again read in the synagogues. “You have chosen us from among all the nations” was once again heard all over the land. The idea that we are a special nation was once again specifically expressed, as is often the case in prayers and in the Torah, and not only on Yom Kippur.

But the idea that we are members of the chosen people is planted far deeper, and not only in Jewish tradition and among those who observe it – modern and ostensibly secular Israel believes in it with all its heart. There are not many other ancient Jewish ideas as deeply implanted in the contemporary Israeli experience as the idea that the “Jewish people,” however it is interpreted, is better than any other nation. If you scratch beneath the skin of almost any Israeli, you’ll discover that he really is convinced of that: We’re the best; the “Jewish genius” is the most successful; the Israel Defense Forces is the most moral. Nobody will tell them different, we’re simply the best in the world.

This is not only unnecessary and groundless arrogance, it’s also an extremely dangerous idea that enables Israel to behave as it does, with blatant disregard of the world’s feelings. Nor does it lack benighted ultra-nationalist and racist foundations. It’s good and well that a nation considers itself successful. The Jewish people have many reasons for that, of course, and many accomplishments of which to boast, as does the State of Israel, which is a kind of wonder, almost a miracle. But among all these, prominent in its absence is an equally important national trait: modesty. It is hard to accuse the Israelis of having it.

At the basis of Israeli arrogance lies the idea that this really is a special nation with special traits that are shared by no other nation. You can see that among Israeli travelers abroad; you can hear it from anyone who comes into contact with foreigners; you can sense it in the deeper currents of Israeli policy. The Americans are “foolish,” the Indians are “primitive,” the Germans are “square,” the Chinese are “strange,” the Scandinavians are “naive,” the Italians are “clowns” and the Arabs are … Arabs.

Only we know what’s good for us, and not only for us but for the entire world. There is nothing like Israeli ingenuity, there is nothing similar to Jewish intelligence, the Jewish brain invents new ideas for us like no other brain, because we’re the best, bro.

There are many opportunities to see this idea in action. The latest example not only erupted from the synagogues on Yom Kippur, but was observed on the eve of the holiday, when we heard the very happy news that another Israeli scientist had won the Nobel Prize. And it really was heartwarming: Prof. Dan Shechtman certainly deserves the prize, but Israel does not deserve the sentimental national celebration that immediately erupted. In a society where blunders and failures are always the responsibility of the individual, achievements are nationalized and belong to us, all of us.
We were all together on April 8, 1982, in Shechtman’s laboratory in Maryland when he first observed his quasicrystal; we’re all with him now, on the way to Stockholm.
The achievement of the individual immediately becomes a communal achievement, the communal achievement immediately becomes more irrefutable proof of Israel’s superiority. “The crystal is ours;” “The secret of our existence;” “National pride;” and the “Israeli brain” screamed the headlines in a tasteless and unfounded display at the news of the individual prize.

In order to confirm the baseless notion that we are all partners to Shechtman’s impressive achievement, they immediately come with the calculations: how many Nobel Prizes “we” have won, and where that places us relative to the size of the population. The list of Jewish Nobel laureates throughout the generations is immediately put on display, as though saying that they won because they were Jewish. Every prize that is added to the collection immediately reinforces the idea that it’s a matter of clear genetic superiority. That is the other side of racism – on the one hand, trampling the other; on the other, we praise and exalt the “chosen people” above everyone else. Two sides of the same coin: unconscionable racism.

We should, of course, continue to read the prayer “You have chosen us.” It is part of the Jewish heritage. But Israel should long since have freed itself from its contemporary and practical meaning. No, we are not a special nation – we haven’t been for a long time. Nor are we chosen, certainly not above other nations. Therefore, the day after this Yom Kippur, with another Nobel Prize for an Israeli, let’s try to be at least a nation like all other nations.

Another striking confession comes from no other than the former Director of National Affairs for the American Jewish Committee, one of the largest and most powerful Jewish organization in America Stephen Steinlight

I’ll confess it, at least: like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and subconsciously, I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one.”


Lobby gets Toronto Muslim Conference cancelled

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Toronto Sheraton Centre hotel cancelled a Muslim conference as result of Jewish and gay organizations ran a smear compaign against some of its speakers. The conference scheduled for October 23, 2011 – was cancelled after daily The Toronto Star published (October 12, 2011) an article, entitled ‘Speakers at Muslim conference noted for disparaging gays and Jews‘. The article was written by Daniel Dale.
The conference was sponsored by British Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA), an Islamic propagation organization. The theme of the conference was “Calling the World back to Allah“. It was to be addressed by Canada’s welknown Afro-American convert Abdullah Hakim Quick PhD, Malaysian Buddhist convert Sheikh Hussain Yee, Greek-British convert Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and British convert Abdur Raheem Green.

Howard English, senior vice-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said Wednesday that he was “very concerned” about both conference and the IERA’s attempt to establish itself in Canada. He called the speakers’ views “reprehensible.”

The Jewish Defence League (JDL) has acknowledged on its website on October 14, 2011 that the conference was cancelled due to pressure brought to bear by ADL, Micheal Coren TV Show and the article in the Toronto Star. The JDL had been branded as a terrorist organization by FBI, State Department and US courts. The Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) had claimed on its website that it was JDL which had advised Canada’s Prime minister Stephen Harper to ban former British MP George Galloway’s entry into Canada for his criticism of Israel.

Daniel Dale in his article gave the impression that he actually interviewed one of the speakers, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, a social activist and former columnist at the Toronto Star. In response to Dale’s Zionist propaganda piece, Dr. Quick’s , claimed in Toronto Star (October 27): “I was never interviewed by Mr. Dale for this article. Instead the reader was presented with selection from sermons and lectures that were taken out of context and that stretched over 30 years”.
Now, let me respond to Dale’s allegations against these Muslim converts.

1. Dale has claimed Hussain Yee said that “Jews is the most extremist nation in the world and that Jews perpetrated and celebrated the 9/11 attacks“.

Hitorically, Jews have never been a ‘nation’ for the last 2000 years. They’re known as Romans, Hungarian, Russian, British, Arabs, etc. Jewish historian Shlomo Sand even claimed a few years ago that Jews were “invented” only a century ago.

Five Israeli Jews were arrested for dancing in front of WTC on September 11, 2001. There are numerous scholars and scientists who believe that 9/11 was an ‘in-house’ job carried out with the help of Israeli Mossad. For example, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, an American academic with Jewish ancestry, said in an interview early this year: “9/11: Israel did it“.

2. Dale claims Hamza Andreas Tzortzis has “argued that open displays of homosexuality should be made a crime“.

Homosexuality, is indeed forbidden by both OT and NT and the biblical punishment for this behavior is death. “If a man also lie with a mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them,” Leviticus 20:13.
Holy Qur’an, on the other hand, calls homosexuality ‘un-natural’ and commands the Believer to avoid and repent such practice. However, death punishment is not prescribed in Holy Qur’an.

Jews Vs. Gays: When Illuminati Shills Collide

I have no problem with over 28 million gays and lesbians in the US and Canada and their supporters like Daniel Dale and others. However, it’s their double standards which I laugh at. For example, last year, some of anti-conference groups and individuals were behind Stephen Harper government’s decision not to give $400,000 in funds to Toronto Gay Parade organization, not because Harper and Jason Kenney are ‘new-born’ Christians – but because the parade was attended by Israeli members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a group which is against Israeli occupation.

I am sure Dale will not write for the resignation of Harper’s Conservative MP David Sweet, the former president of anti-gay Christian organization Promise Keeper Canada – who told the Toronto Star in a 2002 interview that homosexuality is a major sin. “We take the Scriptures as the word of God. We look at homosexuality behaviour and say that’s not what’s prescribed in the Scripture”.

And finally, it’s worth listening to Christian priest Ted Pike, who wrote in July 2010 that when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, Jews have always in the front rows. It’s not that they’re commanded by the Old Testament to do that, but because they are driven by militant Judaism to breakdown Christian civilization so total Jewish control can be achieved“.

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Lobby: ‘OWS has ties to Muslim Brotherhood’

As another proof that the majority of 1% rich elites are Jewish – the Jewish Lobby in a desperate move has accused Occupy Wall Street movement having ties with Egyptian moderate Islamic movement Muslim Brotherhood.
Interestingly, when nearly 700 Jews held Yom Kipur (Kol Nidre) service during Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan, none of these anti-Islam Zionazis blamed Israel’s terrorist Likud Party being behind the OWS. Similar Jewish services were held at Occupy Wall Street camps in Washington, Philadelphia and Boston.
The notorious Islamophobe Robert Spencer’s website Jihad Watch claims that Occupy Orlando is a move by a Muslim activist Shayan Elahi to take over control of Occupy Orlando, in the ‘spirit of the Arab Spring. Shayan Elahi is accused of being associated with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Pro-Israel blogs like The United West, World Net Daily, Bare Naked Islam, Tea Party Tribune, Act! For America and many others have written similar anti-Islam rants.
Glenn Beck’s The Blaze wrote a post saying, “They say one can tell a lot about people by the company they keep. If that adage is true, what does the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) endorsement of Occupy Wall Street — and the organization’s choice to conduct Friday ‘Jummah’ prayers in Zuccotti Park — tell us about both CAIR, and, the Occupy protesters?”
The Occupy Wall Street movement has, among other things, also been accused of anti-Jewish by the New York Times and other Jewish-owned mainstream media.
Muslim Brotherhood exists as an independent religious-social organizations in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Jordan is the only country where Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to participate in country’s ‘token parliament’. In Jordan, the King has the power to appoint Prime Minister, cabinet ministers – dismiss the parliament and rule by decree. However, Muslim Brotherhood’s religious influence can be found in Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan, Occupied Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, India, Bangladesh and Algeria.
Jewish Lobby feels that democracy in the Muslim world will bring pro-Muslim Brotherhood people in power in some of these countries which could hasten the doom of Zionist colonialism in the Muslim world.
In March 2011 – Richard Cohen wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post, entitled ‘A democratic Egypt or a state of hate?‘ – in which he whined that a democratic Egypt would turn into Hizbullah-controlled Lebanon, making the Islamic Iran even more important regional power. “This is the most dire prospect of them all. The dream of a democratic Egypt is sure to produce a nightmare,” wrote Cohen.

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Libya after Qaddafi – As Dr. Franklin Lamb says: Libya: The Actual War Begins Now!.

