Hazem Chahabi defects … again!


This ‘Honorary Consul’ (lool) guy, the son of Hikmat Chahabi (a Hafez Assad inner-circle-lifetime-member) defected (heart & soul) ages ago when his father was among the first Syrians to drink the Saudi ‘kool-aid’, along with Abdul Halim Khaddam, …etc. However, Chehabi pere was smarter than Khaddam : he did not sever all bridges with Damascus! Obviously now, with this ‘defection’, Chehabi fils is trying to save his hide!

But again, we have to laugh hard at how the LATimes turned this post into a diplomatic post of importance!

Syria’s honorary consul general in California Chehabi was one of Syria’s highest-ranking diplomats in the United States and is the first to defect from Assad…”


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