Arab World Must Reclaim The Palestinian Cause


A Israeli police officer stands guard during clashes in the Arab east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Ras al-Amud 23/09/2011 (photo by REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

Palestine remains at the heart of every Arab cultural and political meeting. The Palestinian cause underlines the greatest international armed violation of a land, carried out by Israel with the declared support of some major countries. Palestinians were expelled from their land. Their flag with its crescent was replaced with the Israeli flag and the Star of David. The Palestinian cause was placed at the mercy of the United Nations charters, which had declared the establishment of the usurper entity. With this step, the superpowers have embarked on the path of a policy of double standards, after having always declared and adopted high values and morals.

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Arab Spring protests have grabbed the world’s attention over the past year, but in a call to arms, Jaber Meslmani argues that the Palestinian question remains the central unresolved issue for the Arab world, which has been distracted by Arab tribal conflicts. ‘Peace is not an option with Israel,’ he warns, adding ominously, ‘Do not drop your guns.’

Publisher: As-Safir (Lebanon)
Original Title:
The Bridge to Return to Jerusalem
Author: Jaber Meslmani
Published on: Monday, Mar 12, 2012
Translated On: Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012
Translator: Sahar Ghoussoub

There is no doubt that the Israeli entity is based on two equations that are essential to its sustainability and continuity. At one level, Israel enjoys international support, mainly the support of the US, which in turn had been established at the expense of another people whom it killed and displaced. Israel has always responded to the free world’s condemnation of its crimes by reminding it of the genocide [Israel’s people] had suffered at its hands.

At another level, the Arabs’ positions towards the Palestinian cause have constantly been weak and pathetic. Arab nations constitute political entities without any projects – whether domestic or international. Thus, the lack of a political project would lead to a static reaction.

Many have declared that the road to Palestine and Jerusalem will be soaked with blood. However, the bloodshed and the battle of guns have been diverted from the central goal of the Palestinian cause, the right of return.

The problem lies with the never-ending tribal rivalries and historical war among the Arabs themselves. The Arab-Israeli conflict has become an Arab-Arab conflict. The Palestinian cause has been entirely handed over to the White House. The US has the Arab nations in the palm of its hand.

The Arab political system has attracted and retained skilled negotiations with the Israeli enemy. This was the perfect way to hoodwink people. The signing of the Camp David Accords and Wadi Araba Treaty represented the perfect opportunity for Israel to come into the heart of the region and dismantle its political and economic pillars. The region entered the tunnel of cultural and political conflict over peace. The total liberation of Palestine has become an erstwhile case from the dim and distant past; even the charters of armed resistance have been dropped and cancelled at the hands of the Palestinians themselves.

Everything has collapsed. A blood-soaked struggle in an occupied land will never secure sovereignty and independence. Palestinians are either exiled or trapped in the prisons of the Israeli occupation. Palestinians remain witnesses to the Israeli atrocities and violations on their lands. Palestine has become a country without land, that can never be reached – another Israeli-international ploy added to the history of deceit of the Arabs.

The Lebanese resistance demonstrated the ability to liberate the land, following its outstanding victory. However, the Arab peace initiative was poorly timed. Arabs should have changed the equation in the region with the power of arms, along the lines of the Lebanese resistance model. Lebanon has made the impossible a reality. The Lebanese resistance’s militants achieved a great victory with meager economic and financial assets compared to all the Arab nation’s wealth and power. Money alone is not enough to establish glory and build a strong will. Glory comes with patience and struggle.

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

Today, we stand in the midst of the Arab Spring. Islamic and non-Islamic forces came to power following the ouster of the authoritarian regimes. These forces are required to return the Palestinian cause to the forefront of the Arab discourse. If the Palestinian cause is no longer present, the Arab Spring will turn into a bleak autumn.
Jerusalem must be declared the capital of all Arabs and Muslims. Arabs and Muslims must reinstate their dignity on the Land of Palestine. Peace is not an option with Israel. Do not drop your guns.
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