The UN Security Council has given ‘fatwa’ that NATO’s ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya be lifted as the western invaders have declared ‘Mission Accomplished’.
The morally sickos like US Secretary of State, Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton, showed her pleasure at the ‘cowboy-style’ lynching of Muammar Qaddafi and horrible display of his body – by saying “we came, we saw and he died“.
Western Zio-media had also claimed that Qaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam was captured alive and in the custody of Western-supported National Transitional Council’s (NTC) thugs. Then Egyptian and Syrian TVs reported that Saif al-Islam is still alive in Sirte and is trying to organize pro-Qaddafi tribes to fight against NTC. After this revelation – Zio-media changed its tune and started claiming that Saif al-Islam had offered to surrender and willing to stand trail at the Zio-controlled International Criminal Court (ICC).
Russian daily RIA Novosti has reported that Saif al-Islam 39, has already got the support of the tribes loyal to his father, who promised to fight against the current government and take revenge for the killing of  Qaddafi and his son Mutassim. Some experts now suggest the Libyan conflict could be prolonged and grow from a political into an inter-ethnic struggle.
Amengeo Amengeo, a respectable African historian, gave the reasons why the western imperialists wanted to get rid of Qaddafi in The Citizen (August 27, 2011):
“What happens in Libya is a harbinger of what the West has in store for Africa. True independence and African unity will not be tolerated. Africa is too rich in resources that the world needs to be allowed to control its own destiny. This war is not just about Gaddafi. It is an opening salvo in a war to reclaim the continent for foreign interests, just as it was in 1896 in the Scramble for Africa,” wrote Amengeo.
Maummar Qaddafi was able to unite Libya’s tribal-based society by showering oil-money on tribal leaders to buy their loyalties. Furthermore, he established a universal educational and medicare system. He also provided an interest-free banking system for the local people. Qaddafi spent a great part of country’s revenue to raise the Libyans’ standard of living, considered among the top in Africa. Qaddafi built world’s largest underground irrigation system to supply potable water to Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte and used it to turn a good part of Libyan desert into greenland. He also established Pan-African financial institutions in order to free the Continent from IMF and World Bank.
The hatred of Qaddafi helped western powers to bribe many Tribal leaders to join the National Transitional Council (NTC) lead by defactors from Qaddafi regime. With the death of Qaddafi, that ‘glue’ is gone and some anti-Qaddafi rebels have already started their inter-tribal hatred. Then USrael has its chronic fear of Islamists sneaking from behind the pro-Israel NTC. Interestingly, NTC head, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, who maintains good relations with American and British Jewish groups – have invited Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi to visit Tripoli. It will be Salehi’s first visit to post-Qaddafi Libya. Salehi is expected to discuss the whereabouts of Imam Musa al-Sadr, an Iranian-born Shia cleric, who was allegedly abducted by foreign (Mossad, MI6, CIA) agents in Libya in 1978.Â
A united independent Libya may become a nightmare for the US, France, Britain and Italy which invaded the country to loot its oil reserves. Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa and one of world’s top refined one. Under Qaddafi regime, Libya supplied 2% (1,500,00 barrels per day) of world’s oil consumption and 10% of European demand. As result of NATO’s carpet-bombing, the daily oil production has dropped down to 500,000 barrels.
As Dr. Franklin Lamb says: Libya: The Actual War Begins Now!.
Anyone, who wants to know the truth about Qaddafi’s ‘dictorial regime’ as claimed by Hillary Clinton and other world Zionist poodles – should watch the video below.

Occupation supplies Abbas’s forces with tear gas and rubber bullets

Occupation supplies Abbas’s forces with tear gas and rubber bullets

[ 28/10/2011 – 01:04 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities provided Abbas’s Palestinian Authority and its security agencies with military supplies used in the suppression of masses and dispersing demonstrators, the Haaretz newspaper revealed, adding that this is the first time such a move was made by occupation since the PA was established.

The paper added in its Friday issue that this was done based on a request made by the PA a few months ago to prepare for facing demonstrations to coincide with the PA going to the UN, but the delay was because a political decision had to be taken before such supplies could be provided.

The paper said that these supplies included, gas canisters, rubber bullets, stun grenades and gas masks. The same means are used by the IOF to suppress Palestinian demonstrations and that have caused a number of deaths and serious injuries amongst Palestinians.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Tunisian Elections: The Islamist Experiment

A Tunisian woman passes a wall covered with posters of
candidates during last week’s campaign for electing the
constitutional assembly. (Photo: AFP – Fethi Belaid)
Published Friday, October 28, 2011
Tunisians have elected a conservative-leaning constituent assembly dominated by the Islamist al-Nahda Party. The country home to the first outbreak of the Arab revolt will be a testing ground for an Islamist-led attempt to establish a true democracy.

Opinions of Tunisian citizens may not differ much from those of expert analysts except in one respect, they express no surprise at the results of the elections which saw the electoral defeat of historical political parties. The Tunisian people have chosen a conservative rather than liberal direction for their country.

Hamadi Redissi, comparative politics professor and head of the Political Science Department in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the University of Tunis, told al-Akhbar: “Many factors came together leading to this result. The Tunisian people settled the struggle over cultural identity that flared up in the past few months when they chose conservative parties whose electoral platforms advocated protecting Tunisia’s Arab and Muslim identity.” The electoral victory of parties with conservative and traditional orientations is a blow to their leftist counterparts, who, the professor said, fell in the trap of a cultural identity struggle which led to their resounding defeat.

According to Redissi, it has been assumed for a while now that there will be coalitions inside the constituent assembly. News has already surfaced that the moderate Islamist al-Nahda party will form a coalition with the Congress for the Republic Party (CPR), headed by Moncef Marzouki, and the Democratic Forum for Labor and Liberties (FDTL or Ettakatol), creating a coalition with a big majority in the constituent assembly.

The assembly is charged with writing a new constitution for Tunisia that will last for generations to come, determining the nature of the future political system and putting forward basic laws for public life. Redissi said the political system that will be adopted in Tunisia is the parliamentary system proposed by the al-Nahda party in its political program and supported, to a certain extent, by CPR.
Redissi expressed his disapproval of the parliamentary system proposed by al-Nahda because it might lead to an ineffective quota system that will not serve Tunisia well, pointing in this context to the parliamentary system in Lebanon. Redissi prefers the semi-presidential system like the one in France. This is also the preference of the parties that lost the elections such as the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) and the left-leaning Democratic Modernist Pole (El-Qutb).

Redissi said that al-Nahda will not be able to form a national unity government because of PDP’s and El-Qutb’s refusal to join such a coalition. The two parties will probably take on the role of the opposition especially considering that the constituent assembly will last for only one year. Al-Nahda will therefore resort to forming a majority coalition government with the parties that will join it.
Sources close to al-Nahda told al-Akhbar that leaders of al-Nahda, CPR, and Ettakatol have met to discuss the possibility of building a coalition that will form an absolute majority in the assembly.
Former Tunisian diplomat and political analyst Abdallah Obeidi wonders whether such an alliance between political parties that are not familiar with each other can function effectively. He adds that these elections produced a political terrain in which three different political groups have emerged. The first is a group influenced by the West; the second stands against the West; and the third, which he called the “constitutional” group, is somewhere between and is influenced by Habib Bourguiba’s legacy.
These constitutionalists who have shaped Tunisia’s political system since independence fared poorly in these elections. This suggests that Tunisians have chosen to break with the past and the political system set forth by founding president Bourguiba. Obeidi, however, doubts this, arguing that 90 percent of the constitutionalists moved to al-Nahda and other conservative parties after the fall of Ben Ali.

Obeidi called for dialogue between the political parties that won seats in the constituent assembly for the sake of stability. He emphasized the need for dialogue to rewrite the constitution, given that there will be more than one coalition in the assembly. Obeidi says that the biggest challenge lies in creating a national accord between the various political forces that won the elections.

Despite the political challenges facing Tunisia today, Tunisian political analyst Muhammad Toueir considers the assembly’s political make-up a good one as no political party can dominate without alliances. Agreement between the various political parties is therefore inevitable if they want to achieve what the Tunisian people want out of these elections. Toueir pointed out that the opposition will have a big role to play in exercising oversight over the government, explaining that the concept of opposition will change after the elections.

Even though the elections have been criticized, Toueir is optimistic about the results, saying Tunisia will not go back in time. The majority that will be created through a coalition in the assembly will guarantee the fulfillment of the Tunisian people’s dream since no party achieved absolute majority and the assembly is serving a one-year term. If al-Nahda fails to achieve what it promised the people in its electoral platform, then it will have dug its own grave. Asked about the West’s relations with the forthcoming Tunisian government, Toueir says the West and the rest of the world await the results of a young democratic experiment in the first country of the Arab Spring.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

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Fuad Siniora: "Assad will be ‘knocked out’ real soon!"

A Rally of over a Million Citizens in Lattakia to Support Syria’s Independent Decision against Foreign Interference

As Assad looks stronger, Turkey openly sponsors killers of Syria’s soldiers

On Wednesday, the group, living in a heavily guarded refugee camp in Turkey, claimed responsibility for killing nine Syrian soldiers, including one uniformed officer, in an attack in restive central Syria.… At the moment, the group is too small to pose any real challenge to Mr. Assad’s government….

“We will fight the regime until it falls and build a new period of stability and safety in Syria,” Colonel As’aad said in an interview arranged by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and conducted in the presence of a Foreign Ministry official. “We are the leaders of the Syrian people….” 

The colonel wore a business suit that an official with the Turkish Foreign Ministry said he purchased for him that morning… 

Turkish officials predict that the Assad government may collapse within the next two years. 

“This pushes Turkish policy further towards active intervention in Syria,” said Hugh Pope, an analyst with the International Crisis Group. He called Turkey’s apparent relationship with the Free Syrian Army “completely new territory.” 

“It is clear Turkey feels under threat from what is happening in the Middle East, particularly Syria,” said Mr. Pope, who noted that in past speeches Mr. Erdogan “has spoken of what happens in Syria as an internal affair of Turkey.” 

Turkish officials say that their government has not provided weapons or military support ….Still, Colonel As’aad, who thanked Turkey for its protection, made it clear that he was seeking better weapons, saying that his group could inflict damage on a Syrian leadership that has proven remarkably cohesive…. 

The words seemed more boast than threat, and with mass pro-government rallies and a crackdown that has, for now, stanched the momentum of antigovernment demonstrations, the Syrian government appears in a stronger position than it did this summer...”

