Khalid Amayereh calling for "UNITY"??

Worried that Shea may take “his Sunni” Mecca, amayereh call gulf states to unite before its too late.  Source

Khalid Amayereh
on hair-raising massacre in Houleh
He ment hair-razing

 Amayereh is talking about the “ill-will that keeps coming from the Iranian and Shiite religious establishment, which gives rise to and justify Sunni fears and suspicions”.. and “The genocidal Shiite drive against the Sunni majority in Syria”

For him: Sunni = His brothers, the Brothers of America ,
Pro Assad Sunnis in Syria (who, according to Assad saved Syria) such as Mufti Hassoun, Buti… are not Sunnis, the same applies to Sham’s (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon) clerics front.

His enemy is Syria the cave of Arab resistance movements. “The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed” he wrote one year ago.

The required change is not democracy, elections, new constitution, freedom of speech, nor lifting emergency law, its nothing but handing over Syria to his Brothers of America, to break the so-called Shea cresent, and form a Sunni one, consequently, Sunni Hamas should leave Damascus.

Iran, not “Israel”, is his enemy. “Iran has no right to threaten and intimidate its Muslim neighbors”, but, Iran’s neighbors has the full right to host Nato in their waters and their land.

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

 In order not to rock his brothers boat, sailing in Nato waters, he have no proplem with Camp David “peace treaty”, all he wants from Egypt is to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, our commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty depends on your behavior toward the Palestinians

In his previous article Khalid Amayereh said:The PA ought to press the new rulers of Egypt to make the Egyptian commitment to honor and uphold the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty subject to Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people. The same thing applies to all new governments and regimes in the Arab world. This is what everyone would call smart politics.”
“He will be remembered as a sincere man who tried but failed”
Moreover, to start of a ”real” Palestinian partnership” Amayereh has no problem in Reconciliation with the traitor. For Amayereh Abbas is a traitor, he was naive, then out of sudden a sincere man who tried but failed” 
Palestinians should never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, he said 
The rift is not about the PLO ten points plan, not about selling 78% of Palestine in OSLO, and the alliance with the Zionists is a “de facto alliance”.

“The rift …..turned brother against brother, with some Palestinian groups effectively entering into a de facto alliance with the Zionists, the killers of our children and tormentors of our people.”

“There is still much to be done in this regard. We must start immediately to minimize security coordination with Israel to the point of ending this shameful chapter in our political life.”

He also has no problem with the with the de facto alliance” of his “brother” Erdugan with the Zionists, and Nato.

His only problem is with Syrian regime, His priority is to fullfill His London’s Facebook brother:

The above quotes are the core of all recent comments written by Amayereh in PIC

“We promised them with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”
Worried that Shea may take “his Sunni” Mecca, amayereh call gulf states to unite before its too late.
Al-quds could wait 20-50 years.
Why not, “Where is the Roman Empire, where is the British Empire? Where is Napoleon Bonaparte? Where is the Soviet Union? Where is Adolph Hitler?” he wrote few weeks ago.

So whats on “Muslim’s” Brotherhood table is,dismantling and termination of the Syrian regime, “the totalitarian police-state apparatus which has been ruling Syria since the early sixties once and for all, is aware about whats on the table. The Baath party is inherently undemocratic; it can’t be reformed, it must be ended.”
“Arab spring” is a great asset for Palestinian cause Amayereh wote. Bahrain Spring is not, it’s an asset for Iran and Sheaa.

When talking about Bahrain, and the uprising in Arabia, he ignored the peacful nature of the uprising, and quoted one Bahraini Shiite advocates as saying. “We will slaughter you all once we reach power”
No word is said about his Al-qaeda brothers slaughtering Shea in Iraq, bombing Shea mosques in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

For him, the “hair-raising massacre in Houleh speaks volume as the criminal intentions of some Shiite circles and those abetting and supporting their murderousness”, not the criminal actions of his Syrian nato brothers, designed to call a nato intervention to stop the civil war in Syria.

Horrific Massacre in Houla, Syrian Authorities Deny Responsibility
Initial Report of Judicial Investigation Committee on al-Houla Massacre:
Victims belonged to Peaceful Families who Refused to Stand up against State

“Iranians, and Shiites in general, decidedly and doggedly sided with the “Yazid of Damascus”, whose Shabbiha or thugs are carrying out pornographic, Nazi-like atrocities against the Sunni people of Syria for daring to demand freedom and dignity from one of the most evil tyrannies under the sun” he claimed hinting to both Iran and Hezbollah.

On 10-05-2008 members of Future Movement massacred
eleven defenseless SSNP members in Halba.
NO word is said about the Hariri, the Sunni PALAYBOY, the Sunni real “Yazid of Beirut” and His massacre is Halba,
lebanese visitors abducted in syriaNo word is said about daily massacres in Iraq or about Lebanese Visitors Martyred in Iraq Attack or about the 11 Lebanese visitors who were abducted in Syria ten days ago.
The real kidnaper are the so-called “friends of Syrian”, in particular, Erdugan, who wants an apology from Sayyed Nasralah to destroy his image. However, today the real kidnapers got the message:
Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah addressing the audience on Imam Khomeini's departure ceremony in Beirut; June 1, 2012 e are ready to resolve it the way you want,  whether through war or through love and peace.”

“If your problem was with me, there are a lot of means and ways to resolve it. W

No word about Sunni rulling Yazids.
Instead he asked them to unite before its to late, not against Usrael, but against Iran, Shea in General, and Sunnis opposing Mulslim Brotherhood.
In short Amayereh, like his sister, Laura Stuart, learned that Success will never come from deviant“.
However, Khalid was right in saying: “History can be especially harsh for those who fail to learn from its lessons.”
Non-Islamic democracy is impossible in the Arab world, Amayereh wrote reflecting the real MB’s stand towards democracy.
Islam is inherently superior to democracy. “The reason is simple; democracy in its simplest form means the rule of the majority. Right and wrong, morality and immorality, and other values are determined by the people whose views are often subject to all sorts of manipulations by special interest groups, media brainwashing and political money”.
His opportionist brothers failed to learn from 1950’s lessons in Egypt, and 1980’s lesson in Syria. After parliament elections they “took people’s support for granted”, to face the hard facts in both countries.

According to Esam Al-Amin, “MB candidates received almost 11 million votes during the parliamentary elections, their presidential candidate gained only 5.7 million votes, a stunning loss of over five million votes.


“there are clearly three major political forces within society, namely SCAF, the Islamic political parties led by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and the mostly secular revolutionary forces including youth groups, nationalists, liberals and leftists. Whenever two of these distinct groups come together it is usually at the expense of the third party.
  • During the decisive revolutionary days all Egyptians were united and SCAF had to abandon Mubarak and side with the people. But during most of last year the MB backed SCAF on many occasions while the revolutionary groups were crushed and their demands ignored.
  • When SCAF tried to impose supra-constitutional principles on all political parties to protect its interests, the MB sided with the revolutionary groups forcing SCAF to withdraw the document, retreat, and set a date for handing over power to a civilian president.
  • When the MB tried to impose a constitutional-writing committee dominated by Islamists, SCAF sided with the secular revolutionary groups against the Islamists compelling them to change course.

The Egypt brotherhood performance reminded of story of the Shepherd (MB)and the wolf (Tantawi).

The Brotherhood lied when they promised first promised they would not seek more than 30% of the seats in Egypt’s new parliament, and they have won more than 50% of the seats.

The Brotherhood lied again when they promised for the past year that it would not run a candidate for the presidency, and they run two candidates

And now MB’s candidate Mursi promises broad coalition, presidency would no longer be about one person; it would be an institution.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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