Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live talk with the adviser to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Dr. Ely Karmon on A9 TV (17 January 2012; 22:00) Harun Yahya

When Turkey’s Weirdest Televangelist Met Sean Ali Stone

Or: Why I don’t bother writing fiction anymore
Adnan Oktar’s live talk with Dr. Ely Karmon (17 January 2012) 






The former Israeli ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker, also seems to have a bit of excess time on his hands; he too dropped by the Yahya studio for a long chat about regional geopolitics:

Turkey has set a missile shield upin Malatya in order to protect Israel. It is setting up a missile, radar system. And the main, I can almost say only, aim is the protection of Israel. And Turkey is takinga great risk here. It has signed up for this, even though it has become a target itself.

In the event of a nuclear attack, the nuclear missiles will be stopped within Turkish air space. AndTurkey will be at risk. Yet it still takes such an extraordinarily altruistic measure for
the sake of protecting Israel. This by itself is clear proof of how much Turkey, the Turkish government love Israel and are determined to protect it. Words are unimportant.

It is that actions that speak louder. I also stand as guarantor for the Prime Minister.
Do not concentrate on his words against Israel; in his heart, character and soul he

is an exceedingly affectionate, compassionate and pure individual. He is sincere and well-intentioned. You can trust him. You like and trust me, so believe in whatI say. No problems would arise on that.

ALAN BAKER: Well, thank you; I’m very happy to hear this. I mean, it’s a great relief




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If Palestinians disappear, who cares?

by Lauren Booth
Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Lauren BoothOsama Qashoo, film director, activist
Extra reporting; Lauren Booth
On the 21 and 27 June, two asylum seeker vessels heading from port of  Pelabuhan Ratu on the south-eastern coast of Java – a popular embarkation point for Australia disappeared. The boats were overladen with men, women and children, desperately seeking a new life, when the suspected sinkings took place.

Such tragedies are all too rare in the world of people smuggling. But this horror has an extra dimension to it, as the majority of the missing passengers were Palestinian refugees. This has led to a cruel fiasco of disinterest from all the regional authorities, who, even 30 days after the disappearance have failed to send out any search party for the missing. The trail of disinterest spreads from the Australian government right the way to the Palestinian Authority itself.

Whilst other families of the missing have received some contact and support from the authorities, the Palestinian families, in Iraqi refugee camps, are left still without news of their relatives. 28 Palestinians were in the boats believed to have sunk between Indonesia and Australia.

For an entire month,  families of the Palestinian refugees from Iraq have been waiting for news of their family members still missing at sea.
Their story is the tragedy of the ongoing Nakba (tragedy) itself. The grandparents of those missing were forced to flee their homes in the cities of Acre and Haifa by the Zionist movement  in 1948. After years of hardships, roaming from refugee camp to refugee camp in the Middle East, these families arrived, penniless and stateless, in Iraq.

In Iraq, poverty and war stayed with the refugee families until in utter despondency, their children and grandchildren once again set off escaping sectarianviolence after the war on Iraq and got stuck in the middle of the sand for years on the Jordan-Iraq border, then part of them where dispatched to Brazil where they are now living in the jungle and the rest set yet again for an unknown future towards Europe.

Cyprus, not so long ago, was a friend to the Palestinian cause; a people with a shared past, dating back to the Phoenician times. Now however, with money talking louder than the Cypriot government’s conscience, Palestinian refugees are even here treated as criminals. And so the families were left to live on the streets, without schooling and in severe breach of their basic human rights and devoid of any support from the authorities and with little to no chance of their asylum cases being accepted.
Finally, in desperation, families established humble funds to sail the families towards Australia. A bad idea certainly, as Australia’s reputation for helping the world’s needy who arrive on their shores is also at an all- time low.

For two decades, Australia has experimented with different asylum policies.  The destitute who attempt to reach Australia by boat in order to claim refugee status or ‘boat people’ typically make their way from the world’s trouble spots, including Iraq and Sri Lanka. Once they arrive in Indonesia or Malaysia, professional smugglers are engaged who arrange unsecured transit  to Australia on small freighters or large fishing boats.

In 2011, the media brought us images of asylum seekers in Australia mounting the rooftops of their detention centres. Their protest finally brought to light the inhumane conditions faced  in what amounts to little more than concentration camps on the Australian mainland and especially on Christmas Island. The riots were a reflection of the anger and frustration with the Australian government’s policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers until their status is determined; this process that can take more than two years.

Yet still the ‘boat people’ head to Australia. Not in great numbers, as the government there would have you believe but in numbers small enough to make it clear that Australia is still failing to meet its international minimum duties regarding the acceptance and aid of asylum seekers. The number of men, women and children  awaiting a decision on whether they will be granted refugee status is relatively low compared to other countries.

UNHCR has reported that Australia had 5,242 official asylum seekers whose cases were pending at the end of 2011, which does not even place Australia in the top 40 states with the largest number of asylum seekers worldwide. Last year, there were some 4,500 migrants who entered Australian territory by boat, according to the Immigration Department and Minister for Home Affairs (up from about 2,700 boat people in 2009). A minuscule amount in immigration terms. But these people are amongst the most desperate of all; those who, with no hope for a future anywhere, else pile into unsafe vessels praying for a safe haven.

Today, the confusion about what precisely is the fate of the Palestinians aboard the most recent boats to sink in this desperate search for justice remains unclear.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has closed the dedicated information collection telephone line it operated following the sinking on 21 and 27 June for the two asylum seeker vessels. Relatives of the missing continue to telephone the department seeking information on loved ones they believe may have been on one of the vessels.