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Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy – by Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman

My PhotoWashington wanted Gaddafi killed for decades.

Absent reliable independent proof, some sources believe a double was killed, not Gaddafi. More on that below.

Nonetheless, clear evidence shows Washington wanted him dead for years.
On October 27, Algeria ISP headlined, “Libya – On what Sarkozy and Obama killed Gaddafi?” saying:

“It’s confirmed, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy have indeed ordered (Gaddafi’s) assassination….”

“According to Le Canard Enchaine (on October 26), the Americans had located (him) on October 19.”

Claude Angeli’s article “is unambiguous.” Titled “Gaddafi condemned to death by Washington and Paris,” it said both leaders ordered his extrajudicial killing because he knew too much. Preventing a public show trial was key.

US and French Special Forces were involved. Numerous bombing attempts failed. War still rages across Libya. The country “has entered a no man’s land policy, an area of (unpredictable) turbulence….This should worry” Western and regional leaders because eight months of fighting resolved nothing.

Toppling foreign leaders by coups or assassinations is longstanding US policy. William Blum’s done some of the best research on it. His books, including “Rogue State,” are must reading.

He documented dozens of successful and failed US interventions post-WW II, including:
toppling Iran’s Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953, its first successful coup after an initial failure;

  • ousting Guatemala’s Jacobo Arbenz in 1954;
  • failing to kill China’s Chou En-Lai in 1955;
  • failing numerous times to kill Fidel Castro;
  • failing to kill France’s Charles de Gaulle; and
  • plotting Gaddafi’s assassination for decades. 

Media Freedom International reported how “ US and British Intelligence Have Repeatedly Tried to Kill Qaddafi – CIA Involved in Libya’s Civil War,” saying:

In the early 1990s, former UK MI5 operative David Shayler said “he paid a sum of over ($100,000) to Al Qaeda” to kill him.

“A bomb was placed inside what was thought to be (his) vehicle.” It wasn’t and the plan failed.
From 1978 – 1987, CIA operatives were involved in Chad’s intermittent wars with Libya.

In 1981, CIA elements established the anti-Gaddafi National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and its militant wing called the Libyan National Army based in Egypt near Libya’s border. It was directly involved in NATO’s campaign to oust and kill Gaddafi.

In 1995, the CIA was instrumental in establishing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) to topple Gaddafi. Ideologically allied with Al Qaeda, latter day elements fought Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

In December 2004, the State Department designated LIFG a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). Its members were accused of being allied with bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

In 2007, the State Department said “Libyans associated with the LIFG are part of a broader international terrorist movement. The LIFG is one of the groups believed to have planned the Casablanca suicide bombings in May 2003….The LIFG constitutes a serious threat to US interests and personnel.”

The State Department also said they were responsible for a failed 1996 Gaddafi assassination attempt. At the time, CIA and MI5 operatives were involved. America strategically uses Al Qaeda, LIFG, and other groups as allies and enemies.

Allied with CIA in the 1990s, LIFG often clashed with Libyan security forces. Former LIFG members joined Anti-Gaddafi rebel rats.

Led by US, UK, French and other special forces and intelligence operatives, they comprise the main anti-Gaddafi fighting force.

Well before bombing began on March 19, US Navy Seals, UK SAS Forces, and French Legionnaires were active in Libya with CIA and MI5 elements.

They enlisted, armed, trained and funded opposition fighters in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973, as well as fundamental international and US constitutional law.

Their mission involved regime change and killing Gaddafi. In 1986, Washington falsely accused him of bombing a Berlin discotheque.

In April, Ronald Reagan tried to kill him. At the time, he said US air and naval forces “launched a series of strikes against (Gaddafi’s) headquarters, terrorist facilities, and military assets, (carefully) targeted to minimize casualties among the Libyan people with whom we have no quarrel. From initial reports, our forces have succeeded in their mission.”

In fact, over 100 died, mostly civilians, including Gaddafi’s infant daughter when his personal compound was bombed.

In addition, dozens were wounded, including two of Gaddafi’s young sons. The French, Swiss, Romanian and Iranian embassies were damaged. So were Japanese and Austrian diplomatic residences.

Dozens of residential buildings were also damaged or destroyed. Libya’s Central Hospital reported up to 100 people needing treatment for serious injuries, including infants.
In 1988, Gaddafi was falsely accused of downing Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. So was Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi. Scottish judges knew he was innocent but convicted him under pressure.

Gaddafi never admitted fault. He took responsibility solely to have international sanctions removed. To this day, he and al-Megrahi stand falsely accused. Likely CIA /MI6/and/or Mossad involvement is never mentioned.

Media Lens contributor Richard Keeble discussed “The Secret War Against Gaddafi,” saying:
Soon after he assumed power in 1969, Gaddafi “became the target of massive covert operations by the French, US, Israeli and British” to oust him.

Britain’s 1971 invasion plan failed badly. In 1980, French secret service head Col. Alain de Gaigneronde de Marolles “resigned after a French-led plan ended in disaster when a rebellion by Libyan troops in Tobruk was rapidly suppressed.”

In 1982, the Reagan administration helped install Chad’s Hissene Habre to “bloody Gaddafi’s nose.” It was Reagan CIA head William Casey’s first covert operation. Moreover, “throughout the decade, Libya ranked almost as high as the Soviet Union” as America’s bene noire.
Habre got considerable US military and financial aid to topple Gaddafi. Other countries funding him included Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, and Morocco. A May 8, 1984 plan to kill him failed. In 1985, Reagan officials asked Egypt to invade Libya, but Mubarak refused.
During the decade, Washington recruited a secret anti-Gaddafi army. Britain was heavily involved.

For decades, America, France and Britain wanted him ousted and killed. Nothing tried earlier worked.

NATO’s 2011 war was launched to undue past failures. Nothing so far is resolved. Jamahiriya loyalists continue their liberating struggle valiantly. They’ve tied down NATO’s killing machine for over eight months.

Its rebel rat army would have been routed long ago without air and special forces ground support and direction. NATO claims Operation Unified Protector will end October 31. Its name may change, not daily air and ground attacks against loyalists wanting to live free.

Eight months of terror bombing and rebel rat atrocities took a horrific toll. NSNBC said hardly any Libyan hasn’t lost a loved one and/or friend.

Gaddafi – Dead or Alive?
On October 27, headlined, “Dry your tears and continue the fight: the one you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi,” saying:

Videos and photos reputed to be Gaddafi have “been identified as….Ali Majid Al Andalus….” A Sirte resident, he closely resembled “the brother Leader of the El Fateh Revolution.”
“The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not (Gaddafi), but his double.” Examining his face closely shows noticeable differences.

Mathaba calls its source “reliable.” Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and TNC officials know “they did not kill” him. However, their purpose is served if people believe it.
Mathaba endorses information written in French. Since Gaddafi’s announced October 20 assassination, it’s been skeptical about official reports, not least because accounts shifted from one version to another.

NATO’s credibility is in tatters. Nothing it reports is reliable. Nor are regurgitated major media accounts. Throughout the war, their daily lies were exposed. They continue to be about a war far from resolved. It rages across Libya.

Evidence Mathaba found showed Gaddafi “was no where near Sirte on 19 – 20 October.” He’s also taller and older than the man killed. Photos used are suspect. Specific Gaddafi marks weren’t visible.

An emailer to this writer said here’s “proof” Gaddafi’s alive, saying:

  • his 1971 appendectomy scar was absent in photos;
  • the dead body shown isn’t “a 70 year old man who lived in the desert all his life;”
  • “Gaddafi almost always sent doubles on official business, and almost always remained in secret due to (numerous) assassination attempts;”
  • Gaddafi has (had) a “distinct look, distinct eyes, and that is why his doubles almost always wore sunglasses;”
  • only about 10% of public photos shown are him; nearly all are doubles;
  • “Gaddafi was too smart to walk around looking like a ‘Gaddafi double’ in the middle of” NATO’s war; and
  • he never would have exposed himself in a convoy, let alone 75 vehicles speeding out of Sirte under attack.

A previous article said hopefully he’ll have the last word on Syria’s Arrai TV. It aired previous recorded remarks he made.

If so and he discusses October 20 events, he’ll confirm what some believe is true. Millions of Libyans hope so.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Email address removed.
Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. .

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Kiryat Arba councilman calls for killing liberated prisoner

Kiryat Arba councilman calls for killing liberated prisoner

[ 27/10/2011 – 07:15 PM ]  
AL-KHALIL, (PIC)- Kiryat Arba councilman Bentzi Goffstein has called for the killing of a liberated Palestinian prisoner in Al-Khalil, who was recently freed in the prisoners’ exchange deal between Hamas and Israel.

Jewish settlers, from the Kiryat Arba settlement built in Al-Khalil city, recently circulated a statement in Al-Khalil in both Arabic and Hebrew calling for the murder of Hani Jaber, who was released after 18 years in jail, with a photo of him attached.

Goffstein said that Jaber would not enjoy a stable life and that he might be hit in the very near future.

He said that the safest place for Jaber is behind bars.

Jaber was jailed for killing a Jewish settler who used to pester Palestinian citizens in Al-Khalil especially children on their way to school. The settler used to beat the children, pull the hair of schoolgirls, throw garbage on civilians and insult them, and throw stones at their homes.
Palestinians repeatedly complained about his acts to the Israeli authorities but no one stopped him.

In case you missed it: Gordon Duff Calling for unity??? What Time is It?

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"Dead or alive "

Also Turkey profited from the rape of Libya

The Libyan National Transitional Council
declared today that it will investigate into
the brutal assassination of Colonel Qaddafi
and that “the guilty person shall be brought to face justice”….…unquote

I do not know precisely ,
whether they mean the French Pilot who bombed the convoy ,
or the US Pilot who guided the Drone which also bombed.
Probably none of them shall be investigated ,
but just that Libyan-youth who cowardly has shot a wounded-war-prisoner…….

Anyhow my worries are useless and the NTC are idiots
because they had previously offered
a one million dollars reward ,
for bringing Colonel Qaddafi , dead or alive.

Anyhow , this one million dollars reward,
must also be divided equally between :
Silvio Berlusconi
Hilary Clinton
Nicolas Sarkozy
David Cameron
Emir of Qatar
Rejab Ordogan
King of Bahrain
the 2 NATO pilots
the actual-murderer
…..or we must bring all of them to face Justice !!!
Sherlock Hommos
investigating the obvious

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Real Islam in harmony with real democracy.

