Palestinians Prepare for Palestine Land Day… Zionists Prepare for Crackdown

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Returning to Jerusalem

Countdown starts by Eslam al-Rihani, Al Manar

Palestinians all over Palestine, as well as the Palestinian Diaspora, are preparing for the Palestine Land-Day commemoration on March 30.

While they prepare to march to occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem), the Zionists get ready to confront them and devastate their moves.

Recently, Hebrew-newspapers headlines have reflected the Zionists’ terror; the headlines addressed the occupation military’s arrangements to confront any throngs heading to the borders of “the Zionist’s state”.

As well, the headlines addressed several occupation soldiers’ refusal to abide by the commands and head to these borders.

Throngs March to al-Quds…

“Throngs are to march to occupied al-Quds from all over the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the occupied Palestinian interior, as well as the regions of the Palestinian Diaspora,” the officials in charge of commemorating Palestine Land Day declared. 

On Land Day, Listen to the Land

 Central Committee fellow of the Global March to al-Quds, Salah al-Khawaja said, “Throngs are to march from the neighboring states through the Palestinian borders so as to make the whole world realize the ongoing Judaization and confiscation of lands and sanctities.”

“The move is to take place along three axes: the Palestinian lands; the neighboring states as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt; and the locations where the international and Arab friends are to march,” adds al-Khawaja.
“Besides, a popular throng is to march inside al-Quds. The Palestinians of the 1984 Occupied territories are to determine their march somewhere between the cities of Sikhnin and an-Naqab (the Negev). As for the marches conducted in the West Bank, they are to include two axes at a time; they will be set off along the checkpoints near al-Quds, particularly near Qalandia Military Checkpoint.”

Al-Khawaja went on to say, “The Global March aims at pressuring the international community so as to alter its stances from solely denouncing and convicting the “Israeli” occupation crimes and its Judaization process, and rather carry out deterrent steps, largely boycott the “Israeli” occupation government, and redefine the Palestinian cause as a major concern for the international community.”
Al-Khawaja added, “Neither the occupation’s preparations for a crackdown on the marches held on the Palestine Land Day, nor the meeting of the Miniature Council of the settlers’ government scare the Palestinians, Arabs, or the free-willed peoples of the world. This shall not stop our move.”

Lands Confiscation Refused…

Israeli soldiers push down Mousa and Yousef Abu Marya,
Palestinian residents of Beit Ommar protesting land
confiscation and illegal settlements. (PHOTO: Alex Kane)
Since 1976, the Palestinians have been commemorating every 30th of March as Palestine Land Day. This came as the Zionist entity had confiscated thousands of dunums of Palestinian land in 1948.

To counteract, the Palestinians made their first challenge, announcing a comprehensive strike. Consequently, the occupation authorities’ tanks and armored vehicles invaded Palestinian cities and villages reoccupying them, and wounding and martyring tens of people.

Redefining al-Quds Cause

As for choosing al-Quds City to commemorate Palestine Land Day, Deputy Chief of the Islamic Movement of the Palestinian Interior (1948 occupied territories) Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib said, “Declaring a global march to al-Quds is a correct step in the direction of redefining the centrality of al-Quds with respect to the entire Ummah.”

Al-Khatib emphasized that “al-Quds cause used to be the cause of the Islamic Ummah before it was slyly dwarfed into the “Arab’s cause”. Since the Arabs haven’t acted properly towards this cause, such an occasion shall redefine the real value and position of al-Quds.”

Al-Khatib further said “Undoubtedly, calling for the Global March on March 30 actually represents the Ummah’s blessed re-embracement for al-Quds cause,” adding “Likewise, it represents a blessed coherence of all causes of the Ummah, especially when we know that the Palestine Land Day was first launched in the Palestinian interior.”

“The call for a global march to al-Quds on Palestine Land Day, also the thronging of conscientious Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims who believe in the justness of our Palestinian cause certainly represent a unique shift and hope for a new life. Definitely, al-Quds cause shall again be the Ummah’s central cause,” al-Khatib finally concluded

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