Telling the Truth–‘The Most Revolutionary Activity of our Time’

Speech by Ken O’Keefe, February 23, Middlesex University–Israeli Apartheid Week

Here is my lecture last week at Middlesex University. The one with our friendly Zionists. Watch the video to see what they reckon I should be jailed for; ‘incitement’ they call it. I would have to agree that telling the truth is the most revolutionary activity of our time and the UK police have already arrested me once on bogus pretences so we shall see. Either way so be it, in life, death or in prison I will not be silent, we will not be silent, no matter what they do to me, there will be justice. TJP
Middlesex University: Sponsored by Free Palestine Society & Interpal
Israeli Apartheid Week

February 23, 2012

–Ken O’Keefe

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‘With AIPAC breathing heavily down the Hill’s neck, a Senate ‘bill’ takes aim at Iran!’


“…A proposed Senate resolution, supported by the pro-Israel lobby, would shift America’s red line in dealing with Iran from preventing the Islamic Republic’s acquisition of nuclear weapons to stopping it before it achieves “nuclear capabilities.” Authors of the resolution believe that it is the only way to ensure that Iran ceases to be a threat to the region. 

Opponents see it as moving America too close to a declaration of war. … In an attempt to highlight diplomacy and make clear that war was not a preferred solution, Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina began circulating a letter in the House of Representatives, calling on the administration to do everything in its power to avoid war. “We’re not saying we should take military options off the table, we’re saying we should try to negotiate before bombs start flying,” Ellison said in a February 17 interview with the Forward. “We need to talk until we reach the conclusion that it cannot be solved, but I believe we can reach an agreement.”

The letter is backed by dovish Jewish groups Americans for Peace Now and J Street, which also worked to try and change the language of the Senate resolution introduced by senators Graham, Lieberman and Casey. “It has been a long time since we tried negotiating with Iran, and it will be foolish not to use this tool,” said Dylan Williams, director of government affairs at J Street.
But attention will turn in the coming weeks to other voices on this issue. AIPAC intends to have delegates participating in its annual conference lobby for the Senate resolution when they meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill.

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Free Hanaa Shalabi, end administrative detention

Posted by on February 29, 2012
by Mahmoud El-Yousseph, source
Hanaa Shalabi is on hunger strike. She is a Palestinian female political prisoner from the village of Burgin near Jenin. She was kidnapped from her home on February 16, 2012 by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the middle of the night.

Hanna’s family was ordered outside the house, she was blindfolded and handcuffed. All cell phones and computers in the house were confiscated and a photograph of her brother hanging on the wall, who was killed by IOF in 2005, was torn up and stepped upon by one of the soldiers. Hanaa was also beaten and sexually harassed by the IOF.

Her attorney stated, “she is demanding the end of administrative detention and that the soldiers who beat her up and undressed her to carry out a body search be put on trial.”

Administrative detention is a procedure that allows the Israeli military to hold prisoners indefinitely on secret evidence without charging them or allowing them to stand trial. Hanaa was ordered to serve administrative detention for six months in the HaSharon prison. As of this writing, Hanaa has entered her 13th day of an open-ended hunger strike and is currently being held in solitary confinement. Latest reports indicate that Israeli prison officials have moved her to different prison to cut off any contact with the outside world.

This young lady has been in administrative detention before, totaling 2 1/2 years starting in March, 2009 where she served for 6 consecutive terms. Hanaa was among the freed Palestinian prisoners who were released in October 2011 under the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel. However, this time Israel has reneged and rearrested her as it did in previous prisoner exchange deals. For example, in November 1983, Palestinian prisoner Ziad Abu Ain was supposed to be part of a prisoner release deal, but was rearrested on the bus containing those who were about to be released.

I will never forget that prisoners ‘exchange deal of Thanksgiving Day 1983. My younger brother Samih was among the freed prisoners, after spending 18 months in an Israeli concentration camp in south Lebanon. He was kidnapped by IOF while visiting our family with his German wife and 5 year-old daughter, Carmen. Throughout his captivity, neither our mother, his wife, Carmen nor our oldest brother was permitted to visit him, even though he was being held merely 20 miles away.

While lobbying in the US to secure his release, Israeli officials first denied holding him, then they admitted he was in Ansar prison camp, held on terrorism charges. When I refuted their false allegation, I was told he has committed a crime in Germany. However, after German officials denied this false claim, the Israeli Attorney General arrogantly stated on public record that under Israeli law, Israel can prosecute people for committing a crime in different countries. This was a clear flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty of Germany.