I , in Palestinian diaspora, salute the Tunisian people revolution and democratic choice, but I don’t say: We, because, I don’t represent uprooted Palestinians. I am covinced a trilion per cent that Islam is not at odds with democracy.

When I say Islam, I mean Quran, the holy text, not the history of Islam, nor the relative human understanding of the holy text, and when I say democracy, I don’t mean the western Democracy as explained below by Mr. Amayereh. I mean human freedom, which I consider the head of Islam. God created me free, even to deny his existance.

29. Say, “The truth is from your Lord”: Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it): for the wrong-doers We have prepared a Fire whose (smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in: if they implore relief they will be granted water like melted brass, that will scald their faces, how dreadful the drink! How uncomfortable a couch to recline on!

Human freedom is theword that went forth before from thy Lord”

19. Mankind was but one nation, but differed (later). Had it not been for a word that went forth before from thy Lord, their differences would have been settled between them. (Surah 10. Yunus)

“There is no compulsion in religion,” – Holy Qur’an

Surah 42. Ash-Shura (Councel, Consultation)

38. Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual Consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance;

Here Shura (consultation) appeared in the holly text in between two of Islam Pillars, Praying (salah) and Spending out (Zakat). So, I wonder, why consultation is not considered a sixth pillar??

I claim, because, unlike the formal five pillars of Islam this sixth pillar may shake the pillars of dictatorship. (The alliance of Pharaoh=Political Power, Haman = Media Power, and Qaroon=Political Money). In prophets stories Quran called this Aliance, Al-Malaa’

Now read the next verses:

39. And those who, when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them, (are not cowed but) help and defend themselves.

I don’t need a Sheikh to explain the verses, the oppressed are the people, and the oppressor is the ruler. The people have the right to defend themselve, and they did that all over the history of Islam. They did it in Tunis, and Egypt because the Dictator told them: Shut up.
No body has the right to say to anybody: Shut up.

This is Real Islam in harmony with real democracy.

Aggressive secularism in Tunisia must shut up

Add caption

Khalid Amayreh

Palestinian Information Center
Oct 27, 2011

We in occupied Palestine salute the Tunisian people for conducting orderly, democratic and nearly blemish-free elections. In many respects, Tunisia, the first station of the Arab Spring, can be a model to be followed and emulated throughout the Arab world. We are impatiently waiting to see free and transparent elections to take place in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in the Arab world.

Credit should go primarily to the Tunisia Independent Election Commission which worked tirelessly for months to ensure that the elections were held on time and that absolute transparency is guaranteed.
Indeed, the nearly universal consensus about the transparency of the elections, both in Tunisia and abroad, illustrates the professionalism and credibility of the commission which saw to it that no foul-play was allowed, even behind the curtain.

This is quite important because in the Arab world, especially prior to the Arab Spring, even the smallest and pettiest thing, as far as election transparency is concerned, often proved a formidable challenge and couldn’t be taken for granted.

Moreover , the triumph of the Ennahda party in a country which witnessed ever since its independence from France in 1956 a relentless war against Islam and the Arab language and culture illustrates the resilience and tenacity of Islam in that small North African country.

Yes there was a conspicuous, elitist but quite arrogant stratum of Tunisians who swallowed everything that came from France. But these people, who always received a surplus of media coverage and accorded special attention by their western patrons, have turned out to be unrepresentative of the bulk of Tunisians.

Fortunately, the France party in Tunisia is the only party which is fretting and grumbling about the outcome of elections. These arrogant remainders of the French colonialist legacy are now invoking personal liberties, ignoring the fact that their very Qibla and ultimate role model, Paris, is constantly encroaching on individual freedoms, including freedom to wear Niqab by conservative Muslim women.

Does this mean that the defeated party will now fight a cultural war with the national and Islamic forces in Tunisia in order to secure and guarantee their eroding prominence and status?
Well, if they do, they will lose, because the majority of Tunisians, as is the case throughout the Muslim world, will not allow French or other colonialist legacies to dictate the destiny and future of Tunisia .
We Muslims are not against true democracy, a significant, accumulative human experience which can’t be dismissed lightly. None the less, we are convinced a million per cent that Islam is inherently superior to democracy.

The reason is simple; democracy in its simplest form means the rule of the majority. Right and wrong, morality and immorality, and other values are determined by the people whose views are often subject to all sorts of manipulations by special interest groups, media brainwashing and political money. (Question: Is the U.S. Congress able to say “No” to Israel even if the Jewish state does the unthinkable to the defenseless Palestinians?)

It is this type of democracy that allowed a decidedly criminal state like Israel to steal Palestine from its legitimate, rightful owners, routinely massacre them, demolish their homes, destroy their fields and expel untold numbers of Palestinians to the four corners of the globe.

Needless to say, this was done in the name of democracy and civility and freedom as the leaders of the so-called “free world” cheered this criminality.

Similarly, in the name of freedom and democracy, America invaded, occupied and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, killing or causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

Well, with all due respect to the committed believers in western democracy, we Muslims don’t believe in this way of thinking because peoples and nations ought to be answerable to values that are higher and more sublime than simple majorities.

Of course, the alternative to amoral western democracies should never be tyranny, dynastic despotism, or military dictatorship.

Instead, Muslims in particular ought to seek Islamic democracy where human rights and civil liberties are guaranteed while general moral values of society are preserved and encouraged. Thus moral vices shouldn’t be accorded the same freedoms as moral virtues.

I hope the west will finally leave us Muslims alone and refrain from interfering in our exercise of our inalienable right to elect our rulers and governments.

Then, and only then, we can speak, for the first time in recent memory, of free people versus free people involved in a constructive relation based on mutual respect and mutual interest.
Just don’t let Israel dictate your agenda toward the Muslim world.

Hezbollah Congratulates Tunisian People, Winning Forces

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Nasrallah Lays Out Roadmap for the Resistance

Nasrallah announced his support for the government of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, clearly showing that he opposes former PM Saad Hariri returning to power.
Published Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Hezbollah stands at the intersection of the Middle East’s most delicate issues. Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, figures prominently among those who have a great deal of influence over the course of events in the region. In this regard, his importance is more than a Lebanese one, and he is not merely an advocate for policies prepared by others, despite what some of his opponents might believe or like to imagine.

What most have failed to realize is that Nasrallah has is one of a handful of individuals that have a say in key matters concerning the region, particularly the cold war pitting an anti-Western, pro-resistance bloc (Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah) against the US-backed alliance (Gulf Arab countries, Jordan, and the March 14 coalition among others). Moreover, the nature of Nasrallah’s personal, professional, and political relationships with high-ranking Iranian and Syrian officials — which in turn link him to the Iraqi and Palestinian resistance movements — have earned him a role in formulating key decisions, as well as adopting and implementing them.

This has made Nasrallah’s words on pressing issues in the Middle East more than just the analysis of a partisan figure. They serve as an expression of a general position and an indicator of the region’s trajectory, at the very least from one particular vantage point. Thus, it is useful for his opponents — even more than his supporters — to take his views and opinions very seriously and analyze them carefully in order to avoid devising policies based on a misreading of the situation. Perhaps his opponents are fortunate that he possesses great flexibility to directly and clearly discuss where things are headed:

When dealing with the US decision to withdraw from Iraq before the end of the year, Nasrallah expressed in his words, gestures, and expressions a level of comfort transcending mere solidarity with the Iraqi people. He gave a strong indication that following the withdrawal of US occupation forces, Iraq will be even more closely aligned to the resistance bloc.

He pointed out that America and Israel are no longer able to enter into a war with Iran, since it is now the leading authority for the Iraqi resistance. He considers this evidence that events have passed beyond the threat of war, noting that the US is trying to avoid any actions that would worsen the situation. Nasrallah also confidently asserted that he finds the threat of an imminent attack by Israel on Lebanon or Palestine highly unlikely. He attributed this to practical considerations, as well as reasons tied to the new situation in the Arab world following the Arab Spring. He clearly warned that any military intervention in Syria might lead to a major war in the region — a suggestion perhaps that the resistance bloc is prepared for such a confrontation.

Nasrallah confirmed the position of his party on the uprisings taking place in the Arab world, rejecting the notion that the West is really behind these revolutions. He also announced that the resistance sees what is happening in Syria as a pressing issue that the regime needs to address. However, he firmly rejected the call to overthrow the regime. This means that Hezbollah and its allies are acting to prevent the fall of the Baathist regime in Syria. He acknowledged that the Lebanese resistance may be losing popular support in the Arab world for its stance on Syria. But he maintained that his party doesn’t take positions merely based on their popularity.

From another angle, Nasrallah’s defense of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s reform program signifies that the resistance has a duty to work towards its implementation, since Assad’s main source of support in Syria currently comes from those who consider this an opportunity to implement the reforms.
Nasrallah clearly tried to avoid interfering in the decisions of opposition movements in the Arab world. He did not, for example, express reservations about some opposition groups accepting Western support. However, he framed the issue as an attempt by the West to hijack the Arab revolutions, rather than portraying it as the opposition groups begging the West to grant them their freedom.

Nasrallah announced his support for the government of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, clearly showing that he opposes former PM Saad Hariri returning to power. And although he did not discuss the domestic situation in Lebanon at great length, he did try to set a reasonable limit for Hezbollah’s ambitions. He said that Hezbollah’s position seeks a balance between preventing the Mikati government from collapsing and making sure that it continues to be productive in addressing the backlog of issues that concern the Lebanese people. He noted a level of political development within the new ruling majority, which allows for partial but not wholesale competition. This is another indication that the resistance in Lebanon no longer fears that the other side is capable of drawing the country towards the kind of discord that could undermine stability.

Ibrahim al-Amin is al-Akhbar’s Editor in Chief.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The Real “Iranian Bomb” Israel Fears

Mark Glenn
As should be PAINFULLY obvious now to all (and particularly for those in the West going broke fighting her wars for her) Israel’s woes are never hers alone…

No matter what it is–a stubbed toe, broken fingernail, offended dignity or a big, hairy, fleshy wart on the end of her shnazola, preventing her from grabbing the gold at a beauty contest rigged by Uncle Shlomo–her burdens and boo-boos eventually (and inevitably) become those of the entire world.

