It is unclear why Israel is escalating its terror and violence against the Palestinians,

As Israel, Settler and pro-settler groups murders more Palestinians, ” It is unclear why Israel is escalating its terror and violence against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip.” Khalid Amayreh claimed, off course after storming his one cell Islamist bag above his shoulders.

“Israeli sources claimed some of the victims were involved in attempts to attack Israeli targets or trying to lay landmines along the Israel-Gaza borders, which is disputed by Palestinians who argue that Israel is killing Palestinians for the sake of it.” Neutral khalid added “The killing in northern Gaza came after suspected resistance fighters killed a Jewish settler along Israel’s border with Egypt. Two of the fighters were subsequently killed by Israeli troops.”

Meanwhile, Jewish settlers attacked an desecrated a mosque in the Palestinian village of Jabaa near Ramallah, torching the entrance of the mosque and scrawling anti-Palestinian slogans on its walls.
The slogans scribbled read: “The war has begun” and “You will pay the price.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) blamed Israel, and Hamas..accused the PA of adopting “a cowardly stance vis-³-vis Israeli aggression”. Fawzi Barhoum said that while Israel was murdering Palestinians non-stop, the PA was still pandering to the murderers’ government, in the hope of resuming a peace process that everyone knows leads will nowhere.

If everyone knows that peace process why are you waisting your time talking to Ramallah Traitors?
I would say, hoping that I am wrong, some day Hamas would follow the steps of its motherhood and say we respect Oslo, being like Camp David an International treaty.

Back to Mr. Khalid Amayreh and Fawzi Barhoum accusing Ramallah Traitors of adopting “a cowardly stance vis-³-vis Israeli aggression”.
What do you expect from traitors?
Why you are cowardly silent on the cowardly stance of your brothers in Libya, Turkey, Tunis and Egypt?

The settler’s slogans scribbled read “The war has begun” and “You will pay the price.”

Meanwhile, the American Brothers are busy with Nato secret War on Syria, and Khalid  (Ibn Al-walid) Amayereh massing his forces to defend Mecca from the deviant

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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