According to Aldemeer, there are 25 members of the Palestine National Council, including the Speaker of the Parliament, who are among 5,000 Palestinians held captive in Israeli dungeons. This includes 6 women, 166 children and 320 “administrative detainees.”

According to Palestinian prisoner solidarity sites, over 20,000 administrative detention orders were issued since 2000 by the Israeli occupation authority. On February 24, 2012, the 320 Palestinian administrative detainees held captive without charge or trial declared a boycott of Israeli military courts. This boycott is to start on March 1 in protest of these sham courts that are used by the Israeli occupation army and Israeli intelligence as a cover for illegal detention based on “secret” files and lack of indictment.

One week after Hanaa’s kidnapping, her 67 year-old parents started an open-ended hunger stirke in a tent set up in front of the family home in support of their daughter’s struggle for freedom and in protest of her illegal detention. Her father, Yahya Shalabi, promised that they will continue the hunger-strike until the release of their daughter and the abolishment of administrative detention.

Hanaa Shalabi and her parents put themselves against overwhelming odds. They have the moral courage to challenge Israel’s injustice no matter what. This is a dignified family with deep conviction, who are standing firm and tall beyond anyone’s expectation. I know from experience that Israel does respond when its image and reputation is on the line. Therefore, I urge everyone who reads this to help in anyway then can to expose Israeli injustice. if not by deeds, by praying in your heart that Hanaa Shalabi will be set free and for the end of Administrative Detention.

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British Lord forced to resign after "Israel will not last" claim

A British Lord has been forced to resign from her party after saying that Israel would not last forever if it continued to oppress the Palestinians.

Jenny Tonge, a former MP for the Liberal Democrats, which is the junior partner in the British government, made the comments in a speech at a British university.

“Beware Israel,” she said. “Israel is not going to be there for ever in its present form. One day, the United States of America will get sick of giving £70bn a year to Israel to support what I call America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East – that is Israel. One day, the American people are going to say to the Israel lobby in the USA: enough is enough.”

She added: “Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown.”

Tonge’s comments were seized upon by the powerful right-wing British blog Guido Fawkes, which launched a campaign calling for her to be fired from the party.

Tonge was heavily criticized by all British political parties, with the leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband saying there was “No place in politics for those who question existence of the state of Israel.”

Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg demanded she apologize but Tonge, a long-time supporter of Palestinian freedom, refused to do so and resigned instead.

As a result, Tonge will remain a peer but will not sit with the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords.
Tonge was previously fired from her shadow Cabinet role in 2004 after claiming she could identify with Palestinian suicide bombers.

“If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself,” she said.

“Having seen the violence and the humiliation and the provocation that the Palestinian people live under everyday and have done since their land was occupied by Israel, I could understand…”


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‘Strategic’ Fuad Siniora: "Moscow & Beijing’s positions are influenced by domestic politics but they will change soon!"

Svia FLC

‘Tearful’ Fuad predicted Assad’s downfall & triumph of March14 in Lebanon last …August!
‘Ring around the Rosie…’
“… “The Syrian problem became a domestic issue in Russia. It is part of the election campaign … adding that Russia might be “ready to discuss business in a more pragmatic way” after the vote. 

Unlike Russia, which has a naval base on the Syrian coast and sells arms to Damascus, China has little commercial interest in shielding Assad from criticism, Siniora said.
Siniora said China had balked at U.N. condemnation of Assad because of concerns over potential criticism of its own domestic record, including in Tibet. But in the long term he said it was not in Beijing’s interest to side with the Syrian leader.
“It is not in the interests of the Iranian regime to continue hammering on having Lebanon and Syria as their client countries,” Siniora said.
“This is not a sustainable relationship and this will lead towards furthering the confrontation in the region.”

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The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC

Recommended by Maidhc Ó Cathail

By Grant Smith
February 28, 2012

AIPAC’s Washington policy conference next month is drawing intense scrutiny and unprecedented resistance. AIPAC has worked quietly for years to tripwire the United States into war with Iran. Soon it will “ask” Congress and the president to define “nuclear weapons capability” as the threshold for war, essentially demanding an immediate attack. Because Iran presents no military threat to the United States, many Americans wonder exactly where such costly and potentially disastrous policies are formulated. Recently declassified FBI files reveal how Israeli government officials first orchestrated public relations and policies through the U.S. lobby. Counter-espionage investigations of proto-AIPAC’s first coordinating meetings with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the head of Mossad provide a timely and useful framework for understanding how AIPAC continues to localize and market Israeli government policies in America.