Being that she is (by her own militant insistence, mind you) THE JEWISH STATE, and with it all the accompanying ‘Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ business, she’s just like that…The ultimate drama queen–Lady Gaga with nukes, banks, TV networks, and a chorus line of presidents, prime ministers, popes, priests, preachers, pundits and professors on the payola sheet…

In a verbal portrait–self-obsessed, self-absorbed, unplugged, pathologically-narcissistic and unable to care a pimple-on-a-rat’s-rear-end about anything except the latest noise buzzing ‘round her like so many subatomic particles locked in dysfunctional orbit around the nucleus of some deadly radioactive element named J-tonium.

Famines, wars, disease, economic privation sweeping the globe like an epidemic and just about every other form of human suffering on a mass scale that would (should) occupy the headlines of every enlightened media outlet around the world…

But this is simply a discussion the rest of the world is not allowed to have…It lacks depth, gravitas and sobriety…Where is the “WOOOFF!” in it? These (meaning Gentile issues) are but passing things…transient, shallow, hollow and of nada consecuencia…

No, rather than being distracted with such petty issues, better that the rest of the world is instead forced to become intimately aware of (and heavy with heart over) the fact that a few Jewish gravestones in some remote cemetery in Lithuania are losing their lustre due to moss and chinch bugs.
And it is due to this narcissism–entirely, in fact–that the world has stepped off the stairway to heaven and now finds itself flying at break-neck speed down the highway to hell. Members of one tiny group of people with an over-inflated sense of their own importance in the mechanics of the day-to-day workings of the universe is the reason why apocalyptic wars are being fought and why nations–fiscally, politically, morally and socially–are going bankrupt fighting them.

And let us not engage in the all-too-common kindergarten-level polemics that Jewish interests are not involved in it all. Like wiseguys of yesteryear who for reasons of their own subterranean survival claimed with a collective straight face that the existence of the Mafia was a scurrilous fantasy, so to is passé taking an eraser to the obvious lines connecting today’s major geopolitical issues (problems) with Jewish power politics. Easier making the case that the death of a 100-cigarette-a-day chain smoker was due to “bad health” while pushing the embarrassing skeletons of his nicotine addiction back into the closet.

Not merely involved in it, Jewish interests were (are) the ignition key, spark plug, gasoline and pedal-to-the-metal mindset propelling the entire adventure. Take this factor–Jewish power politics–out of the picture and all that remains is a blank canvas just begging for a change of scenery.

Jewish interests wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was. Dittoes with Afghanistan, Libya, and on and on and on. Tens of millions of innocent lives destroyed because it was in the interests of THE JEWISH STATE and her people to see it done. Like some crime boss snapping his fingers and people dropping dead like flies in various places, when La Kosher Nostra has spoken it’s a done deal and God help anyone who gets in the way.
Simple logic tells us that there was (is) nothing of any benefit to the various surrogate nations of the West engaging in this program of Mutually Assured Destruction with the Islamic world. The only beneficiary collecting on the life insurance policies of the deceased will be THE JEWISH STATE and her people, a fact you can take to the bank.

And now, without so much as even an ounce of regret or remorse for the apocalyptic trouble she’s caused the world viz a viz Iraq, Afghanistan. Libya, et al, Lady Gaga is again in motion, twirling and whirling like some maniacal, Judaic dervish in conjuring up YET ANOTHER magic spell for her mostly-Christian audience of war-porn addicts.

Sometimes singing, sometimes shrieking, sometimes clawing her face, gouging her eyes … the witch doctor cometh again, hissing and hexing against Iran, and all because our would-be beauty queen is once again prevented from grabbing the gold at that aforementioned contest for world domination.
Like the many personality layers not atypical with paranoid schizophrenics, so too are diverse and perplexing the reasons for Israel wanting Iran destroyed.

Some are religious in nature, in that Israel –founded as she is on Judaistic religious thinking– maintains with fanatical dogmatism the notion of unavoidable, perpetual war between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. The most obvious proof thereof lies in considering just a few of the various conflict-oriented religious feasts celebrated yearly, both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora. From Passover to Purim, the theme common to them all is the dramatic defeat of Gentiles who “got in the way” of Jewish designs and paid holy hell for it.

The other reason an otherwise peaceful, productive world is now subjected to the ear-splitting tsunami of Zionist screeching for Persian genocide is a bit more complex and chameleonesque in its camouflage but really very easy to grasp once the mental illness known as the Zionist dialectic has been diagnosed and then decoded, a process that begins with understanding that different words mean different things to different people.
The first thing to remember is that Israel–being THE JEWISH STATE–is the physical embodiment of religiously-inspired fantasy. A cult compound with diplomatic status, it differs from other ill-fated ventures such as Jonestown or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians only in size and the fact it is armed to the teeth with nukes and biological weapons. Her narrative is simple–A petty, wrathful, vengeful, racially-conscious god favors one tiny blob of human DNA over everything in all creation and has given the members of this tiny blob the green light to go about the world making war and getting their hands on as much booty–financial or otherwise–for themselves as diabolically possible.

Therefore, when decoding what Israel is saying at any given moment, it’s necessary that rational thinkers understand that everything coming out of her mouth passes through this Judaic filter of sorts and that they are listening to an individual who is–for all intents and purposes, mad beyond anyone‘s wildest dreams.

Like schizophrenics whose personal delusions of grandeur paint personal portraits of themselves as kings, queens and movie stars being chased by monsters that only they themselves can see, so too should a sane, rational world understand that the policies of global war and global peace are being formulated by victims of a type of radioactive, religiously-inflicted mental illness thousands of years old in its fermentation / distillation / enrichment process.

This being the case, we must remember that rarely if ever does Gaga speak plainly (honestly) about why she wants certain things, minus of course her demands for money, in which case she is always Kristol clear. Everything else (as a matter of principle, it seems) is shrouded in mystery and confusion in deference to the motto of her intelligence agency Mossad–‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war…’

As the world is now all-too-aware, Israel’s stated reason for wanting Iran destroyed is that Iran’s nuclear program will one day lead to Israel being “wiped off the map”…
Amazingly enough, there is some truth to what she –a consummate, established, pathological liar– is alleging. Indeed, a deeper examination of Israel and her long-term objectives in the region reveals that Iran DOES pose an existential threat to the continued survival of that “great experiment” in Jewish self-rule in Palestine, and indeed it is “nuclear” in nature, but not in exactly the manner the world has been told.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Jewish state–by her very nature–cannot sustain herself in a fair fight on even terrain–EVER. Whether it is Israel’s financial, informational, or cultural/geographical/political strangulation of entire nations, the ONLY way Gaga can maintain her place on the proverbial catwalk at the political Miss Universe pageant is through subterfuge, deception, duplicity and plain old black magic.

For matters of her own survival she must constantly blow pixie dust into the eyes of all those around her, keeping them doped up, dumbed down, and–as former Mossad wiseguy Rafael Eitan once quipped–“scurrying around like drugged cockroaches”. Being that she has permanent residency status on Fantasy Island, with her as the epicenter of the universe and with all inanimate celestial bodies revolving ’round her in some type of religio-ethnocentric orbit–so too must everyone else live in that place as well.

In sum, the only way possible for her to function, integrate and then eventually subdue her victims is to alter reality (or rather, the perception thereof) in such a way that the world as it appears is not the world as it is.

Secondly, and most importantly, it must be understood that Israel not only THRIVES on conflict and chaos, but indeed must have it in order to survive. Like a diabetic who needs insulin or some freaky chick with weird appetites and disturbing fantasies, she simply can’t engage in normal, mutually-beneficial intercourse with other nations.

Rather, she has to have them tied up as her personal prisoner while she cracks the whip and barks commands…In plain terms, the Jewish state MUST live in an environment of surrounding instability and chaos if she is to hold together an organically-fractured dystopian society. The absence of enemies (and more importantly, enemies who cannot effectively fight back) would lead immediately to the dissolution of the Jewish state.

The first (and most important) component to creating this chaotic situation is for Israel to keep those around her–“friends” and enemies alike–mentally impaired so that they cannot think or behave rationally.

As far as her Arab neighbors go the greatest weapon Israel has (and must continue to possess if she is to survive) is the ability to keep them drugged and “scurrying around”. Remaining divided, confused, squabbling, distracted, chasing after shadows and allowing themselves to get ‘lost in the moment’ (as we see taking place right now with the “Arab Spring”) is the single most important weapon Israel has in her arsenal. It is no different in essence than a 90-pound wimp who couldn’t kill a fly if he fell off a chair and landed on it getting into the boxing ring with a heavyweight champion who was drugged 15 minutes earlier and now couldn’t kill a fly if he fell off a chair and landed on it either.

By contrast, the moment that the effects of this Kosher-concocted pixie dust wear off and her Arab neighbors cease scurrying around and are able to focus, organize, and get their shinola together in forming rational policies for their various nations, THAT is the day a war-weary world can begin the countdown to the dissolution of the Jewish state…
…thus, enter into the picture the Islamic Republic of Iran…
Not an Arab country, and not Sunni Muslim as most of the Middle East, but close enough. What counts as far as Israel and her professional worry-warts are concerned is that they–the Iranians–accomplished in 1979 what the Arabs could only hope for up to this point, meaning they fought AND WON a revolution against the same occupying Western powers making life a living hell for 300 million Arabs today.

What’s worse is that at this very moment, Iran remains independent, confident, and above all else–RATIONAL–as she, in cool-as-a-cucumber fashion, formulates both her foreign and domestic policies in ways that best suit her interests, and in so doing, gives a big middle finger to Israel and the West on a daily basis and (worse, as far as Israel is concerned) gets away with it.

As demonstrated over the last decade, of all the players in this little shop of horrors drama known as the Middle East conflict, Iran is the only rational character on stage. There are no overblown displays of screeching, hair-pulling, eye-gouging or fist-pounding on her part. She does not engage in bombing runs of other nations, does not assassinate scientists working for her enemies or resort to Mafia tactics in projecting her foreign policy goals in the region. Through her president, Ahmadinejhad, and the ruling council behind him, she speaks quietly and rationally, believes in the value of open debate and free speech and is always open to dialoguing with others…

In other words, the danger from Iran as far as Israel’s continued existence is concerned is that through her cool, rational demeanor she provides stark contrast to the delusional, erratic, schizoid, mad-dog behavior displayed by Lady Gaga Israel on a daily basis.

By default then, she provides the Arabs with a model to follow. That she is Persian and not Arab eventually will not matter. That she is Shia and not Sunni will not matter either. What matters is that she has found the means of freeing herself from Western/Jewish control and does not have foreign armies occupying her soil and oppressing her people. She cultivates alliances and friendships with other world powers who give her a place of respect at the table of nations and does not have to prostitute herself in anyway to do this.

