Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem

Finally Khalid Amayereh got it

“Some Jewish circles are trying to ignite the flames of war in our region so that Israel will reap strategic benefits. Israel strives day and night to incite the West, particularly its guardian-ally the United States, to wage war on Iran. The draconian sanctions against Iran must be understood in the context of the overall Zionist entity to Muslim peoples.” He finally admitted, but failed to tell his reader why the Jewish circles ignite the flames of war in our region and why against Iran?

I have to remind him that the Zionist global war is already waged against Iran, Hezbollah and Syria and in Syria using him and his brothers in Turkey and Islamists in every Arab country.

“Pro-Israeli circles are also instigating Washington against the Arab Spring, including recently-elected Islamic movements in Egypt and Tunisia.” he claimed, while his Islamists “Spring” are preparing to meet tomorrow in Tunis not for Jerusalem but to conspire against Iran and Syria.

“The same Zionist circles have been communicating a virulent and vindictive message to Western governments that as far as Israel is concerned, maintaining secular but tyrannical governments in the region in power, even if they fill the ether with anti-Israeli rhetoric (HE MENT SYRIA) is much preferable to Islamic democratic movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood” he added
“This is why Israel , not Iran or any other country, should be viewed as Islam’s and Muslim’s ultimate enemy.” he said “I am not saying that Iran is perfect, but at the very least the Iranians are not trying to demolish the Aqsa Mosque and ethnically cleans the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.”

Iran is not perfect, not trying to demolish the Aqsa Mosque,

Should I remind this Islamist shitty head that the first thing Iran did after the revolution? The Israeli Embassy in Tehran, who launched Alquds day…..

Turkey is perfect, his Brothers are perfect, at the very they are keeping Palestinians under siege and in the dark to prevent Israel from ethnically cleansing them from their ancestral homeland

“Having said that, I believe that the protection of Islam’s holy places in Jerusalem is the direct responsibility of every Muslim under the sun. Muslims, governments and individuals, must always do their part in shouldering this immense responsibility”

“Key Muslim governments must put this issue at the forefront of their foreign policy priorities. Muslim governments, especially those having diplomatic relations with the apartheid Israeli regime, such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and others are urged to seriously raise the matter with Israeli ambassadors.”

LOL, Khalid Amayerh, is not uring his Muslim government having diplomatic relations with the apartheid Israeli regime to raise the matter with Israeli ambassadors and if they don’t, Burhan Ghalyoun and his Syrian Brothers will do it, they will establish diplomatic relations with Israel and will raise the Matter with the Israel Ambassador.

Mr Amayereh is not “talking about mere chummy chats and diplomatic pleasantries that would take us nowhere. We rather expect serious and strongly-worded protests against the recurrent Zionist provocations against one of Islam’s most important holy places. Zionist ambassadors must be given the impression that Muslim countries can’t and won’t maintain diplomatic relations with the apartheid entity while aggressions of various forms continue unabated against Muslim holy places.”

Mr. Amayereh is not so optimistic “Unfortunately, the Muslims’ record in this regard is not very encouraging. This is why Israel never really got the impression that Muslim governments,” He admitted “especially secular” Muslim” governments, don’t really accord paramount attention to the issue.”

Khalid Ameyereh is talking about Secular “Muslim” Syria, who in fact consider that evey square centimeter of Arabic land is holy as Al-aqsa.

However, Amayereh, still “hope that “the new Islamist-dominated parliaments in both Tunisia and Egypt would at least devote a special session to discuss Jewish threats to the Aqsa mosque.”

The Islamist-dominated parliament in Egypt will devote a session to discuss (What?) the American threat to cut the USAID, the bribe given to Sadat for Egypt independence and Palestinian rights.

MR. Ameyereh “still hope that Islamist or quasi-Islamist governments in the region will display real vigilance in this regard.”

They, the congress of Syria ENEMIES, will. What? Display tomorrow real vigilance in regime change in Syria.

Amayereh, ended is piece of shit saying: “We have to raise our voices because the world doesn’t hear let alone listen to those who are silent or have feeble voices”

The world never heard and will never hear your prey whether strong or feeble.
The world only listens to resistance. YES, “we have to be strong because our world has been transformed into a virtual jungle” using you and your brothers to crush the respected resistance axis and last Arab fort.