Although AIPAC claims it rose “from a small pro-Israel public affairs boutique in the 1950s,” its true origin can be traced to Oct. 16, 1948. This is the date AIPAC’s founder Isaiah L. Kenen and four others established the Israel Office of Information under Israel’s U.N. mission. It was later moved under the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The IOI opened offices in New York City, Washington, and Los Angeles, which became testbeds for working out how Israeli government leaders would promote lobbying initiatives through public relations harnessing the power and financial support of American organizations and supporters. Although the FBI nervously noted IOI founder Kenen had become a member of the Communist Party in 1937 while working as a newspaperman at the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, he was never the subject of a criminal investigation. Only because Kenen interacted with so many U.S. and foreign nationals who were targets of espionage, foreign counter-intelligence, and domestic security investigations (such as super-lobbyist Abraham Feinberg, Israeli diplomats, and assorted Mossad officers) did Kenen’s movements appear as cross-references in hundreds of pages of recently declassified FBI documents [.pdf].
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German Presidency and the Israeli factor

Though, German Presidency is ‘ceremonial’ – German Presidents are expected to have moral power – like the Israeli Presidents (just joking!). On February 15, German President Christian Wulff, 51, was forced to resign for being accused of corruption before becoming head of state in 2010 as Israel-Firster Chancellor Angela Markel’s choice. Wulff is accused of receiving financial and other (?) favors from his supporters while he was Governor of lower Saxony state. Chancellor Angela Markel was quick to appoint Joachim Gauck, 72, as interim President till new election in March. The selection of the new President will be made by 1,240 public figures including all MPs.

If one study ‘morality’ of the great majority of the western political leaders from some objective source, he will find that Wulff did not commit moral wrong-doing.

On Monday, German Opposition Die Linke (Left Party) nominated Beate Klarsfeld, 73, as its candidate for the Presidency. Beate Klarsfeld’s qualification is that she is a Jewish Nazi witch hunter who became famous for tracking down Nazi official Klaus Barbie in Bolivia where he was working for German intelligence BND and CIA with the help of Israeli Mossad. In 1983, Klaus was arrested and extradited to France where he died of leukemia in 1991 in a French jail serving a life sentence. She believes that denial of “The Six Million Died”, and criticism of Zionism or Israel is ‘anti-Semitism’.
Former Jewish French foreign minister, Dr. Bernard Kouchner, while called Klaus Barbie mass-killer – went to Romania in his private jet in 2010 to plead for mercy for his fellow Zionist Jew, Roman Polanski, serving jail for sexually molesting a child. Earlier in 1996 Kouchner had slammed his friend, pastor Abbe Pierre, for endorsing French philosopher Roger Garaudy’s controversial book, ‘The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics‘. The author who later converted to Islam, was fined $40,000. France’s Chief Rabbi, Joseph Sitruk, was also irked by the book and said the Holocaust was a proven fact and not open to debate.

The Left Party is known for its pro-Israel, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration campaigns. Last year, Left Party banned its MPs and employees from joining German flotilla to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. The party also called for end to boycott of Israel and criticized groups and countries calling for “Israel to be wiped off map”.

Even though, Beate Klarsfeld, who was convicted in 1969 for slapping then Chancellor Kurt Goerg Keisinger, has no chance to beat veteran anti-communist Joachim Gauck who is supported by Markel’s ruling party and two other opposition parties in the Bundestag (parliament) – the pro-Israel Jewish propagandists have started a smear campaign against pastor Joachim Gauck.

Joachim Gauck has been blamed for his anti-Semitic views in the past. The allegations include Gauck’s backing of both ‘The Black Book of Communism‘ and the ‘Prague Declaration’ – and believing that Holocaust is being exploited by certain Jewish groups and Israel.

Gauck has spoken out against what he calls an over valuing – “Überhöhung” of the Holocaust – aggressively insisting that the worst genocide in human history has to be judged alongside the crimes of various communist regimes. Gauck argues that modernity has lost its religious, read: Christian foundation. Therefore non-believers, he says, acquire a “psychological benefit” from the Holocaust, because it provides something absolute and quasi-religious. This antisemitic trope – the Shoah as religion – is a favourite right wing tactic and features heavily in the writings of anti-Zionist activists like editor of The Black Book of Communism, the former Maoist Stéphane Courtois, who asserts that Israel benefits from the claim that the Holocaust was un unprecedented crime,” says Chris Hale, a German TV producer and a Zionist writer.

Germany is home to Western Europe’s second largest Muslim population (4 million) after France (6-8 million).

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