Feltman-oglu-Hamad Maneuver And the Victory of Assad

By Nader izzeddin

In a fresh attempt to contain the failure of USA-Syrian opposition and prepare for the next phase, Jeffrey Feltman is Shuttling in the Middle East and North Africa. After announcing his arrival in Cairo a few days ago, we learned that Feltman appeared suddenly after few hours in Ankara!

Why Jeffrey jumped from Egypt to Turkey in a broad secret obscure visit?

Starting from Cairo, with the Lebanese newspaper Al-Saffeer story  (No 12081 number issued on 11/1/2012), about the “convening the first meeting between a senior Islamic organization in Egypt at the Rafah crossing. Following the story we learned that this meeting was personally sponsored by Feltman to prepare for another meeting with the Assistant Secretary of State William Burns (the meeting was held on 11/1/2012).

The Islamist organization is intended to play after the legislative elections in Egypt, a prominent role in maintaining “Camp David” 

PLS. stop the attacks against the Palestinians
and the “systematic murder against Syrian people.”

According to our sources, the second objective of Feltman’s  visit to Cairo to request in particular the Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby to withdrew Arab observers from Syria and move the Syrian file to the United Nations. Here Feltman failed because we revealed the US-Arab plot three days before the submission of Arab observers report; consequently the Committee postponed this step

The third objective of Feltman’s visit to Egypt, is to complete a US maneuver initiated in the past few weeks, the”obscurity maneuver” as called by our sources, to release the pressure on Turkey and Qatar, transferring the Syrian file virtually to Egypt.

The United States began this maneuvering, after Turkey was hit by successive setbacks both regionally and internationally, to withdraw Turkey from confrontation with President Bashar Al-Assad before turn it into a “paper tiger”, after Erdogan’s policy turned Turkey into a lever to drop the Syrian regime, it’s no longer possible to normalize relations with Damascus as long as Assad holds power, even more it is no longer possible to repair the mounting force of Turkey, which was a source of pride, without the fall of Syria.

According to Ihsan Dagi, a researcher specialized in political science and international relations and close to Erdugan party, Any scenario observing the survival of Assad in power would turn Turkey in regional policy in to “paper tiger”, and make its claims as a founding player in regional system into a joke.

As for Qatar, it has withdrawn from the direct political confrontation with Syria, while maintaining its role in the propaganda confrontation, to play a role in pressuring the Arab League of and destroy any of its remaining credibility, with the successive attacks by Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad Ibn Jassem al-Arab who is at the same time Chairman of the Arab Ministerial Committee.
What He Stated is Completely False

In addition, Hamad planted a mine planted in the Observer Mission, namely Anwar Malik having a paternal relationship to Burhan Ghalioun, the head of the so-called Syrian national council.

Hamad has decided to blow this mine yesterday by announcing the withdrawal of the Anwar Malik from the mission and attacking its members and its head on Al-Jazeera, indicating the unquenchable thirst of Sheikh Hamad to fire the death shot at the head of the League!

Mr. “Zero Problems” left Tehran empty-handed

Returning to Feltman’s confidential visit to Turkey, sources revealed that he arrived to Ankara after hours from Cairo for several major objectives:

1. To reassure Turkey that its own role in the scheme of the Syrian President continues to be essential and it would be a major player in the region after the fall of President Al-Assad.

2. Request Turkey to exploit the appeasement to meet with the Iranian leadership, and invite them to discuss the nuclear dossier in Ankara, and this is what Ahmet davutoğlu did on his visit to Tehran.

3. In application of carrot and stick policy, to deliver a carrot to Iran that Washington is willing to compromise on the nuclear dossier and reach an understanding on the “Straits of Hormuz” versus Iran giving up President Al-Assad, on the one hand, on the other hand, deliver a warning about transporting chaos and assassinations to inside Iran in the event of refusal.

4. Venting the tension between Ankara and Paris on the “Armenian genocide” and inform Turkey it would  soon return to confrontation with Assad.


5. Prepare for the implementation of the next steps to be aligned with Ban Ki-moon to visit Lebanon, which we talked about in our report: “scheme to topple President Bashar Al-Assad”.
6. Most important was the regrouping of Syrian opposition, after disagreements between its members started killing it. In addition, temporary extension for Burhan Ghalioun presidency before removing him permanently, and move the post to Louay Safi, a Prof. resident in the USA at George Washington University.

The reason for this step is the disappointment from Burhan Ghalioun recently rejecting foreign military intervention, and his signing a document to refrain from internationalizing the Syrian crisis with Haytham manna.

We have learned that most claimants in this paradigm are the brotherhood.
The plot against Syria is exposed, as President Bashar Al-Assad said in a speech two days ago in Damascus University, it was not apparent from the outset, but its full features were not clear.  

Today the maneuver Feltman-oglu-Hamad won’t work and won’t be able to revive their conspiracies and their oppositions from and clinical death,

As President Assad yesterday addressed the Syrian people in Omaweyade square in Damascus, “we do trust the future, put trust in you, and through you we are to be victorious against the conspiracy,”  President al-Assad said lashing out at the conspirators who are in the final phase of their conspiracies.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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