The Abbas-Mishaal encounter: what is next? – The start of a ”real" Palestinian partnership

With the failure of the Israeli famous historical destruction machine  in Jully 2006 war on Lebanon, and 2008 war on besieged Gaza, Israel and the West realised that the power balance in the Middle East as a whole has changed, and the existence of Israel as an entity at risk, that the days of Israel in the region are numbered.

The International brotherhood undertook to break the cornor stone of the Axis of resistance (connecting Gaza to Tehran), the Dead line is december 31

The USRAELI reading was clear and concise and simplified: Hezbollah-Hamas is able to eliminate Israel. We fail to eradicate Hezbollah-Hamas . Behind them there are another axis: Syria-Iran. Let us try there.

Bernard-Henri Lévy speaks at a rally
in support of Iranian woman
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

They tried in Tehran in June 2009, but the final result was limited, given the absence of Iranian alternatives ready. But the strategic turnover started with using  sleeping allied forces Turkey and Qatar to reach a comprehensive package with the Muslim Brotherhood.

On June 4, 2009, Haaretz writers Zvi Bar’el and Avi Issaccharoff headlined, “Obama met Muslim Brotherhood members in US,” saying: 

Egypt’s daily newspaper Almasry Alyoum said he met US and European-based members. “According to the report,” they requested no publicity, “express(ing) support for democracy and the war on terror.” They also backed “all agreements Egypt has signed with foreign countries.”

Mohammed Riad Shaqfa,
leader of Syria’s “Muslim” Brotherhood,

Washington Brotherhood Package deal:

Washington: We want Assad’s head to break the Bridge connecting Gaza and Tehran in the middle. We support you. What you want in return?

Brothers answered quickly: We don’t deal by piece, let us negotiate on the whole region, from Morocco to Turkey.
Washington: Agreed, but on one condition, if we move to play at the regional level, you should provide guarantees for the security of Israel
Brothers: No problem, there is no hostility towards Israel in all our morals and literiture.
Washington: Agreed?
Brothers: Agreed, let us start with Tunis, a little bite, can be digested easly, Nahda, our offspring is ready, after Tunis we move as convienient. BTW, during the mission, we shall face Christians and some minorities who would create problems for us and for you.
Washington: Don’t be afraid, we will silence them we control the media, then they will flee quickly, as they did in Iraq? Excellent.
Brothers: We meet in the Palace of the people.
Washington: Okay, but very necessary before December 31. after that the deal is not valid, with a penalty for non-delivery on time …

In short Hamas, as a resistance movement might be the first victim of the deal. Cornered Usrael and its own “brothers” Hamas is buying time to get out of the corner.

In his previous article Khalid Amayereh said:The PA ought to press the new rulers of Egypt to make the Egyptian commitment to honor and uphold the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty subject to Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people. The same thing applies to all new governments and regimes in the Arab world. This is what everyone would call smart politics.”

Khalid Amayereh has no balls to ask the new rulers of Egypt to improve the treatment of Palestinians at Rafah crossing, and houor the Palestinian travel document issued by Egypt. 

Bernard-Henri Levy: Turning to Syria

So far we have two new regimes undermaking in Tunis and Libya. In Tunis the Nato Islamists shall form the new government. In Libya Islamists  have a strong influence. My friend Frank Lamb met last week in the lobby of a five-star Tripoli hotel an Israeli business man who was jokingly complaining, “Why don’t these people speak Hebrew? Maybe I should open a school.” Like many of his countrymen and hundreds from NATO countries, Israelis are having no trouble getting visas here. It is not the same for black Africans and Arabs who are being held in herds at the borders with Egypt or Tunisia, or in Cairo, Alexandria, or Tunis, until groups of hundreds can be assembled and processed by well-paid construction and domestic worker employment agents”

BTW, this uprooted Palestinian, worked in Libya from 1973 to 1977, because Libya was the only Arab country, after Syria, open to Palestinians without Visa.

“Brother” Khalid, should ask his Libyan brothers to adopt what he called smart politics, Granting visas for Israelis to enter Libya is subject a certificate of “Good conduct” issued by PA.
In case you missed it: Are Libya’s Palestinians ready for the post-Gaddafi era?

In his new comment, Khalid wrote:

“Hamas might seek guarantees from Arab states that have diplomatic ties with Israel, particularly Egypt. But would such guarantees be sufficient? In any case, we all hope and pray that the next elected government in Egypt, in which the Islamists would have a strong influence, will create an absolute linkage between commitment to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.”

So stay tuned. The US Aircraft George Bush off Syrian Coast, but remember what happened  in 1982.

The New and Old Arab Governments voted to suspend the membership of Syria, the last Arab fort, in “Arab League”. At a joint press conference with his Jordanian counterpart, Davotuglo said: “We think it is now vital to put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people”.

So what on the table is not creation “an absolute linkage between commitment to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians”

Whats on “Muslim’s” Brotherhood table is,dismantling and termination of the Syrian regime, “the totalitarian police-state apparatus which has been ruling Syria since the early sixties once and for all, is aware about whats on the table. The Baath party is inherently undemocratic; it can’t be reformed, it must be ended.” Thus said Khalid Amayereh, long time ago.” 

See why Syrian regime must be ended

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

[ 24/11/2011 – 11:21 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Khaled Mishaal, head of the political bureau of Hamas, and Mahmoud Abbas, the PA President announced on Thursday afternoon the start of a “new Palestinian partnership” to turn over the page of discord. They also said, in a statement to journalists, that they will work to implement the reconciliation agreement
The two leaders discussed ways to implement the reconciliation agreement reached seven months ago during their meeting which ended at noon Thursday.
Khaled Mishaal said, in a terse statement to journalists after the meeting, that the page of discord has been turned, “I would like to assure our people and Umma, that we have opened a new page of real partnership in everything relating to the Palestinian house.”
For his part, Mahmoud Abbas said: “We have absolutely no disagreements now and we agreed to work as partners and with the same responsibility.”
The two sides agreed to end the file of political detention within days, this was agreed during the meeting between representatives of Fatah and Hamas, as the two delegations joined the wider meeting in the presence of Mishaal and Abbas.
The two leaders discussed strategies to get out of the present crisis that the Palestinian issue is going through, especially as negotiations failed. They also agreed a meeting on 22 December for the leadership framework of the PLO (leaders of Palestinian factions). They also agreed on holding legislative and presidential elections next May.
Source that participated in the meetings told PIC that the meeting was a prelude to more meetings between the two movements to pave the way for forming a transitional government that will prepare for elections, rebuild the Gaza Strip, reinforce social harmony and unify the PA institutes.
They also discussed the future of the PA, the situation in Jerusalem, the PLO and its activation, the rebuilding of the Palestinian National Council as well as the lull and popular resistance.

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