Jews must clean their own house first

by Khalid Amayreh
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012


Israeli and Jewish hypocrisy is so brazen that it probably has no match under the sun. Jewish and Zionist circles never stop accusing other countries of harboring “hate” against Jews.
Jewish propaganda arms, such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center as well as the Israeli foreign ministry recently criticized several countries, including Greece, for allowing nationalist parties to function.

We are told that the appearance of these parties in Europe should sound an alarm note because certain red lines are being crossed.

It is always good and auspicious to stand against and be vigilant about fascist and extreme nationalist parties which advocate xenophobia, bigotry and racism, such as Islamophbia and anti-Semitism.
But this is not the point here. The point is that Israel is inherently and absolutely unfit to lecture other countries and other peoples on the evils of racism as Israel itself is probably the ugliest and most brazen of embodiment of racism on earth.

For example, Israel and Jewish circles protest rather vociferously, usually with a great degree of sanctimony, the alleged hatred existing in Palestinian and other Arab textbooks when every Jewish school child is taught that Jews are the master race and that non-Jews are either lesser or sub-humans.
Just try to thoroughly examine the text-books used in hundreds of Talmudic schools across Israel and the occupied territories and you will see strange wonders. You will see text-books teaching that the Almighty created the entire universe solely for the sake of the Jew. You will see books teaching that the Almighty created all the nations “Goyem” (people like you and me) solely in order to serve the master race or Chosen People. According to some Talmudic texts, the lives of non-Jews have no sanctity.

Indeed, according to some rabbis affiliated with the Nazi-like Chabad sect, a Jew may murder a non-Jew, without any compunction, in order to extricate an organ from his or her body if the Jew needs one.

I really thought that this was a far-fetched canard until I ascertained its veracity.

Now, how Jews and Zionists could have the Chutzpah to criticize others of harboring “hate” toward Jews when Jews don’t even recognize those people’s very humanity? This is undoubtedly an uncomfortable question for the Israeli hasbara apparatus, which refuses to be honest in tackling such questions.

For example, when Zionist propagandists, such as Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson and Elie Wiesel are confronted with irrefutable facts pertaining to brash Jewish racism and there is no point denying the obvious, they try to prevaricate or evade the issue. Some, like Wiesel, have the audacity to claim that the rest of mankind has no right to criticize Jews even when Jews indulge in war crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, many westerners, who are either scared to death by the Jewish Golem or scandalously brainwashed by a pliant media that is at Zionism’s beck and call, readily listen to and even dignify these morbid Zionist vagaries which go beyond the pale. After all, it would be foolish to challenge the self-righteousness of people like Wiesel especially when his Jewish supremacist sickness is accorded solemn and ample media attention from Sydney to California .

Another point. When any writer or intellectual thoughtfully and sincerely criticizes the Talmudic edicts that keep resurfacing in Israel, edicts which dehumanize and demonize non-Jews, or question Israeli regional hegemony and bellicosity, as did the German poet Guenter Grass recently, we see the shipyard dogs of Zionism fire a round after round of the anti-Semitism bombs at the “emulators of Hitler.”

Well, some short-sighted Zionists may still think that this is the right way to go but this is wrong because the Zionists are playing on borrowed time and invoking anti-Semitism every time Israel’s vile behavior is criticized serves only to cheapen anti-Semitism in the eyes of the non-Jewish world.

Still, many Zionist supremacists just don’t care, even if they know in the bottom of their hearts that the once effective weapon of anti-Semitism is becoming stale and losing its effectiveness. This is how arrogant and sick minds think. It is the same minds that expect Palestinian children who have just watched their fathers and mothers and relatives mercilessly and brutally killed by Israeli soldiers or Gestapo-like Jewish settlers to love Jews and sing hatikva (the Israeli national anthem) and not harbor a sliver of hate toward Zionism and Jews. Can a Palestinian school child, who has just returned home from school, seeing his home being bulldozed by a Jewish bulldozer, driven by a Jewish soldier, with a helmet bearing the Star of David, harbor love for his and his people’s tormentors? Of course, I am not speaking metaphorically as I witnessed hundreds of house demolitions ever since I was a little kid in the village of Kharsa south west of Hebron.

A final point. Everyone knows too well that most if not all the political parties represented in the Israeli Knesset can be judged as manifestly fascist. Just read the ideological and political platforms of the Habayt ha-Yehudi (the Jewish home,” the Ehud ha-Leumi (the national Union), Shas, whose spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef shamelessly teaches that all non-Jews are donkeys or beasts of burden, and even the Likud, and you will know what I am talking about.

Now, with clearly Nazi-like parties represented in the Israeli Knesset, do Zionists have a moral right to complain about some political parties in Greece or the Ukraine or Norway?

I hope that this and similar articles will provide some food for thought to Jews who might be prompted to think that life itself is hasbara and that if you succeed in this field you get it done.
No, life is not Hazbara, and if Jews succeed in obliterating the truth for sometime, they won’t be successful for ever.

Jews have much to do in terms of getting their own house clean. They’d better get busy putting their house in order rather than hurling baseless charges and accusations here and there.
People living in glass houses don’t throw stones at people’s houses.

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