Hamas appeals its Brothers controlling Egypt parliament to urgently supply Gaza with the fuel need to operate the power station.

A question to Hamas brothers in Egypt’s parliament:

Would you say, sorry brothers we can’t, we respect Egypt’s international treaties and agreement. We are comitted to supply Israel with Gas and keep Gaza in the dark?

Inadequate fuel forces Gaza power station to shut down

[ 14/02/2012 – 04:07 PM ] 

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian authority of energy and natural resources said its power station, the vital source of electricity in the Gaza Strip, stopped operating after its fuel supplies ran out.
The Gaza power station’s management, which was generating 35 percent of the population’s electrical needs, had already warned that Gaza would plunge into darkness soon if fuel shipments were not allowed in.
Spokesman for the power authority Ahmed Abul-Omarain said on Tuesday that this crisis would result in a real humanitarian catastrophe, especially with regard to the medical services provided in hospitals.
He held Israel fully responsible for this power crisis and appealed to Egypt and its parliament to urgently supply Gaza with the fuel need to operate the power station.

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