From Papa AMR to Toulouse … The story of the French Alliance with Al-Qaeda …

I don’t know why he killed him, the could have waited another day and caught him alive…..but somebody wanted him dead.
محمد مراح This is the impression of a French ex-military personal in an interview with him on the events in France this week and the professional assassinations that killed three servicemen from Maghreb origin and four Jews in a school near Toulouse in the South of the country.
Away from political statements of the French President and the electoral exploitation of this crime commited by those who never shot a bullet in Palestine. It must be remembered that Muhammad MRAH and his companions-in-arms are the new allies of France, Sarkozy and Juppe. They ruled Libya with French help in the Security Council and its aircraft in the sky. There communities receive full French care. Tens of it were sent to change the regime in Syria, the Libyan way. It is not a secret in areas in France where Salafi mosques exists Dozens went for Jihad in Syria.
These groups and these mosques currently enjoy a Qatari Gold Sponsorship at both financial and political levels, where hundreds of millions poured on these mosques to attract followers and political patronage while France provide political and legal protection aimed at disturbing the Algerian authorities because Algerian community constitute the largest number of of Muslims in France, and it is likely that Muhammad MRAH himself was a draft “Mujahid” for Syria before getting out of the context of the Alliance for reasons to be known when future Wikileaks documents are released.

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