Barbara Walters: ‘Assad is intelligent and charming’

Remember the Jewish co-host at ABC’s ‘The View’, Barbara Walters, who told her viewers in 2006 that she will never allow Mel Gibson on her show or see another Gibson film for producing the blockbuster The Passion of the Christ – portraying biblical narrative of Christ’s death at the hands of the Jews.

Following Rep. Dennis Kucinich earlier lead – Barbra Walters went to Damascus this week to interview Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the second time. During her meeting, she was surprised to find out that Bashar was not a “wild crazy man“, as portrayed by pro-Israel media. Watch the interview video below.

In an interview with ABC’s Islamophobe Greek George Stephanopoulos Wednesday, she said: “He studied medicine in England and found himself being thrust into the role of being Syria’s leader after the deaths of his dictator father and older brother.”

Barbra Walters said that Bashar had denied ordering army to shoot the protesters.They’re not my forces. They’re military forces which are controlled by the government“.

George Stephanopoulos made the stupid comment:We heard similar things from Qaddafi“. Well, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi said in September that Qaddafi was very popular among Libyan people and that “he suspects there was a plot against Qaddafi“.

This man (Assad) is not like Qaddafi. First of all, Qaddafi, his whole demeanor was that of a wild man. Tis man is highly educated, very calm as you can see, and as far he is concerned, – Well, Qaddafi did say, he had the support of his people – but there is a whole difference in the way he handles himself,” Walters replied.

In July 2008, Barbra Walters, had visited Bashar al-Assad whom she later described as “intelligent” and “charming”, who wants to have good relation with United States. She claimed that Syria is on the US terrorist list because “they’re against the war in Iraq“. That is the minor reason. The main reason is that Syrian government has very friendly relations with Tehran, Hamas and Hizbullah – which are considered an act of ‘terrorism’ by the Jewish lobby.

Barbra Walters also claimed a “total freedom of religion” in Syria. In September, Lebanon’s Christian Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rai during a Muslim-Christian summit in Dar al-Fatwa reiterated his earlier support for Bashar al-Assad and Hizbullah’s right to keep arms. “They need it to defend Lebanon against Israel“.

Israeli conference on Syria,
the goal behind it was mere Zionist

The foreign incited and funded riots have taken lives of 4000 Syrians including Syrian army and security officials. French Zionist Jew Bernard-Henri Levy, who initiated anti-Qaddafi campaign – is now leading the anti-Assad campaign.

The anti-government militants, who kill civilians and the press blame army for that – are armed and trained by French military personnel inside Turkey.

The regime change in Damascus is a joint project of the US, France, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This regime change is not for oil as was the case in Libya. But it’s to isolate Syria from Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas – to maintain Israel’s military supremacy in the region.

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