While your brothers are meeting to arrange a global march to Damascus, descent people, Muslims and no-Muslims are calling for a Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem.

Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem

by The Editor

from Paul Larudee

Today, the world has a chance to stop an ethnic cleansing project in Jerusalem that has been under way since at least 1967, and, in the larger context, for more than a century. The fact that the city is sacred to 4 billion Christians, Muslims and Jews seems to have made little difference. In fact, the West – and especially the U.S. – have been accomplices in this crime.

It is called “Judaisation,” which apparently does not carry the same stigma as “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “segregation,” and other terms that have been used to describe the elimination of one people in favour of another. It should. Racist policies by any name are equally despicable.

Unfortunately, racism against Palestinians is protected by law and even encouraged in Jerusalem today. Most of the city’s housing is off limits to them, and the remaining Palestinian property is routinely denied building permits and adequate public services. Many of the existing homes are under demolition orders.

Israel makes no secret of its definition of “Judaisation.” Its stated goal is to reduce the percentage of Palestinians in Jerusalem from 37% to 30%, and preferably even less.

Population reduction? Ethnic cleansing? The difference isn’t even semantic, and there’s no way to do it that respects human decency.

Thus, when “archaeological digs” undermine the foundations of Palestinian homes in the Silwan section of the city, demolition orders are issued, rather than building permits to shore up the houses. No need to reflect on where the inhabitants will go, as long as the Palestinian presence is diminished.
Besides, Israel considers Palestinian inhabitants merely “residents” and not citizens, whether the families have lived in the city a hundred or a thousand years, while Jewish immigrants are welcome if they came only yesterday. It then expels thousands of these unwanted “residents” every year by denying them work and education and then finding that their work and education outside the area no longer entitles them to live in the city.

Israel also builds illegal subsidized Jewish-only housing on Palestinian land by first confiscating the land, then offering it to Jews on attractive terms, while denying it to Palestinians. Next, a wall is built, effectively separating the preexisting Palestinian communities from the rest of the city, and making it difficult or impossible for them to go to the jobs, schools and family members that used to be only a few steps away.

Finally, the mayor of the city, Nir Barakat, announced on Dec. 26, 2011 that he was effectively disenfranchising 70,000 Palestinians living on the “wrong” side of the wall, by revoking their Jerusalem “residency” with the stroke of a pen. Such is the creativity of Israel’s ethnic cleansing techniques (and of the choice of date for such announcements).

In this case, however, the world has decided not to look the other way. Hundreds of community organizations in dozens of countries spanning the globe have decided to participate in a massive Global March to Jerusalem on March 30, 2012. The march is being organized by Palestinians and their supporters representing communities throughout all of Palestine, the surrounding countries and the diaspora, with participation by solidarity organizations around the world. It commemorates Palestinian Land Day, when Israeli forces killed six Palestinians, wounded more than 100, and arrested hundreds more in 1976, while they were peacefully protesting the confiscation of thousands of dunams of Palestinian land from Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The intention is to march from many starting points and converge on Jerusalem, either reaching that destination or getting as close to it as possible. Although nonviolent resistance has a long history in Palestine, this is the first time the entire Palestinian community has mobilized in a massive nonviolent action since the Palestinian general strike of 1936.

Is this the equivalent of a Palestinian Tahrir Square? Or a civil rights March on Washington? History will be the judge, but a key element will be the support and participation of solidarity groups throughout the world. Accordingly, regional associations have been formed in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and other regions. These associations are helping to form delegations that will participate side by side with the marchers in Palestine and neighboring countries, and will facilitate marches and demonstrations in the major cities of their home countries. Many of them have established regional websites and social media to coordinate these functions.

The dream of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement has been an irresistible sea of humanity exercising its rights in defiance of all efforts to stop it. Neither the organizers nor the participants expect that all of the participants will reach Jerusalem on the first try, nor that Palestinian rights will suddenly be realized on the day following the march. However, we are hopeful that it will mark a major shift toward an inexorable popular demand to restore all human rights for all Palestinians and to put an end to the “Judaisation” ethnic cleansing project in Palestine that has stained human history for more than a century.

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