But…..for what is the NATO still here ??

a forgotten-shame .

NATO was established as a deterrent against the Soviet-Block
But the Soviet-Block does no more exist.
So what for is the NATO, nowadays ??
is it perhaps recycled now as a hidden tool serving Imperialism ???
But Imperialism does no more exist.
Imperialism is now replaced by :
the World-Bank,
International Monetary Fund,
Globalisation, WTO,
UN Security Council Resolutions ,
Human Rights Intervention ,
War on Terrorism , Regime Change,
Preventive-wars, Weapons Proliferation’s rules ,
the New World Order
and last but not least……… Zionism !! itself
Having said that , may I ask you :
Do you know any country/state/Kingdom/Nation
that has had a Imperial-colonial-past
which is not now a member of NATO ??
Then ,
may I repeat my question :

What for is NATO ,now ??
(when we know that, all the Colonial-powers have joined it,
including Turkey )

رَجا شْمَيِّل
Raja Chemayel

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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