IOF Aresst Palestinian Speaker to prevent the PLC from convening

Dweik: I was arrested to prevent the PLC from convening

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Dr. Aziz Dweik, said on Friday that his arrest by the IOF aimed at stopping Palestinian reconciliation and to continue to disable the PLC.

Dr. Dweik added, in a letter he sent with his lawyer from the Ofer military prison, that the IOF arrested him to stop the PLC convening in early February as was planned.

He called on PA President Mahmoud Abbas to call the PLC to convene and to open it for West Bank members of the PLC to discuss the occupation’s breaches against representatives of the Palestinian people and take necessary measures.

The PA in Ramallah kept the PLC gates closed since the split between Fatah and Hamas took place and it was hoped that as the reconciliation starts taking effect the PLC will be able to function as normal as possible despite the fact that over 20 lawmakers are jailed by the Israeli occupation.

Dr. Dweik was detained on Thursday evening by IOF troops at the Jaba’ roadblock near Ramallah while on his way with his family to his home in al-Khalil.

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Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday Palestinian Parliament Speaker Aziz Dweik in the West Bank.

Dweik, a senior politician and a member of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, was arrested at an army checkpoint, his chief of staff, Bhaa Youssef, told Agence France Press.

The arrest happened in Jaba between Ramallah and Jerusalem as Dr Dweik was travelling by car to Hebron, Youssef added.

Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded Dr Dweik before taking him to an unknown destination.

The Zionist entity has confirmed the arrest, with Israeli border troops claiming Dweik was detained for “involvement in terrorist activities”.

Occupation forces have targeted Dweik before. In 2006, after Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas during a cross-border raid, the Zionist entity arrested Dweik and others and kept him in jail for nearly three years.

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya demanded the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah city to halt its peace talks with the Israeli occupation state in response to its kidnapping of legislative council speaker Aziz Dweik.

In his Friday Khutba (sermon), premier Haneyya described the kidnapping of Aziz Dweik as a crime and called for responding to it through allowing the Palestinian legislative council to convene in the West Bank.

The premier also condemned the PA’s talks with Israel as failed and frivolou, and said Palestinians should not shake hands with Israelis who kidnap their legitimate representatives.
He stressed that the PA should be serious about achieving national reconciliation with its rivals and end its security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.
In another context, premier Haneyya received in his house on Friday afternoon a delegation from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, and occupied Jerusalem who came to express their support for Gaza people and their legitimate leadership.
Haneyya hailed the Arab peoples for their ongoing support for Gaza people, especially during the hegemony of some tyrants over their countries.

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