Israel: Al-Qaeda in Syria May Operate Against Us over Time

“Israel” Warns of Possible Conflict with Syria, Fears Iran, Hizbullah

The “Israeli” Northern District Commander Yair Golan said Wednesday that “Israel” is in a constant battle with Iran in various channels.

“Iran is here. We are conducting an indirect war against it every day, as we do against Hamas in Gaza and against Hizbullah in Lebanon.”

“Iran’s negative influence is very significant to our region and its involvement is seen both here and in Syria,” he claimed.

gunmen in SyriaGolan warned that the battle being waged in Syria between opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regime and al-Assad loyalists may have an effect on what is happening in “Israel”.

“Al-Qaeda related factors that are active there now and working against the regime may operate against us over time,” he said, according to the Channel 2 report. “The Syrian threat to “Israel” requires attention. It will not happen tomorrow morning, but it can occur within a few months.” 

Golan claimed, “Syria has weapons of mass destruction along with a very heavy arsenal of weapons, including surface-to-ground missiles and chemical weapons. The fact that Syria is a storehouse of weapons which fuels terrorists in the region is very unsettling.”
He noted that, should the need arise for “Israel” to launch a military operation in Syria, “The “IDF” has the power to take over the rocket launching areas that threaten the home front in a relatively short period of time and bring about the defeat of Hizbullah in each such area.”
Meanwhile, a senior “Israeli” military officer said recently that the ongoing conflict in Syria has made it easier for Hizbullah to smuggle weapons into Lebanon.” He added that there is concern that some of al-Assad regime’s stockpile of chemical weapons could end up in the group’s hands.

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In a speech he gave at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University, Golan said,

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