The Prince And The Pauper / From Washington DC To ‘Akkar With Love

by Daniel Mabsout

This video image taken from AP Television shows
(FSA) rebels sitting around a fire in the fighter’s camp
in Idlib province, (AP Photo/AP Television)


Sunday, June 3rd, 2012


No wonder that the war on Syria has extended to Lebanon because what is targeted through Syria is nothing but Lebanon.
This is where all schemes shall meet and culminate: the land of the Resistance, of the victorious Resistance, this is where all conspiracies shall meet and overlap.
The 2006 attack on Lebanon has resumed, but this time Israel will be spared the military venture that was so unsuccessful. Air fighters, carriers and drones and thousands of missiles and tanks, will not launch the war.
This time Israel will save itself the trouble of fighting and losing another war, a loss that is no more affordable.
The new weapons found by extensive US and Israeli researches, to resume the war, are different this time. They range from the Special Tribunal of the International Court to the Qatari army recruited by Qatari and Gulf mid men in Palestinian camps and in the poor neighbourhoods of Tripoli and supplied with sophisticated weapons and equipment.
The Qatari army of Lebanon is working hand in hand with the FSA(Free Syria Army). The sophisticated weapons have been introduced to the poorest parts of the northern city into the quarters that are the poorest in Lebanon, and maybe the poorest in the whole area where people can hardly find anything to provide their families with.
Imamu ‘Ali used to say if poverty were a man, I would have killed that man.
Poverty kills and today was another bloody day in Tripoli where the poor quarter of Sunnis launched missiles on the poor quarters of Alawites, ten people were killed. The snipers of the poor quarters of Sunnis are shooting at the people of the poor quarter of Alawites and the FSA is partaking in the shooting and the Lebanese security forces are watching silently.

This is what Feltman came to do with congressman Lieberman, to set the stage for all this sectarian events, Lieberman even visited personally the north of Lebanon accompanied by CIA agents, he roamed the most desolate part of Lebanon, where there is hardly anything.

He came all the way from Washington DC, from the House of Congress and the White House to the poor region of ‘Akkar that is given as an example of deprivation in Lebanon and in Syria. All the way from DC to desolate old ‘Akkar’, and he visited houses and families studying how to get all those people involved in the war against Syria and in a possible civil war in Lebanon that will take a sectarian aspect for which many foreign and Israeli mouths are watering, hoping that the Lebanese Resistance will be drawn into it, or – at least – will be cornered and threatened.

The world order is hoping by this to finish the Resistance at the hands of poor people who will be turned by way of money into enemies of their country and their people and if this does not work, Uncle Sam will not be short of ideas, there are many alternatives in store in case Assad remains in power, many choices are still there and the sectarian war is only one of them.

There is the infiltration of the Lebanese society by NGOs – already wide spread – in order to cripple the youth and drain their energy and affiliate them to foreign agendas by promoting attractive themes that will draw them away from the main national concern to the remote inaccessible abodes of fake liberty and freedom and fake social justice and fake peace. At one point all these schemes will work together, the goal is to let the people kill each other and attempt at their victorious Resistance instead of confronting their true enemy and gaining victory. Billions are being poured for this purpose: Saudi money, Qatari money that in no time will turn a poor Lebanese or Palestinian or a poor Arab into a sworn enemy of his own self.

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