"Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?"

Asked Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Rashad Bayoumy.

He should have asked: Can we govern without recognizing Israel??

The answer is clear, Mr. Bayoumy, and its up to you and your party. The shortest way govern is Pleasing the USA, Via pleasing its Tool Israel, and its Zionist Lobby. Ask your brother Ghanushi. But it’s also the shortest way to lose power, morals, and political future.

I am sure that worries you and you brothers. You can’t stay on the fence, and should come down to this side or that.

Khalid Amayereh, who wrote few days ago: All we want from Egypt is to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, our commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty depends on your behavior toward the Palestinians, driven by fear that his Egyption brothers may lose by their left hand what they got by their right hand (Hamas), he finally got it

“The Muslim Brothers have said that they will respect Egypt’s international obligations” though “Camp David treaty was not really a treaty of peace, but rather a treaty of submission and capitulation to Zionist regional hegemony, arrogance and military supremacy” wrote Khalid Amayereh.

“A government, including an Islamist or quasi-Islamist government, can only have either good relations with Israel and her supporters on the one hand, or acceptance and respect from the people, on the other. It can’t have both, period.” he said
Thirty years ago, Khomeini, faced a similar situation, without storming his brain and thinking about the “spasmodic and uncalculated statements (ACTIONS) may do more harm than good…that could invite uncalculated reactions from the United States and its western allies, and its tool the Zionist entity, he turned the Zionist embassy into a Palestinian Embassy. I am sure you know the Story of the American Embassy.
He did it because, the vision was clear, the enemy was clear, and because he was after power to put Iran on the right track, and he did.
Iran now, despite the 8 years war launched by Arabs (almost all Arabs except Syria) and 30 years of sanction, is super power who dared to say to US: get out of Gulf.

 “We advise and insist that this warship not return to its former base in the Persian Gulf,” Salehi told reporters on Tuesday, according to the armed forces website. “We don’t have the intention to repeat our warning, and we warn only once,” he was quoted as saying.

You could have done the same thirty years before Khomeini, you could have done it last year (2011), but you didn’t, because:
  • you are looking for power, just power, and would deal with the devil for power.
  • You dealt with Sadat, with Mubarak for 30% of the Parlament seats, with Tantawi, and with the USA,
  • Like Sadat (No 20 years before Sadat), believed and still believe that the USA holds 99% of the cards, that the shortest way to govern is to please the USA,
  • You believed and still believe that you may please the USA, without pleasing its “Chosen” tool.

You may claim that it is Sadat, not your brothers, who signed Camp David treaty, but you can’t deny that Sadat used your brothers to put Egypt on the wrong track that lead to Camp David.

On October war, the USA, the real enemy rushed to save its tool, and changed the course. Both Sadat and Hafez Assad faced the same question: What’s next?
The first “Invaded” Jerusalem, the second was not in hurry, and decided to resist, and accumulate power.
The first was killed on 6 October by a MB’s offspring, the second died on his bed days before the liberation of South Lebanon without conditions.
Mr Powell started in Damascus with
a strong and clear message to Syria’s
President Bashar al-Assad that
Washington expected change
including an end to Syria’s support for
militant Palestinian and Lebanese
groups classified as terrorists.

After, the fall of Baghdad (your Iraqi brothers were among those who returned on American Tanks), Collin POWWEL, arrived to Damascus, “We are your neighbor now” he told Bashar and handed to him the known list of American requirements to let him govern,

8 years passed and Bashar still govern and shall govern for many, many years.  

Do you know why?

Because he is on the right political track, he knew the shortest way to lose power is a peace treaty with Israel.

A stupid may think Assad, who stood tall after Bush declared” Mission acomplished, would bow while deteated Obama declaing declairing: Defeat accomplished.

Your Syrian brothers and other Ani-Syria forces who blamed Syria for doing nothing to liberate Gollan Heights since October war, have forgeten a basic fact. Gollan is not the only Syrian occupied tterritory.
Deep in the Syrian national mind  and collective memory, Palestine is a Syrian occupied Land, Lebanon is a Syrian land, Jordan and Iraq are Syrian Lands, Iskandarouna is an occupied Syrian Land.

This fact explains why Gollan was never a Syrian priority.”?

Back to Egypt Muslim Brothers: Its not enough to saythe Brotherhood will not recognize the “criminal state of Israel.”

People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you do, and we saw what you did so far.

Because of your wrong calculations, and for short term political benifets, you missed a great chance to lead the revolution to the end, putting your history (Your best offspring), your future at risk, .
Hamas, as a resisrance movement washed all you historical mistakes/sins.

Hamas is entiltled to be your “Hezbollah”, you crane, all it needs is a MB Assad in Cairo, to destroy all walls with Gaza Hashim, Gaza Al-izza. 

Don’t kill your best offsping.

The Camp David treaty is not a sacred text

……In the final analysis, Egypt can and should hold Israel to account over the clauses of the treaty which make it an integral part of a wider process which also includes resolving the Palestinian question in accordance with UN Security Council 242 and 338.

However, since Israel has violated these resolutions rather starkly and scandalously, if only by building hundreds of Jewish colonies on occupied land, and by transferring hundreds of thousands of its citizens to live on land that belongs to another people, Egypt should be able to downgrade its commitment to and compliance with the infamous treaty to the bare minimum.

Such a posture on Egypt ‘s part wouldn’t be viewed as declaration of war or even a unilateral promulgation of the treaty. It would only be viewed as a necessary measure reflecting Egypt ‘s sovereignty and national will.

There is no doubt that the treaty and relations with Israel will be a litmus test for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) as well as the other Islamist party, the Nur, representing the Salafi brothers.

The Islamists under all circumstances must keep a distance from Israel even if bullied, coerced and pressured by the United States to behave otherwise. Any concession, real or imagined, in this regard will cost the Islamists dearly in terms of their standing in the eyes of the people.

The Islamists must not allow themselves to gain acceptance and favor from the criminal entity and her supporters, especially the Jewish-controlled US Congress, at the expense of the Egyptian people’s acceptance of the Islamists.

In Egypt as elsewhere in the Arab and Muslim world, there is a mutually exclusive relationship between having normal relations with Israel and being accepted and respected by the masses. A government, including an Islamist or quasi-Islamist government, can only have either good relations with Israel and her supporters on the one hand, or acceptance and respect from the people, on the other. It can’t have both, period.

In case you missed it: Raja last question in 2011

Has anyone asked himself why are the USA
helping and programing so many regime-changes in the Arab World
only to ultimately see an Islamist replacing a Dictator ……….why ???
and then the Islamist Monarchs will remain untouchable……..provided they remain corrupted.
Is there some secret deal , in which the Islamist may take over
provided they do not,later, touch Israel ?????
Which shows why islamism is only refuted when it is an-Iranian-Islam .
Think about it and answer me next year , please.
رَجا شْمَيِّل
Raja Chemayel

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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