What Hamas wants? Whatever you try, today, you will not get a Hamas clear answer to the Question: Is Qatar and Saudi are supported resistance? Or others?

What  Hamas wants? 

Fidaa’ Itani 

Shortly before, one of the top leaders of Hamas visited Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. During the long dialogue, The Hamas Leader advised Hezbollah to follow Hamas steps to avoid somewhat the negative repercussions of events in Syria on the image of the party and its Secretary General, and let the wave of revolutions in the Arabic region pass without negative repercussions on resistance movements.

Of course, the answer the Secretary General came consistent with what has already been announced across media, and elaborated on the details and explained to guest, Hezbollah reviews on what is going on in Syria, but those reviews does not abrogate the Fundamentals of the ongoing conflict in Syria and the region.

Hamas can, for its part, look at things in a completely different way. Her account of events has different context, and different platforms, and different vision. Though it is difficult today to obtain direct and frank dialogue for publication with the Hamas leaders and cadres, however, the logic of Hamas vision can be deduced from the dialogues with the cadres, and cadres and the commander’s dialogues with other political parties.

UNSC on Syria (UN)

First: Hamas did not see in what is happening in the Arabic region and in Syria uprisings or conspiracies, or simply foreign intervention leading to revolutions. Hamas (the majority of its leadership) believe the name of what is happening in the Arabic region, and Syria is «revolutions». What’s today in Syria is revolution, not riot, sabotage and protests and an insurrection, but literally «revolution».

Second: The revolutions in Arabic region is not a result of a Western conspiracy, in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya the Blur situation is natural blur as the case in all revolutions the revolution needs time and flipped itself several times, change its policies to the stage, before settling on the final state, so the Arabic revolutions need time before reaching its happy conclusions.

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

Third: It’s unfair to mark such revolutions as brotherhoods revolutions, or to say that the brotherhood carrying out western agenda, these revolutions are the result of local conditions, and the brothers aren’t the only ones of shaped or led it, though their role was prominent in most, but in return they will not monopolize power alone in any way. 


Muhammad Salem Awa, a leading Brother,
condemned the attack on Israel’s embassy.

At the end of the current blur situation, and after passing the compulsory revolutionary path, the end result will be positive for the Palestinian cause, the main concern for Hamas first. The positive indicators, namely the position of the peoples towards the Palestinian issue, are clear; the revolution emerged in search of freedom, after the Suppression and prevention of Arabic peoples from expressing its deep sympathy with the Palestinian cause, and defending of Islamic sanctities.


Hamas is a resistance movement, which arose to resist the Israeli occupation, and Liberate the land and holy places, from that basis it deals with the region around and retain its right to have political ties with various parties, but conversely Hamas is not regional player between parties, nor looking for intervention in Arab situations either of this or that State, although sometimes it plays «Assistant role in resolving internal conflicts»

Sixth: Hamas earlier and perhaps current positions on a number of brotherhood movements, both during the Lebanon crisis at some point after the assassination of Rafik Hariri, and the Lebanon’s Jamaa’ Islamiya position split that prevailed at that stage, and finally the Tunisia brotherhood remarks to Israeli radio. What governs the political position of Hamas is not seeking power as accuses by its opponents, but the main interest is the process of liberation the land.

All this, plus many other points could be added to clarify what Hamas wants. But putting the logic «reluctance» axis appear to create confusion among the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, which until near yesterday was keystone in this axis, which wasn’t mentioned without the name of its corners Iran, Syria and Hezbollah and Hamas inevitably. Hamas prefer today to say «our relationships are good with all parties, especially those who support our cause in resistance». Whatever you try, today, you will not get a Hamas clear answer to the Question: Is Qatar and Saudi are supported resistance? Or others? No answer, but definitely “We don’t trust «United States», the Hamas speaker will alerts you.

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