Lieberman wants to help the Syrians!

Lieberman wants to help the Syrians!

By Khalid Amayreh

The criminally eccentric Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has apparently undergone an altruistic metamorphosis. This week, he was quoted as saying the Nazi-like state would help Syrian refugees who might be fleeing government repression.

This is really beyond Chutzpah. I am not going to say “charity begins at home” or invoke similar clichés, lest I inadvertently accord his remarks a dignity they don’t deserve.

But Zionist charity is an existential oxymoron. Indeed, for a country that was established on a foundation of oppression, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and continues to torment and persecute millions of people whose only “guilt” is their being non-members in the exclusive Jewish club, it is beyond chutzpah to cynically use the Syrian tragedy to score some public relation points. It is true that images of pornographic violence keep coming out from Syria . But this doesn’t exonerate or vindicate the Zionist entity, whose very existence is the mother of all evils in the region.

Israel is simply too ugly, too filthy and too criminal to be given the benefit of any doubt, and no amount of public relations cosmetics could an inherently ugly face look pretty.

To put it simply, Israel can not fool the world by this game of make believe where by the Jewish state behaves like the Gestapo and SS and wehrmacht in Gaza while trying to mimic Mother Teresa, depending on PR considerations.”


Unfortunatly, Mr. Amayereh, your “smart” brothers, who followed the steps of Lebanese forces and Lebanon’s southern army, are helping and colaborating with Israel and Israeli puppets. Having lost their “Fort” in Bab Amro, their only save heaven would be nowhere other than the nazi-like Israel, and may be the puppet regime in Turkey.   


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