MK Asks ’’Israel’’ To Punish Rabbis for Meeting Hizbullah, Denouncing Zionist Entity

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“Israel’s” so-called democracy and freedom of speech proves to be faked when it comes to denouncing the Zionist entity.

“Israeli” Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad belonging to the so-called “National Union” asked the “Israeli” Attorney General Monday to investigate Neturei Karta group for meeting with Hizbullah officials in Beirut on Sunday.
Karta is an anti-Zionist Jewish Hasidic group that continuously declares that “the establishment of the Zionist entity is a major sin.”

Karta participated in Lebanese rallies of the Global March to al-Quds commemorating the Land Day. The delegation of rabbis met Hizbullah officials including The Deputy Head of Hizbullah’s Executive Council His Eminence, Sheikh Nabil Qaouk.

Hizbullah released an official statement that the Neturei Karta delegation, which included Rabbi “Israel” David Weiss, had come to show its support for “Land Day,” which was officially commemorated last Friday.

“Jewish identity has been stolen by Zionism,” Rabbi Weiss said to the attendees and encouraged Hizbullah to continue its efforts “to be free of the presence of “Israel” in the Middle East.”

In an interview with “al-Intiqad” website, Weiss further confirmed that “as the “Israeli” crimes still continue to the permanent day, they are shameful for us, as Jewish people, since this is being done in our name and our religion.”

He also prayed and hoped that “the state of “Israel” is dismantled.”

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