In short, Iran does not bow down before the beast and does not kiss the ring of the commission members of la Kosher Nostra as other nations around the world must if they are to remain “free”. And what makes all of this unbearable (and dangerous as far as Israel’s continued de-stabilizing presence in the region is concerned) is that at one time, Iran was no different than any other Middle East country with great natural resources that had Western/Zionist handpuppets ruling her and oppressing her people. At one time she was as politically-occupied as the rest of the Islamic neighborhood until she herself (without outside “help” from groups such as the National Endowment for Democracy et al) fomented a slave rebellion and set up a modern, viable, functioning political system based upon the republican government model. Today her men, women and children are free, the very existence of which festers like a sore in the delusional Jewish narrative where Arabs must be kept mentally chained up and ‘scurrying around like drugged cockroaches’.

And therefore, to the 300 million Arabs–both Christian and Muslim–watching all this take place and residing in a part of the world where the divine will of Allah features prominently in all facets of life, the subconscious conclusion a great number of these people in the region must inevitably arrive at is that Iran has been touched by God and tasked with leading the oppressed out of bondage and into the promised land of freedom…
And how long then will it be that Iran remains like this, acting as magnetic north for all the other political compasses in the Middle East? How long before things REALLY begin to fall apart for Israel and the narrative she maintains for everyone else in the region, before REAL revolutions and REAL “Arab Springs” take place along the lines of what took place in 1979 and then, one by one, Arab countries cease scurrying around like drugged cockroaches, replace their corrupt leaders and establish new political systems where no “deals” are made with Israel and the West?

And THIS, fellow war-weary inhabitants of planet earth, is the real “Iranian nuclear weapons program” Israel fears more than anything else–that Iran eventually becomes the nucleus around which the various Arab (and non-Arab) countries orbit harmoniously like political neutrons and electrons in some type of sub-atomic confederacy. That the Arabs will cut all economic, political and military ties with the West and–using Iran as the middle man–instead opt for economic sponsors such as Russia or China and possibly form military alliances with a nuclear-armed Pakistan.

The secondary effects of all this are not difficult to imagine. With American money no longer being taken by crooked Arab leaders, and America no longer able to militarily dictate foreign and domestic policies in the region that benefit ONLY the Jewish state, the environment would thus be detoxified of the intoxicating pixie dust Israel has used now for half a century in keeping the Arabs doped up and dumbed down. Stability would return to the area and thus its natural byproduct–peace and eventual prosperity. America and other Western countries would bring their troops home and, given the kinds of economic, political and social problems existing today resulting from fighting Israel’s interminable wars for her, the new cry in the West would be NEVER AGAIN when it comes to these countries allowing their valuable resources to be urinated away by repeating the disaster that has now brought them to the brink of destruction.

The eventual (and inevitable) result of all this is clear–Lady Gaga, the self-absorbed, pathologically narcissistic wicked witch of the Middle East, grand dame of the ball known as planet earth and talk of the town, would become passé, truly her worst nightmare…The narrative she has forced upon the world over the last half century, specifically a Judeo-centric universe with the entirety of God’s creation worshipfully orbiting ‘round her would dissolve and disappear entirely. With Miss Universe Wannabe booed off the catwalk and shown the exit door, the religio-ethnocratic fantasy upon which her entire self-identity is based would return to becoming hers and hers alone. The rest of the world, tired of her antics, would get back to the business of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and in the process, the Jewish god of war–a deity of despoilment and debasing of the Moral Majority (meaning almost 6 billion Gentiles on earth) would be made into the monkey it is and never again seen as anything besides a dark fantasy created in the most unenlightened and undeveloped corners of the Jewish supremacist mindset.

It is therefore in the interests of all men, women, and children of good will, rather than fearing this thing known as ‘nuclear Iran’ to instead strive earnestly for it and for all the immediate and long term benefits that are sure to follow, because the alternative–a nuclear Israel, with all the radiation poisoning that it’s main component, the deadly radioactive material known as J-tonium and the political, economic, social, moral and cultural fallout it has brought to man, is something that is, in a verbal portrait, simply unsurvivable.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

“Arab Spring” in US a “Winter”

Batoul Wehbe
Revolutions across the Arab World have been on the hike this year sparked by the people’s revolution in Tunisia.

It tickles proud Arabs, especially the youth, that Americans, through the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, are borrowing slogans from the Egyptian revolution.

Finally, the West has exported its most essential commodity from the Arab World Revolution.
Starting September 17, the OWS campaign has spread to more than 70 major cities in the US, and is being supported through “Occupy” events in close to 1,600 cities across the world.

“Banks got bailed out, we got sold out”
“Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!”
“How do we fix the deficit? End the war and tax the rich!”
“Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!”
“America is waking up!”
“People want the fall of Wall Street”

These slogans summarize the OWS rightful demands and summarize their sufferings, especially that arms manufacture enterprises and finance establishments have had the upper hand on America’s capitalist economical system since the beginning of the 20th century.

But the most distinguished slogan used by the movement was: “We are the 99%”. This is to illustrate that the 1% are only the wealthy class that monopolizes US policies; thus impoverishing others to preserve this stature.

This is the worst crisis that blatantly reflects the lack of trust in the economic system and in capitalism which collapsed four times so far.

“There is kind of boiling in the US streets,” says Lebanese expert in US affair Dr. Kamel Wazne.
“A voice has risen against the political ideology and the monopoly system that does not suffice the people anymore and would lead to self-destruction,” says Dr. Wazne in an interview with Al-Manar Website.

More Debts, Less Jobs

Several reasons have accumulated to make the US crisis even worse. US President Barack Obama is under the deep pressure of unemployment, slow growth and economic collapse.

“The official percentage of unemployment has reached 9.1% , however, the unofficial percentage according to the Labor Department well exceeds 16.3%,” explains Dr. Wazne.
The US Debt till Reagan’s tenure was $2 trillion. It increased to $15 trillion by 2011 and is expected to mount to $16 trillion in 2012.

Protesters, Democrats and republicans alike, believe that the president has become completely detached from his “Change” slogan, stressing the importance for the 99% to lead and inspire change.
Baby Boomers
Americans are tax payers who pay for social security, they are called Baby Boomers (person who was born during the demographic Post-World War II and who grew up during the 1960s and 1970s).
The government is taking this money, so once they retire they’ll find no fund for social security.
These people are the 77% of the American people eligible for retirement in the years from 2020 till 2030.
“In the US the OWS movement has the backing of the Labor Union and has spread throughout US cities. It constitutes a burden to the US especially before the upcoming presidential election as mistrust is deepening between the people and the officials who have driven them into bankruptcy,” the expert says.

“This movement is genuine, real and has merits in its demand for change,” Dr. Wazne adds.

Concerning the slogans OWS movement had borrowed from Arab revolutions, Wazne explains “this is because same sufferings unite people.”

Dr. Wazne concludes that “a significant portion of the American population is considered poor; 46 million are below poverty line and 5% are from the high class that controls the economy. Ultimately, the middle class had been crushed; something akin to circumstances in the Arab World.”

With the winds of change blowing tyrannical regimes away in some Arab countries, US authorities are showering protesters with tear gas, mass-arresting them and ripping down their tents, leaving an Iraq war veteran in a critical condition Wednesday with a fractured skull. It’s the same US that is condemning the Syrian authorities’ so called “brutal repression” against an armed Western-backed movement; some like to call it opposition, while the opposition itself has renounced it.
Source: Al-Manar Website

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

He had to die, but Why??

“He (Gaddafi) had to die, just like Saddam and bin Laden. Why?” Thus asked Gordon Duff

“He died, whether the person who killed him knew it or not, because he knew too much. Gaddafi had something on everyone and had paid off politicians around the world for 42 years.
He had also ordered the imprisonment and killing of tens of thousands of innocent people. “ Thus Gordon answered
  “….(W)e are reluctant to use force to solve the world’s many challenges.” “But when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act.” Thus said Obama March 28, 2011 address.

That’s what happened in Libya.. Stephen Lendman commented

“We came, we saw, he died” Clinton said and Sanad dit it.
Soon she would say: We came, we saw, we are are stuck.

Veteran Sanad -A real Libyan

Who is sanad?
“We are very angry but not really surprised by what Sanad did. He’s a stupid guy and I am sure someone whispered in his ear that he would become famous and rich if he did NATO’s dirty job by killing Colonel Gadhafi.”  Amal,  said. NATO did more than 1000 bombing attacks “to protect Libyan civilians” but killed thousands of us instead. For sure NATO and their puppets want as many of our leader’s dead as possible in order to avoid years of a court trial that would expose NATO’s many crimes and those of certain western leaders.”

What they wispered in Sanad’s ear??

Sanad told my cousin the day after he assassinated Colonel Gadhafi that he is promised protection and that the TNC will not arrest him despite their, for western ears only, announcement of a planned “investigation” of how Muammar and Mutassim died. Everyone in Libya knows that the investigation of the assassination of the rebel military commander Abdel Fattah Younes last July has gone nowhere because the Islamist faction who committed the Younes murder is close to Jalil.”

What else??

Sanad plans to form a gang to protect rich Libyans and foreigners as they continue to arrive here to help, as they claim, to rebuild our destroyed country and make democracy.”
“One Israeli-American Company has offered Sanad and other young men who refuse to give up their guns a job recruiting former fighters for proper training as Libyan police. There are some Blackwater (XE) people here are also trying to do business with NATO agents for private police forces around Libya. Anyone who thinks NATO is going to leave us in peace is mistaken. More of them arrive every day.” Mohammad said

Why Libya Was Attacked   Stephen Lendman asked and answered
I agrre with Stephen but would add that Kaddafi fed of Pan-arabism turned into Pan-african, especially after the sanctions.

Sirte all but flattened. Thousands killed. – What’s so humanitarian
about that? Wasn’t the
UN Resolution 1973 (2011) about “the
protection of civilians
” and the UN’s “
strong commitment to the
sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity
of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
“? Did the UN do anything what-
ever to stop the vicious US-NATO attack on Libya?

His faults aside, Libyans supported Gaddafi overwhelmingly. They still do. His spirit drives their revolutionary struggle for freedom. They won’t quit until it’s achieved.

