Assad’s visit to Baba Amr … Declaration of victory standing at the tomb of the plot

 Amin Htait
الرئيس الاسد خلال زيارته بابا عمروWith professional knowledge of the art of strategic battles leadership, the Syrians leadership fought battles in all its forms and levels, from military and security through diplomacy leading to political and achieved strong victory on the conspiratorial group of states represented by numerous armed groups in many cities and provinces, especially in Homs and its famous neighborhood, Baba Amr
From Baba Amr neighborhood, the central military base to manage the plot and expand to control of the entire country, Assad declared victory not only on Baba Amr militants but on conspirators and all armed squads in the country, and Launched his practical campaign to solve the crisis according to Syrian terms, thus confirmedthe retired strategic and military expert to Manar site.
Brigadier General Htait considered that President Bashar Al-Assad visit to Baba Amr reflect the success of Syria in absorbing the plot targeting Syria, adding that the plot fell and Syria won and risks have receded.
This is a Declaration of military victory.
Assad allowed himself to be move by road from Damascus to Homs (200 KMs).  
In terms of economic and political future Assad wanted Baba Amr to be Syria’s gateway to workshop reconstruction according to specific time plan, added Htait, Assad’s speech on reconstruction is an important indication that the military battle is over. Politically, Htait considered Assad’s statement “Give the construction time plan and let people watch a very important development in Syria, urging people to monitor the authority
The Visit delivered three messages to Syrians:
“The visit renewed the Covenant and promise to embrace the system of correctional movement”. Assad said to citizens who stayed with the system “you were with me and I am with you and amongst you, together we stay and I’m here now”
internal national opposition
meeting in Damuscus 
For internal national opposition not connected with the abroad and rejecting foreign military intervention, Assad “invited them to join the dialogue, because Syrian State is for all Syrians”
Istanbul opposition
For the external opposition abroad, the visit carried a deep message “your dreams buried here” in the tomb of Baba Amr
“We will not consider you and will never beg you..”
The closed the road in front of Istanbul hotels opposition insisting on hand over power dialogue.
To Arabs in General and particularly for Qatari-Saudi League which invited him to step down, Assad said “the people decide and I am among my people let your decisions your anger and irritation explode the tomb within your chests. In that Assad, reflected the Russian position insisting that the people decide who govern, that the calling Governors to step-down lion is a kind of short-sightedness….
“The visit delivered a message to Western leaders (USA and Europe) that Syria is strong and I’m strong President among his people. Peaceful settlement could be held between strong, otherwise its compliance.
According to Brigadier Htait “The visit formed a kick-off moment for peaceful solution based on Syrian terms. Referring to the “bypass the military phase and the start of the political solution phase”.
Htait said that the appointment of Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab Envoy to Syria Secretary-General confirms Syria success in imposing its peaceful solution under the leadership of President Al-Assad, leaving a face-saving window for the Americans and Europeans.
The visit is a message to (Iran, Russia and China) that victorious Syria, after the fall of the plot, shall maintain its strategic position as prior to the. “This will enhance the multi-polar new world order born from the womb of Syria.

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