Divide to Rule: "Arab Spring" between Secularism and sectarianism.

“There is no compulsion in religion,” – Holy Qur’an

Though, I hate Angry Arab’s anti-Islam and anti-“Anti-Semites”  sentiments, I respect him because Palestine is his measuring stick, and in the final analysis he knows who is the ENEMY.

He is much better than Islamist’s opportionists who would sell their mothers for a little political or sectarian “gain”. They storm their shitty brains to justify their agandas.

“The Egyptian MB still is against the peace treaty but will not annul it at the moment because they are not idiots, are patient and understand that now is not the moment to open a front against Israel – they know when to pick their fights.” the Islamist editor of “from Leeds to Palestine” claimed.

” Let’s assume that the Egyptian government was replaced with new democratically elected one, what do you think would happen?” Hiatham answered  (Check my comment here)
  • Believe me, it is very simple.The tag Is ready: Eygpt for is a terrorist state. Full Stop!
  • Who can guarantee that the newly elected government and its president will not be the same as the previous regime?
  • Israel will rush to occupy Gazan borders again (let’s say they will intensify their occupation and bring back their soldiers to Gaza/Egypt borders).
  • The Zionists will find it the moment of history when they can establish their dream of Greater Israel. They might not only occupy Sinai, but invade Egypt across the Red Sea until Israel reaches the Nile.


My comment was:

Let us assume that Haitham’s nightmare come true, and Israel dared to invade Egypt across the Red Sea. So what??

Why Israel stoped at the Canal in 1967, and Why Sharon stopped at Km 101 in 1973.
A stupid would think Israel would dare to open the gates to hell. It would be a Historical moment, a historical opportunity for Resistance (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hams to raze that Zionist Entity. I wonder if the Grand Patriot heard Nasrallah Saying that An Israeli Inavasion would turn into a Great opportunity. [In case you missed it]

Haitham is talking about Greater Israel, while the Zionist Dream is Shrinking into a Jewish Ghetto surrounded by Walls.”

I would tell the same to my brother “from Leeds to Palestine”, Your BROTHERS, especially in Syria, are either stupids, to miss a Historical moment, a historical opportunity to open a front against Israel, and turn any stupid Israeli reaction into a Great opportunity to raze Israel as Nasrallah said, or power seeking oportionists   
Consequently, using the B.S. logic   
  • We should blame the “Idiots” in Lebanese resistance for impatience and fighting the Israeli occupation and May 17 peace treaty,
  • We should blame Hamas “idiots” for their impatience, and failing to understand that winning elections shall open the gates of hell on Gaza.
  • We should blame Hezbollah “Idiot” leadership for capturing the Israeli Soldiers that opened the Israeli gates of hell in July war.
  • We should blame the Idiot Nasrallah for refusing the Turkish-Qatari French deal
  • We should hail MB’s new “Brother”, his message to Israel, assuring it that his council is against restoring the occupied Syrian Golan by force, for his plans to cut unnatural Damascus’s military ties with Iran and stop backing the Resistance of Hezbollah…as “part of a broader Syrian reorientation back into an alliance with the region’s major Arab powers.” also here

BTW, it’s Hezbollah “Idiots” who freed Sami Shihab, Muslim Brothers leaders and Hamas detains from Mubarak’s Jail. I still remember, the BIG Muslim Brother, speaking on Al Jazeerah, informing Mubarak’s regime that they MB leadership is patient, they did not escape, and under law.   

Let us check the MB’s wisdom: 

  • They, MB, picked the right time to fight Nasser. I cannot forget late Shiekh Shaarawi saying that he prayed to thank God for 1967 defeat because he hates victory with communist weapons.
  •  They picked the right time to fight communism, for the American “People of the BOOK”.
  • They picked the right time to fight Hafez Assad in 1982, while he was fighting to stop the Israeli invading Lebanon.
  • They joined Tahrir revolution in Egypt, 5 days late, because they are patient and understand that now is not the moment to open a front against Mubarak.
  • They are picking the right time to fight Bashar.  

BTW, Secular Saddam picked the right moment to fight Iran


Angry Arab continues his descent 

In article for the pro-Bashar Lebanese Al-Akbar newspaper, Angry Arab continues his descent into bitterness, conspiracy theory and flawed analysis. The Islamists have won because people are tired of Western backed liberals and so-called ‘leftists’ destroying their country and being mere tools of Israeli and US interest.

His second paragraph especially is so full of bullshit; I don’t even know where to begin:

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood forgot about its past objection to the Egyptian-Israeli treaty, while the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood dispatched its former leader to reassure Israelis on Israeli TV. An-Nahda’s Ghannushi wanted to preserve all the key financial appointments of Bin `Ali and had dispatched the secretary general of his party to reassure Zionists in Washington think tanks. In Morocco, Bin Kiran (head of the Justice and Development Party) is a different story altogether because he has been a loyal royal Islamist who would not challenge the pro-Israeli and neoliberal policies of his master. But the story of Islamist victories may be overblown.

The Egyptian MB still is against the peace treaty but will not annul it at the moment because they are not idiots, are patient and understand that now is not the moment to open a front against Israel – they know when to pick their fights. Angry Arab’s hero Nasser did not have this foresight and we lost all of Palestine because of his bluster. The Tunisian Al-Nahda have said in no uncertain terms that they will not have relations with Israel, Ghannoushi was pretty clear about this, saying that they are an occupying power and they will not recognise them:
The Syrian MB’s leader Ali Bayanoni’s gave an interview with an Israeli reporter in which he said if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, then there will be a peace – he gave no further clarifications as to what this peace entails. In any case, this position is supported by the majority of Palestinians. I dont know enough about Moroccan Islamists so I cant comment on their relationship with the king.
This is the kind of discourse that surrounds the issue of Islamists in left-wing circles – a discourse litterred with inaccuacies and downright lies. People like this professor have never gotten over the increased religosity of the Arab people and their rejection of secular forces and so resort to these smears.
With expectations like these from those out-of touch, living in the cold-war era, extreme secularists like the professor here then in their eyes the Islamists are of course destined to lose. Saifedean Ammous said the biggest scam in the Arab world is that the revolutionary secular left destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt and yet they insist the problem lies or will lie with the Islamists. The Arab people have spoken professor so by all means, continue in your arrogant condescending tone against your people who you claim to respect and speak for – they have rejected the likes of you and put their trust in Islamic forces. Live with it.
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