Obama’s March 28, 2011 address at the National Defense University was true to form. It reeked of duplicity, hypocrisy, and ball-faced lies, saying:

“For generations, the United States of America has played a unique role as an anchor of global security and as an advocate for human freedom.” “….(W)e are reluctant to use force to solve the world’s many challenges.” “But when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. That’s what happened in Libya….” For decades, Libya was “ruled by a tyrant….He has denied his people freedom, exploited their wealth, murdered opponents at home and abroad, and terrorized people around the world – including Americans who were killed by Libyan agents.”

Substitute Washington for Libya and he got it right. America is a rogue terror state, a menacing plague on humanity.

Democratic values, human and civil rights, and rule of law principles are non-starters.

Only corporate and imperial interests matter, not equity, justice, peace on earth, and government of, by and for the people while respecting the sovereign rights of other nations.

NATO’s war on Libya was planned many months in advance like all wars. Why is most important, or put another way – cui bono?

Official accounts and media scoundrels never explain. Dozens of previous articles discussed relevant issues and answers, including one summarizing what’s most important. More on that below.

Historical Facts About Libya

Like most parts of Africa for centuries, European colonial powers ravaged Libya. During the 1911 Turko/Italian war, Libya was invaded and attacked. Twenty years of resistance challenged Italian colonizers.

From 1911 – 1943, Italy’s occupation was brutal. Libyans never forgot. After WW II, America, Britain and France dominated the region. In 1951, they combined three distinct regions into Libya – Cyrenaica in the east, Tripolitania in the west, and Fezzan in the south.

Britain enthroned King Idriss. He let America, Britain and France retain military bases and pursue corporate interests. America’s Wheelus Air Base near Tripoli dominated the Mediterranean Basin. Washington wants one or more super-bases built on Libyan land as launching pads against the region.
In 1955, Libyan oil was discovered. Three colonial powers controlled it until Gaddafi’s bloodless September 1, 1969 coup, ousting King Idris. It was an anti-imperial socialist revolution. Foreign domination ended.

Gaddafi supported pan-Africanism – a United States of Africa, free from imperial domination. It was a vision shared by Marcus Garvey, Kwame Kkrumah, Sekou Toure, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, William Tubman, Gamal Abd Nasser, and others. More on that below.

He also wanted Libyans to share in the country’s oil wealth, a notion foreign to America and other Western societies.

Under his 1999 Decision No. 111, all Libyans got free healthcare, education, electricity, water, training, rehabilitation, housing assistance, disability and old-age benefits, interest-free state loans, as well as generous subsidies to study abroad, buy a new car, help couples when they marry, practically free gasoline, and more.

Literacy under Gaddafi rose from 20 – 80%. Libya’s hospitals and private clinics were some of the region’s best. Now they’re in shambles. Some, in fact, were bombed or damaged in other fighting. NATO lied saying only military targets were attacked.

NATO’s imperial strategy involves targeting civilians and vital infrastructure, including power, communications, medical care facilities, and other essential to life sites.

Before war began, Libyans had Africa’s highest standard of living. According to David Blundy and Andrew Lycett’s book titled, “Qaddafi and the Libyan Revolution.“,

“The young people are well dressed, well fed and well educated….Every Libyan gets free, and often excellent, education, medical and health services. New colleges and hospitals are impressive by any international standard.” “All Libyans have a house or a flat, a car, and most have televisions” and other conveniences. “Compared with most citizens of Third World countries, and with many (others), Libyans have it very good indeed,” including decent housing or a rent-free apartment.

Gaddafi’s Green Book, in fact, states, “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.” It also covers other beneficial social policies, saying:

• “Women, like men, are human beings.
• ….(A)ll individuals have a natural right to self-expression by any means….;
• In a socialist society no person may own a private means of transportation for the purpose of renting to others, because this represents controlling the needs of others.
• The democratic system is a cohesive structure whose foundation stones are firmly laid above the other (through People’s Conferences and Committees). There is absolutely no conception of democratic society other than this.
• No representation of the people – representation is a falsehood. The existence of parliaments underlies the absence of the people, for democracy can only exist with the presence of the people and not in the presence of representatives of the people.”

Green Book ideology rejects Western-style democracy and predatory capitalism, especially neoliberal exploitation. It’s one of many reasons why Gaddafi was ousted.

He provided impressive social benefits, including free land, equipment, livestock and seeds for agriculture to foster self-sufficient food production. Moreover, all basic food items were subsidized and sold through a network of “people’s shops.”

Moreover, since the 1960s, women had the right to vote and participate politically. They can also own and sell property independently of their husbands. Under the December 1969 Constitutional Proclamation Clause 5, they have equal status with men, including for education and employment, even though men play leading roles in society.

Until Washington and NATO blocked its approval, the UN Human Rights Council Libyan praised Gaddafi in its January 2011 “Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Libya Arab Jamahiriya.

It said his government protected “not only political rights, but also economic, educational, social and cultural rights.” It also lauded his treatment of religious minorities, and “human rights training” of its security forces.

In eight months, NATO’s killing machine destroyed 42 years of achievements, benefitting all Libyans.

 Why else would overwhelming numbers support him?

After NATO attacked, hundreds of thousands rallied openly for him. On July 1, 95% of Tripoli’s population (over a million strong) expressed support in Green Square.

Before the war, he felt safe enough to drive unprotected through Tripoli streets. Residents lined up to cheer him. Some despot!

America and other Western societies should have ones like him. Imperial wars would end. So would homelessness, hunger and human depravation. Instead, “new world order” imperialists want super-wealth and power shared only by their privileged few.

Libya is one of many targets. Others will follow to extinguish freedom everywhere if they succeed. Universal opposition needs to stop them. Failure can’t be tolerated. The alternative is too grim to imagine.

Why Gaddafi Was Targeted

Information below was discussed earlier. It bears repeating now. Gaddafi’s vision marked him for removal. It was just a matter of when, even though he cooperated with Western powers post-9/11 on matters of intelligence and terrorism.

Until vilified and targeted, he was welcomed in Western capitals.

In 2003, after hanging saddam, he became a valued Western ally,

In 2003, he came in from the cold, became a valued Western ally, and had meetings and discussions with top officials like UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and others.

He also participated in the 2009 G-8 Summit in L-Aquila, Italy as Chairman of the African Union. At the time, he met and shook hands with Obama.

Moreover, ABC News interviewed him live, and on January 21, 2009, The New York Times published his op-ed headlined, The One-State Solution” to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He called “living under one roof….the only option for a lasting peace.”

On May 16, 2006, Washington restored full diplomatic relations, removing Libya from its state sponsors of terrorism list. At the time, Rice called the move:

“tangible results that flow from the historic decisions taken by Libya’s leadership in 2003 to renounce terrorism and to abandon its weapons of mass destruction programs….Libya is an important model as nations around the world press for changes in behavior by the Iranian and North Korean regimes.”

She also praised Gaddafi’s “excellent cooperation” in fighting terrorism. Moreover, he opened Libya’s markets to Western interests by arranging deals with Big Oil giants BP, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Occidental, France’s Total, Italy’s Eni Gas and others. By all appearances, he joined the club, so why turn on him?

Though on board in some ways, he very much wasn’t on others. He supported Palestinian rights, opposed Israel’s occupation and Gaza’s siege.

Earlier he backed anti-apartheid struggles in South Africa, as well as others in Northern Ireland, Spain, and elsewhere.

He had nothing to do with downing Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. Neither did Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi. Scottish judges knew he was innocent but were pressured to convict.

Gaddafi never admitted fault. He took responsibility solely to have international sanctions removed. To this day, he and al-Megrahi stand falsely accused. Likely CIA /MI6/and/or Mossad involvement is never mentioned.

 America tried and failed numerous times to assassinate him, including Ronald Reagan’s 1986 attempt. CIA covert efforts financed opposition groups. In 1981, they helped establish the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and its militant wing called the Libyan National Army based in Egypt near Libya’s border.

Along with US and UK Special Forces, it was directly involved in instigating insurrection last February. It wasn’t homegrown. As in Syria, it was externally generated.

Gaddafi opted out of AFRICOM. It’s one of nine global Pentagon commands to control Africa and the Mediterranean Basin, including its strategic energy transit routes and choke points, crucial to keep open for world economies.

All African countries participate except Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, and Libya until now. He also backed an initiative to create a United States of Africa, whereas Washington wants easily exploitable divisions. More on that below.

Besides ranked ninth in the world with 42 billion proved barrels of oil reserves (and large amounts of gas), its untapped potential is believed much greater. Moreover, being nearly sulfur-free, it’s even more valued for its extremely high quality. At issue isn’t access, it’s control over who develops, produces and receives it in what amounts.

In January 2009, Gaddafi wanted to nationalize Libyan oil, but his timetable faced internal resistance. According to’s March 25, 2011 article titled, “Reason for war? Gaddafi wanted to nationalise oil,” he considered the option because of low oil prices at the time, saying:

“The oil-exporting countries should opt for nationalisation because of the rapid fall in oil prices. We must put the issue on the table and discuss it seriously. Oil should be owned by the State at this time, so we could better control prices by the increase or decrease in production.”

In February 2009, he asked for public support to distribute Libya’s oil wealth directly to the people. However, senior officials feared losing their jobs “due to a parallel plan by Gaddafi to rid the state of corruption.” Possible capital flight was also an issue.

As a result, Libya’s Popular Committee voted 468 – 64 to delay nationalization plans, even though a 251 majority viewed doing so as positive.

Note: Gaddafi didn’t consider how powerful insiders manipulate all markets up or down for profit, including oil, irrespective of demand. It’s brazen fraud but goes on all the time, especially on Wall Street in collusion with Washington.

Libya’s Great Man-Made River (GMMR) was developing an ocean-sized aquifer beneath the desert for irrigation, human consumption, and other uses. At 2007 consumption rates, it could last 1,000 years. No wonder Gaddafi calls his Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS) the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

At issue, of course, is privatizing it, making water unaffordable for many, including most Libyans. In other words, Western predators want it exploited for maximum profits, not equitable use as a public resource.

Ellen Brown’s April 13 article titled, Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking? raised another, easily overlooked, issue. Who controls Libya’s money, the lifeblood of every economy? In 1970, Henry Kissinger said, “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control people.” He left out money, the supreme power to control everything because without it economies collapse.

At issue is public or private control like most nations, including America under Wall Street’s owned and operated Federal Reserve.

