‘Saudi Arabia Is Arming the Syrian Opposition’

‘Saudi Arabia Is Arming the Syrian Opposition’


“…According to news reports confirmed by a member of the Syrian opposition, Riyadh currentlysends weapons on an ad hoc basis to the Syrian opposition by way of Sunni tribal allies in Iraq and Lebanon. But in light of recent developments, more weapons are almost certainly on their way. After his delegation withdrew in frustration from last week’s Friends of Syria meeting in Tunisia, Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister, said that humanitarian aid to Syria was “not enough” and that arming the Syrian rebels was an “excellent idea.” Soon afterward, anunnamed official commented in the state-controlled Saudi press that Riyadh sought to provide the Syrian opposition with the “means to achieve stability and peace and to allow it the right to choose its own representatives.” Meanwhile,Saudi clerics are now openly calling for jihad in Syria and scorning those who wait for Western intervention. One prominent unsanctioned cleric, Aidh al-Qarni, openly calls for Assad’s death.
Other Sunni Gulf states, principally Qatar, may be contributing weapons… The positions of other regional actors are less clear. But whether or not they supply weapons to the Free Syrian Army — the armed opposition composed of defectors and local militia — all these Sunni states now want the Assad regime to crumble…
For the Saudis, depriving the Russians of a Middle Eastern toehold is an added bonus. The two countries share a long-standing animus… But the Saudis didn’t simply counter communism. They fueled a generation of zealous Islamist fighters who later caused bigger problems elsewhere. These Islamists were instrumental to the Saudis after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in December 1979. Inspired by the strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islam and armed with Saudi funds and weapons, Arab mujahideen poured into Afghanistan….
A lot, of course, has changed…. Tartus, the second-largest port in Syria, has been the cornerstone of Russian-Syrian naval cooperation since the 1970s. In the past decade, the Russians have doubled down with improvements and investments in what is their primary Mediterranean toehold…. The Saudis know that if Syria falls, Tartus falls with it. That’s one more reasons to send arms to the opposition.
U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration continues to express deep misgivings about sending weapons, … But the Saudis have run out of patience. They now unabashedly advocate for arming the Free Syrian Army.
This is not an empty threat. The Saudis know how to procure and move weapons, and they have no shortage of cash. If Riyadh wants to arm the opposition, armed it shall be. And those who receive the weapons will likely be at least amenable to the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam that has spawned dangerous Islamist movements worldwide….
The Iranians and Russians may yet pay a price for propping up Assad in Syria. But if the Saudis have their way, the world may pay a price too.”
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   


laura stuart said…

There are some Palestinians amongst my friends who say that Assad has helped them, this is true. But success will never come for the Muslims by expecting a solution from a deviant sect like the Shia. Success for the Palestinians will only come from Allah s.w.t. and the Palestinians of all people should know that there is no solution from any other power.
8:53 am, March 01, 2012 

uprooted Palestinian said…

I am sure Laura have read my comment on her post What About Syria?

on the wrong place. I wonder why”

I am sure she will read my new comment, and I hope she would comment here underthis post

3:25 pm, March 02, 2012 

Peter said…

Shame on you “laura Stuart”!
Calling Shia a deviant sect?! (reveals the divide and conquer strategy of the neo colonial/neo-imperial mind set.)
I am being polite, because calling Shia a deviant sect is deeply criminal. But hey, criminality is what defines the neo liberal neo conservative death cult that sent you to deliver this message of hate.
My immdeiate reaction is you play the role of the “Bride of Frankenstein” since your creator cowers in some MI6, Mossad, or Army/Naval Intelligence gay party house in Marseille or Naples.
Run along and play dear cuz the death cult that pays you hates you more then anyone else. They are the ultimate misogynists , but I am sure you are ignorant of this.It’s a pity how you are being used, some day soon they will throw you over their shoulder for someone else.(use them awhile then it’s over the shoulder)
9:35 pm, March 04, 2012 
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