Russian Communist Party leader: Al-Houla Massacre Part of Western Intelligence Agenda

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Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov considered the “al-Houla massacre in Syria as part of a foreign intelligence plot,” noting that some Western Politicians and media outlets created a hysteria on the massacre.

Zyuganov, in a statement, strictly condemned what he described as “a blatant provocation” in the al-Houla village, demanding an international investigation in the crime.

He further expressed that sooner or later, this will turn out to be related to Western intelligence, as it proved to be in Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan.

The Communist Leader also criticized the West for its quick accusation to the Syrian authorities of the massacre, even before the preliminary investigation results were out, especially that the journalists and international observers did not provide any evidence to the presence of heavy weaponry in the village.

Also, another prove to the absence of government heavy arms is that many of the corpses found were slaughtered by knives and had been stabbed. 

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