Under Gaddafi, the Central Bank of Libya was state owned. In other words, it created its own money, the Libyan Dinar, interest free to be used productively for economic growth, not speculation, profits and bonuses for predatory bankers.

However, after Washington’s led NATO intervention, the privately controlled Central Bank of Benghazi was established to let Western bankers, not Libyans, run things. Money control indeed appears an important reason for intervening, perhaps most important of all.

On April 24, Manlio Dinucci’s Global Research article headlined, “Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF),” saying:

Besides money, oil, gas, water, and other reasons, the “Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) manages” an estimated $70 billion, “rising to more than $150 billion (including) foreign investments of the Central Bank and other bodies. But it might be more.”

Confiscation gives US/NATO interests easy money for their own purposes. In fact, besides war, the business of America is grand theft in league with Western partners, Wall Street and other corporate interests.

Gaddafi promoted pan-African unity, a United States of Africa he hoped to lead against Western powers wanting balkanized easily-controlled states.

Libya was central to Africa’s independence, including freedom from predatory central banks and international lending agencies, acting as loan sharks of last resort.

He also funded Africa’s only communications satellite. In doing so, he saved hundreds of millions of dollars for low-cost incoming and outgoing calls.

In addition, he allocated two-thirds of the $42 billion needed to launch a public African Central Bank (HQ’d in Nigeria), an African Monetary Fund based in Cameroon, and an African Investment Bank HQ’d in Libya.

The Obama administration stole the money and prevented it. If established, it would have provided low-cost (or perhaps interest-free) loans for health, education, and other social projects, as well as vital infrastructure development in participating African states.

Washington and NATO partners destroyed his vision to rape Libya for profit and exploit its people. That imperialism’s core element. Gaddafi wanted none of it. As a result, he had to go.

He advocated a new “Gold Standard,” replacing dollars with gold dinars. African and Muslim states supported it to provide real monetary wealth and value, free from predatory lending agencies and depreciating fiat currencies.

Washington determined to prevent it to maintain petrodollar recycling and dollar hegemony as the world’s reserve currency.

In 1977, Gaddafi transformed the Libyan Republic into the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – a “state of the masses.” In 1979, he established direct participatory democracy, devolving power to tribal leaders. In 1986, Libya became the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

A revolutionary leader, Gaddafi was a visionary. He wanted Libya’s society based on equity, justice and fair distribution of wealth. Nasser said he represented Arab nationalism and unity.

His faults aside, Libyans supported him overwhelmingly. They still do. His spirit drives their revolutionary struggle for freedom. They won’t quit until it’s achieved.

Stephen Lendman: I was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. Raised in a modest middle class family, attended public schools, received a BA from Harvard University in 1956 and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of PA in 1960 following 2 years of obligatory military service in the US Army. Spent the next 6 years as a marketing research analyst for several large US corporations before becoming part of a new small family business in 1967, remaining there until retiring at the end of 1999. Have since devoted my time and efforts to the progressive causes and organizations I support, all involved in working for a more humane and just world for all people everywhere, but especially for the most needy, disadvantaged and oppressed. My efforts since summer 2005 have included writing on a broad range of vital topics ranging from war and peace; social, economic and political equity for all; and justice for all the oppressed peoples of the world like the long-suffering people of Haiti and the Palestinians. Also co-hosting The Global Research News Hour, occasional public talks, and frequent appearances on radio and at times television. I also am a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. I live in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit my blog site and listen to The Lendman News Hour on Monday – Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening. My new book “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War” can be ordered HERE.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Israel: Twenty Years and Counting


var addthis_product = ‘wpp-262’;var addthis_config = {“data_track_clickback”:true,”data_track_addressbar”:false};if (typeof(addthis_share) == “undefined”){ addthis_share = [];} How long do the angry men in Jerusalem think it will take the American public to notice?

by Dr. Lawrence Davidson

Not too long ago I gave a talk on the Palestinian bid for statehood. In the audience was a Russian-Israeli expatriate who politely took exception to my criticisms of Israeli policies and behavior.
His main point was that I could not credibly criticize the Israelis because I had not experienced what they had and did not know what they knew. Or, to put it in a more homey manner, I had not walked in their shoes.

“Israelis have been trying to find solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma for over sixty years, so what gives you the wisdom to criticize them and tell them what they should do?”

This is an old and often used objection and, if taken literally, would suggest that outside mediation is never possible.

My response to this was quite pointed.

Negev Bus Attack on Soldiers – Reported as Civilians

It is exactly because Israelis have been entangled in this dilemma for so long and, in addition, have passed off to themselves as well as others their hidden expansionist ambitions as “security” needs, that most of them are incapable of coming up with a just and equitable solution.
They therefore very much need those with an outside and relatively objective view to critique their actions.

Essentially, most Israelis live in a “closed information environment.” This is so despite their claim to have a free media.

That media may be technically free, but it is nonetheless dominated by the nation’s Zionist ideology and the political and social assumptions it expounds.

Counter views may indeed exist, but they do so only as rare exceptions or at the margins. So consistent is the Zionist interpretation of things that, for the country’s Jewish citizenry, it now constitutes a “thought collective” and as such dictates the parameters of their thinking.

Under such circumstances, it is only by standing outside this “thought collective” (as do a small number of clear sighted progressive folks on the Israeli margins) and looking in that one can see clearly what is going on, identify its self-destructive aspects and respond with a rational critique.
Of course, to the committed Israeli ideologue, enmeshed on the inside, such a critique will sound wrong-headed and dangerous.

Gideon Levy

Take for example the valiant efforts of Gideon Levy, the Haaretz journalist who is one of those rare persons dwelling on the margins of Israeli journalism.

He has somehow managed to escape the smothering impact of the “thought collective,” or what he calls a “machinery of brainwashing…which really accompanies each of us [Israelis] from early childhood.”
Levy is exceptional because he can ask ordinary questions that, nonetheless, go unasked by the vast majority.

Take for instance the following comment he made during the self-aggrandizing Israel celebrations upon the release of Gilad Shalit. “Who isn’t against terror and for Shalit’s release?

But that same sobbing [Israeli] society did not for a moment ask itself, with honesty and with courage, why Shalit was captured. It did not for a moment say to itself, with courage and honesty, that if it continued along the same path there will be many more Gilad Shalits, dead or captured.

In successive elections it voted, again and again, for centrist and right-wing governments, the kind that guarantee that Shalit will not be the last….No one ever told it that Shalit was the unavoidable price of a state that chooses to live by the sword forever.”

As a consequence of his publicly offered insight, Levy “has been shot at repeatedly by the Israeli Defense Force, been threatened with being ‘beaten to a pulp’ on the country’s streets, and faced demands from government ministers that he be tightly monitored as ‘a security risk.’” According to the U.K.’s Independent Levy might be either the “most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic .”

Former CIA director Leon Panetta.

Sometimes the outside critique is so unacceptable that it demands suppression. A good example of this has recently surfaced.

It seems that back on February 12, 2009 then head of the CIA Leon Panetta (who is now Secretary of Defense) endorsed a secret CIA analysis “predicting the demise of Zionist Israel within 20 years if general political trends in the region continue.”

A primary assumption of the report was that “it was unlikely that Israeli leaders would grant even minimal concessions in order to achieve a settlement with their neighbors which comprise increasingly disillusioned and rapidly growing dignity and justice seeking populations.”

So politically unwelcome was this outside assessment that it was immediately suppressed by Zionists within the U.S. government. According to web based accounts only seven copies of the report exist today (at least one of which must be buried deep in some CIA vault).

Though the report was kept from broad distribution, it was not forgotten. So, when Leon Panetta went off to pay a visit to the Israeli leadership in October 2011, he resurrected this assessment.
In private talks he told the Israelis that time was working against them and that they had a choice of making peace with their Palestinian and Arab neighbors or risk Israel’s national stability.

Publicly his message came out like this:

…The Israelis may have a military edge, but in the long run that may not be enough to sustain them. Things are changing rapidly in the Middle East and yet Israel is not adjusting to the evolving reality. It is instead isolating itself particularly in terms of the diplomatic arena. It is a no win situation for them.

In addition, Panetta tried to get across to the Israeli leaders that U.S. support, particularly at current levels, is unlikely to last forever. Public attitudes toward Israel are changing in the U.S. and economic troubles might well undermine American support in the foreseeable future.
Reportedly, the Israeli leaders’ response was to get angry with Panetta. The traditional Zionist attitude is that the West owes Israel support because of the Holocaust and they expect the West to deliver whatever the sacrifices and inconveniences.

This sort of attitude seems still to prevail not only in Israel, but also in the U.S. Congress (where a similar closed information environment exists). Panetta’s message was that Israel’s assumptions might outlast U.S. feelings of obligation.

Israel’s Edited Version 1st Grade Maths text Book (Right)

Israel’s reaction to ideologically unacceptable messages is, of course, not unique. All nations seek to establish a paradigmatic storyline favorable to themselves and then inculcate it in all following generations. And most succeed in doing so.
But the persistent level of continuing Palestinian resistance has made Israel’s Zionist storyline vulnerable and instead of adjusting it to changing circumstances they have circled the wagons and insisted on ideological purity.

They have even undertaken a new effort to censor Palestinian textbooks, as if such an act will negate what Palestinian children witness daily on the streets.
Stubbornness has risks when it comes to Israel. Panetta emphasized the regional risks to Israel but those are not the only ones.
As just mentioned economic times are tough here in the U.S., deficits are high–perhaps high enough to impact Defense Department budgets.

Social and cultural programs are being cut back daily. And yet Congress, under the mesmerizing sway of Zionist ideologues, pours billions of dollars yearly into Israeli coffers.

Young Jews Are Protesting Radical Zionism Now

How long do the angry men in Jerusalem think it will take the American public to notice?
And when they do, when aid to Israel becomes a voting issue, the politicians they so depend on, the ones who have been loyal to Israel for decades, are liable to abandon them with alacrity.
But that is not all. At least some of the outrage at this diversion of resources to Israel is bound to take the form of anti-Semitism.

Israeli behavior has managed to turn the Middle East, a region largely devoid of anti-Semitism until the intrusion of the Zionists, into a potential breeding ground for that obnoxious sentiment.

And perhaps they will do the same to the American hinterland. That is called Blow Back.
But the men in Jerusalem will never admit their responsibility for this. They always knew the world was anti-Semitic at heart and they will then loudly proclaim they were right. It was there all the time, even in the heartland of their greatest ally. Such is the distorting power of a thought collective.


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