Types of Souls

This is a rough translation -with some additions- of an Arabic poem of unknown author… I would like to share

There are People with volatile souls

They shine and rise at times,
but their glow fades away as they fall other times

They offer you bouquets of roses,
but they do not bother to remove the thorns

As soon as you pick up the rose, so beautiful,
it injures your fingertips

But the sweet scent helps you endure

You gaze at the person who gave it, you smile despite the pain

Those souls are weak, do not be stingy by withholding yourself
from holding them with your wounded hand

Walk with them to the end of the road

Be sure that they will never forget your kindness, ever

Your blood staining their hands will never fade away with passing of time

It will remain a witness to your purity!

There are people with child-like souls

They are like children even at sixty

Their smiles, their jokes, their curiosity, their actions, their lives, their colours

Every thing about them is child-like

You cannot resist falling in love with them

Such souls are beyond description

You probably feel grateful towards them

As with them you feel free to allow the child in you shine

With them, you leave behind all matters of concerns of the adult world

With them you sob over a piece of chocolate, snatched from you
you crack up flying on a seesaw or a swing

What is most delightful is that you can easily make them happy
a smile and a little doll make them feel they own the world

How wonderful are children

How wonderful are people with child-like souls

There are people with pure souls

In their company, you radiate with deep appreciation

With them you don’t feel inferior, nor superior

They never hit you with a glance of hatred, jealousy or contempt

Never gaze at you with anger

Never attempt to harm you

To the contrary

They always embrace you

With all the warmth of the cosmos

From within the tenderness of your soul, they embroider gardens of hope

In their heart, lies the honesty and truth of the entire world

May Allah be pleased with them

There are people with warm souls

In their company you cannot but love

You love them, you love to be near them

You love their voices

You love their beauty

You wish you could protect them with your own soul

You wish you could remove all their pain

Even your selfishness loves them

You keep praying, praying, praying

that you would be reunited with them eternally

There are people with ordinary souls

Maybe .. you call them so, because you don’t know them

But be assured, that even those

Their souls must have a gift of some sort

Try to discover it

There are people with wrathful souls

In the vastness of their existence, there is never satisfaction nor contentment

When you come close to them, the misery of the entire world would grow inside you, engulf you

Nothing satisfies their hunger

Nothing fills their void

Nothing surpasses their arrogance

Nothing curtails their greed

Nothing pleases them

Nothing gives them tranquility

But they cannot be content with that

They try to push you to view the world through their dark glasses

Stay away from them… away… away

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