Raja´s review of 2011

Raja´s review of 2011

The “ Eunuch on the Nile was replaced by 13 Pimps-in-uniforms,
(who receive 1,5 Billion Dollars yearly ,
from the USA.)

The “Tyrant of Tunis”
found his refuge at the Servant of Mecca

The man who, in 1968 ,has liberated Libya
was lynched to death
by those who shall soon claim to teach us
the rule-of-law.
(Jesus had one Judas and Cesar had one Brutus
but Qaddafi has had 10 of each )

The Queen of Qatar
has bought for herself the FIFA
and now ,her husband wants spread democracy in Syria
(instead of teaching us how to corrupt-footballism.)

Turkey is coming to Syria
to finish the slaughtering the Armenians
who took refuge from Turkey , there.
(France decided to consider genocide as a crime,
except when it is done in Algeria)

The International Crime Court , on Hariri´s case,
wanted to judge the accused
before punishing the false-witnesses
(in spite the fact that, the accused was pointed out
those same false-witnesses)

The Euro Currency
has failed in uniting,
Greece with Denmark.

The Arab-League of States
wanted to teach Damascus
how to become Democratic
(but they could not find any example
of any democracy
among themselves.)

The Zionist-State
has built more new illegal houses
than it could fill them
with any illegal new settlers.
(probably, Americans who lost their homes ,
may come soon to inhabit them,
after all they paid for it )

The US-soldiers left Ayyrak
with an US-Embassy bigger than
all Iraqigovernment-buildings, all together .
(as for the uncountable WMD ,
they might come back ,for it, some other time)

The only Atomic-bomb Iran shall soon have,
might be coming from the USA
(on behalf of Israel, of course and as usual ).

Berlusconi has ran out of Viagra
therefore, he has had to resign,
(but his government, at least, shall remain to teach
to the new Lybia how to avoid corruption)

The Kingdom of Saudi Oilrabia
has bought more war-planes
than it has pilots.

The World´s main-Media reported
daily, frequently and uconstantly on Syria
without ever having any reporters,there.
(they must have used a Cristal-Ball
put at their disposal by Tel-Aviv and Pentagon)

The King of Bahrain has used Saudi-Tanks
to copy a Tinamin-square-scenario.
(but there are practically less Bahrainees,
than there are Chinese)

Cartoon: South Sudan. A new nation (medium) by jeander tagged al,bashir,sudan,south,salva,kiir,nation,conflict,al bashir,sudan,öl,al,bashir
Sudan has lost its own South
to the Giants of the Oil Industries

Darfour has had its day in the Media,
only and until , South-Sudan was born ,
delivered by a colonial-mid-wife.
(since then, both are forgotten, now )

Mahmoud Abbas asked from the United Nations
to allow him a statehood,
65 years after that this same UN has
allowed to the Zionist to steal Abbas´ same statehood.
(it is like asking a butcher to spare the life of a cow
after it is slaughtered)

The Moroccan King has brought
democratic reforms,
by allowing to his Parliament to choose
the next Prime-Minister.
(it is like a democracy……..but in drips)

The financial wealth of Libya
entered into a labyrinth,
longer than that underground-river
which Qaddafi has built
although Qaddafi´s river , has had a beginning and an end
this labyrinth does have only a beginning..

North Korea and the Czech Republic
although being so extremely different and so far apart
both have lost their presidents on the same day
and yet both peoples did cry ??
It seems that any people may love
a democratic-leader as much as may love a dictator.
( I have attended President Havel´s funerals , only)

Finally ;

The UN has been taken-over by the NATO
The Arab League has been taken-over by the GCC
the USA has been taken over by the AIPAC
Al Jazeera has been taken over by its own dishonesty
my “Fans” are now less in numbers
but have gained in quality.

Next Year , in Jerusalem…….Inchallah !!

I wish you a,
healthy, humane, interesting and a dynamic
2 0 1 2

رَجا شْمَيِّل
Raja Ibrahim Khalil el Chemayel

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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