Khalid Amayereh: The "sincere" Man is behaving in a theatrical manner these days- just these day!!

“Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas is behaving in a theatrical manner these days. It is very much like “now you see it, now you don’t,”  Khalid Amayereh.

He believes “a great majority of our people, both at home and in the Diaspora, are fed up with Abbas’s whimsical rituals. Some unctuous hangers-on and hypocrites would portray the huge disillusionment of the people as support for Abbas. But this is the task of these sycophants, namely to falsify facts to make their boss feel that all’s right.”

When the PA moved against Dahlan, the same Khalid thought “the Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah.” and cosequentely he “thought that the Dayton era was well behind us.” and Abbas will be remembered as a a sincere man who tried but failed to make peace with Israel, even at a terrible price, namely giving up more than 78% of historical Palestine”.
After harassment and abuse at the hands of Palestinian Authority (PA) security operatives.Khalidthought the Arab Spring would convince the PA security apparatus to abandon or at least alleviate their police-state tactics against dissent and show more respect for human rights and civil liberties. However, it seems that that the PA, as far as its treatment of its people, remains largely unchanged. Old habits die hard, after all.”

“On some occasions, Abbas alluded to the possible dissolution of the PA regime if the world community failed to force Israel to end the occupation that started in 1967. But neither the US nor Israel took this warning seriously. It also seems that many Palestinians as well, perhaps a sizeable majority, don’t believe the PA leadership” Khalid claimed, and he is right the maximum Obama “would do, especially at this juncture, is to give the PA some extra money and tell it to shut up
I agree with Khalid Abbas told the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam.

“There are many reasons which have contributed to the weakening of the Palestinian Authority, but its dissolution is out of the question,” 

English Al-Akhbar

Though Khalid has no “doubt that the very existence of the PA is an Israeli achievement and vital interest”, he is still optimisic Well, it is time these people sought an alternative strategy to put our people on a definitive track that would lead to freedom and liberation. He said without explaing the definitive track that would lead to freedom and liberation, freedom and liberation of what Mr. Khalid??
As you said, Oslo is dead and your Brothers fell into the trap and pushed Hamas to burn its ships with Syria and to start the so called  “Real” Palestinian Partnership with Oslo Engineer.

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

So, again, what freedom and liberation you are talking about, after your Brothers put armed resistance on the self and turned west to  strictly monitor Gaza borders with Egypt, in particular, “monitor the tunnels,… permitting the entrance of all essential commodities that the Gaza Strip needs but prevent entry of citizens to or from Egypt….”

In other words, prevent freedom fighters from smuggling arms to Gaza, or attack Israel from Sinai. 


In order not to rock the boat of American Brothers in Egypt who paid full respect to Camp david treaty. I wonder if this has relation with Abass saying NATO could fill security gaps after Israel peace deal

Khalid ended his article saying:

“We certainly are not demanding miracles from President Abbas and his partners. We only would like to see them think right for the future.”

Khalid, you are demanding Miracles from Abass and his partners (Hamas), Abbas said it “dissolution is out of the question,” After the “Islamists Spring” I doubt that the very existence of the PA is  vital not only for Israel but for Neo-Hamas.
Hamas is not talking about dissolution of PA. According to Khalid:
“The hard political realities in the occupied territories and (within Hamas) seem to have dashed all hopes for organising Palestinian general elections next month…according to an agreement reached in Doha between Fatah and Hamas a few months ago….
Mahmoud Zahar..referred to the Doha agreement as dead. Zahar said organising elections would have to be preceded by a number of prerequisite measures, including forming an agreed-on government, releasing political prisoners, securing civil liberties, and guaranteeing a positive electioneering atmosphere….. “But none of these conditions has been met,” Zahar said….
The veteran Hamas leader, who is widely believed to wield considerable influence over the movement’s decision-making process, especially in the Gaza Strip, said Hamas will not take part in a sham election. “Do we have the freedom to campaign in the West Bank? The answer is ‘No.’ Do we have the freedom to campaign in East Jerusalem? The answer is ‘No.’ Do we have assurances and guarantees against arbitrary arrest by the Israeli occupation army? The answer is again ‘No.'”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

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