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If you want the ‘true” Story Behind Damascus ‘False Flag’ Bombing Caught on Camera, Egypt NGO’s check Dr. Ashraf Izat.
Mainstream Media keeps al-Qaeda Myth Alive. he wrote, consequently Al-qaeda, the CIA creation, never exisited, after liberation of Afghanistan, niether in Iraq, nor in Syria and Yeman.

Also if you want the truth about Egypt NGO’s check Dr. Ashraf Izat, they are freedom fighters, and not a CIA, NED, creations, funded to spread democracy.

Laura StuartOn the opposite side, if you want the ‘true” Story Behind Syria unrest, don’t hesitste, go to “Sister” Laura Stuart, at deLiberation and watch her God”brother” Sheikh Arifi, and Al-Qurni.

Her Palestinian friend told her tha Assad helped palestinians, but he is deviant and her God told here Success will never come from deviant“,  so “Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli”

And if you want to know about the justice in  ‘Qatar“, the cave of the champion “Islam”, “democracy” and “Arab Spring” who has lived in exile in Qatar for many years and spoke out during the revolutions, Egypt, Libya and has issued a warning to stop the injustice action towards Syrian nationals who staged a protest against the ongoing “Massacre” in Homs, (but some wish to deny) and listen Syrian “Propaganda” exposing CNN and Al-Jazeerah “TRUTH”

If you want the truth about most “peacfull spring”, go to VT, in particullar to Gordon Duff, and his Sabr Nourideen of redress, however, in case you want to know about the still ongoing libyan “spring” never, ever visit both sites, the Libyan file is closed since Sabr left the scene after the capture of Kadafi, leaving the stage for hilary, to Come, and see

To sum up, in case you want to know about good news for Palestinians, and the great impact of the “Arab Spring”, the great asset for Palestinian cause, never, ever miss “Brother” Khalid Amayereh, in particular this one: 
“The Syrian regime must change, or it will b e changed”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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