Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

Khalid Amayereh and brothers seeking different strategy to restore Palestinian rights

Rats desert a sinking ship
Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

“We argued repeatedly on these pages that the United States , whose policies and politics are tightly controlled by pro-Israeli pressure groups, consistently played a negative role in the enduring conflict. The US could have resolved the conflict fifty years ago, had it decided to use its resolve, will and power. However, consecutive American administrations chose to keep the conflict going for selfish American interests.” Wrote Khalid Amayereh, but he never thought to ask WHY?

Khalid Amayereh asked two questions.
1 – “Can this or any other administration force Israel to give up the occupation and return to the lines of the 4th of June, 1967? We would be fools if we answered this question in the affirmative?” he asked

I would say you would be fool, if, after fifty years, you are still not sure the any American administration would force Israel to give up the occupation and return to the lines of the 4th of June, 1967? 

2- “Does any American administration, present or prospective, have the audacity to confront the Jewish lobby which tightly controls Congress and the media and have tens of millions of evangelical Americans at its beck and call? Perhaps if we succeed in bringing Eisenhower back to life?” he asked.

Again, you would be fool if you think that Eisenhower, “brought back to life”, would be the same 1950’s Eisenhower. I wonder why you remember Eisenhower, and ignore Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev and his famous shoes. 

You Eisenhower just responded to the Soviet Union threat sent to Britain, France and Israel threatening to crush the aggressors and restore peace in the Middle East through the use of force.

“President Eisenhower’s reaction to these threats was that “if those fellows start something, we may have to hit ’em-and, if necessary, with everything in the bucket.”

“The United States subsequently joined the Soviet Union (ironically, just after the Soviets invaded Hungary) in a campaign to force Israel to withdraw.”

“Not only did Eisenhower had an election to fight in the next few months, but he did not want the West to lose influence in the Middle East…..”

“After Suez, the United States became the major Western power in the Middle East. The Eisenhower Doctrine of 1957 declared that the United States would distribute economic and military aid and, if necessary, use military force to stop the spread of communism in the Middle East.”

Eisenhower meeting, 1953.jpg

President Eisenhower in the Oval Office with Muslim delegates,
1953, after July revolution.
Said Ramadan, the Son in-law of Hassan Al-Bana the founder of
Brotherhood, is second from the right.

So, dear Khalid, your Eisenhower’s concern was losing the West influence in the Middle East which would pave the way for spread of communism in the Middle East.

As an Islamist, you should be aware that the relation of your Egypt brothers with Eisenhower goes back at least three years before 1956 crisis.

Your “Arab spring” brothers are seeking different strategy to govern, and they know, they can’t as long as Hamas is on the American “terrorist” list, so, Hamas has to come to terms.

Hamas, Palestine, and Aqsa was their lever to get elected, and get to negociation table with the pragmatic Americans.
In his meeting with Burns, Mursi, your fool Egypt brother, the head of the justice and development party, stressed the important role which can be played by the US Administration (Yeeh, in the American elections year) to resolve Palestinian crisis.

Your “fool brother” is “convinced” of the importance of USA-Egyptian relations, but “these relations must be based on equilibrium” he called on Washington to reconsider its accounts and change its policies in accodance with spring Arab revolutions.

I don’t think, Mursi is fool, he knows that one of the major Syrian problems with America is “Terrorist” Hamas, besides “terrorist” Hezbollah, and the stratigic relation with Iran, the mother of “terrorism”. Your brother, Mursi, blamed Burns for the US Administration patiance and called for a “clearer position towards systematic murder against Syrian people”.

Your brothers called and still calling Hamas to leave Damascus, though they know there is no other save heaven. Hamad was right in saying: the your Egypt brothers not be able to protect Hamas as an armed resistance.

“Hamas ended as the movement of armed resistance. Hamas exit from Damascus, which has become confirmed will put an end to hamas as a resistance movement. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will not be able to protect Hamas as an armed resistance movement because of the Camp David and Egyptian army presence and the large economic vulnerability in Egypt as well as the Egyptian society is not psychological ready for going to war on the border with Palestine, moreover the Jordan brothers can’t embrace Hamas because Jordan cannot bear this burden.”

Despite Hamas’s denying its intention to leave Damascus Jordanian premier Awn Al-Khasawne had recently said that his government was pondering allowing Hamas cadres and their families to live in Jordan on condition that they would not get involved in any political activity or open an office in Amman”.

Only a fool would expect Jordan or Egypt would host hamas as an armed resistance movement, which will be considered a sever violation to the peace treaties. only a fool would expect America mad at Hamas presence in Damascus would forgive Hamas presence in Jordan (60% of the population arePalestinians), the closest place to West Bank.

We heard many times about that Mishaal would visit Jordan, and we heard Hamas claiming that his planed visit is personal, but today Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, confirmed that Hamas is seaking presence in Jordan to maintain close contacts with the Palestine cause. “Hamas would never act in a way threatening the political, military, or economic interests of Jordan” he promossed. Hamas can find a place in any other area in the world” Salah Al-Bardawil claimed. Where Mr. Bardawil???
And Erdogan is right in Saying after meeting Haneya  Peace cannot be achieved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if Hamas is excluded from the process.

I would say, Haniyeh’s Visit to Qatar was cancelled, because Qatar can’t welcome him as a resistance leader saying:

“We promise ….we will not cede a single part of Palestine, we will not cede Jerusalem, we will continue to fight and we will not lay down our arms,”

Mr. Amayereh is seeking a different strategy to restore the palestinian rights, without caring to tell us anything about his strategy, and what is the the rights he wants to restore!!!

Mr. Amayereh claimed that the so-called “Arab spring” is a great asset for Palestinian cause. No sir, it is not, what happened in both Egypt and Tunis (I will not talk about Libya spring) was a military coup by two armies funded and armed by the USA, upon the orders of the USA, otherwise, explain to me why your Syrian “spring” failed in Syria. It failed because the Syrian army is neither funded, nor armed, nor loyal to the USA.   

Sixty years after Eisenhower, we are in a similar situation, Syria, the corner stone of the resistance axis is under a global attack lead by The USA, using the sons and grand sons of the old fools.
Today Syria before and after 10 months unrest is not saying “Perhaps if we succeed in bringing Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev back to life?”, not waiting Russia and China, nor even waiting Iran and Hezbollah, because Syrian is fighting its and their battle against the Empire.  

In 1950’s The war was with Egypt about Syria, today the war is with Syria, and about the new middle east, today the USA objective is not stop the spread of communism, its to stop the resistance and the resistance culture, that inspired the temporary halked Arab revolution. 

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride and Khalid Amayereh is seeking  a different strategy to restore his rights.


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