In accordance with Australia’s privacy laws, the department refuses to release information about people who have arrived in Australia seeking asylum.

All people who survived the sinking, say the authorities, have telephoned a relative or friend to let them know of their arrival on Christmas Island. They have also been issued with a telephone card which they can use to telephone other relatives or friends.

Yet, only in a small number of cases have the authorities been able to match the names of survivors with the names of people sent to them leaving families in a terrible limbo.

What happened to the boats? Why did they sink – did they sink? Why the silence in the media about such a tragedy which usually sparks front pages and comment pieces about asylum seekers and the status of refugees?

Perhaps worst of all for the families awaiting what will now certainly be bad news has been the silence from the Palestinian Authority itself.

One caller to a regional ambassador to Indonesia/Malaysia said he was told; ‘I’ll look into the matter after my lunch next Wednesday.’ The call was made on Friday. Nothing has been heard since.
The question then arises, the question that will remain the same until the Palestinian people are given their legal right to return to their own land; ‘Who is responsible for the rights of the refugees from 1948 and their descendants? And. When will justice finally be done?

The Australian Red Cross (in partnership with International Red Cross and Red Crescent counterparts) is assisting in providing tracing services for survivors and the immediate family members of passengers aboard the vessels. The Australian authorities have made it clear that as this incident occurred at sea, they may never be able to confirm the identities of all victims. The Department is unable to provide further details at this time.

Below is a list of all those missing and still unaccounted for. Please pray for them and their families. Please contact the Palestinian ambassador in your country and the Australian authorities and demand answers for the families awaiting news.

الحالة الأجتماعية _ متزوج  وله ثلاثة  اطفال
علما ان عائلتة موجودة في قبرص
الاسم _ مظفر عثمان عبد الحفيظmothafer Othman abed alhafeeth
Age -41
الحالة الأجتماعية_ متزوج  وله ثلاثة  اطفال- married with 3 kids
علما ان عائلتة موجودة في قبرصfamily in larnaka
الاسم _ روحي صبري الحامدي                  الاسم_ يسرى سعيد نايف العمرو rohi sabri alhamdi  60 years old
العمر _57     عامر      العمر _60
الاسم _عمار روحي صبري الحامدي
العمر_ 24 عام
الاسم _ عبد الناصر روحي صبري الحامدي  abed alnaser rohi alhamedi 22 years old
العمر _ 22 عام
اسم زوجتة  _ تجالي زهير عادل النابلسي
Wife  tajali zuheer alnabulsi  22 years old
العمر _ 22 عام
ملاحظه هذه الاسماء عائلة  كاملة على نفس القارب
الاسم _ عمر ابراهيم عارف الملحم
العمر _ 35 عام
اسم الزوجه _ اميرة شعبان شعيب
العمر _ 32 عام
اسم الاطفال
1_ يسرى عمر ابراهيم عارف الملحم           13 عام
2_ ابراهيم عمر ابراهيم عارف الملحم           11 عام
3_ اميرة عمر ابراهيم عارف الملحم            4 عام
4_ يامن عمر ابراهيم عارف الملحم             1 عام
ملاحظه هذه الاسماء عائلة  كاملة على نفس القارب
الاسم _ عنان عبد الفتاح الاسعد
العمر _ 53 عام
اسم الزوجه _ علياء عادل الاسعد
العمر _ 45 عام
1_ عبد الله عنان عبد الفتاح الاسعد              17 عام
2_همام عنان عبد الفتاح الاسعد                   15 عام
3_ حارث  عنان عبد الفتاح الاسعد              13 عام
ملاحظه هذه الاسماء عائلة  كاملة على نفس القارب
الاسم _ عبد ابراهيم احمد ملحم
العمر _ 33 عام
الحالة الأجتماعية _ متزوج  وله اثنان  اطفال
علما ان عائلتة موجودة في قبرص

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The Battle of Damascus: Armed opposition between the wrong choices and the Turkish-Gulf wishfull thinking


“The regime draged us to his strong fort and will defeat us this” said a Syrian former officer who previously worked in the military before retiring  and leave Syria to France. The former officer said this in a discussion between Syrian dissidents about the battle of Damascus prior to bombing the national security headquarters.

Speaking about the basis plan adopted by the leaders of the armed groups present in Damascus the or Homs or came to Deir Baalaba and the border areas with Jordan, the man said the whole process is based on the wishes that moving the military situation in Damascus
may encourage some military sectors around the capital to split.

He mentioned selected names and symbols of some military sectors, the opposition hopes it may defect and turns the balance of power. “If the army remained intact for 72 hours, the army will defeat us in the battle of Damascus and we will not be able to return to it with the current force before long.

A debate is going on among the Syrian opposition about the so-called zero hour in Damascus that led to the defeat, some say it was not necessary especially in the month of Ramadan, which according to some opposition circles was an oppprtionity for popular movements and demonstrations in Damascus, but the armed groups  by opening battle provided the regime a chance to smash the the untrained hotheads who lack coordination on the ground and ability to work according to field conditions and political and popular facts in Syria, not according to the wishes of Qatar or Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

This early and un-organized battle came under the pressure from the Gulf and Turkey rushing things in Syria for fear of possible Russian American agreement.

Seeking symbolism, the timing of the battle was chosen coincide with the beginning of Ramadan and the first anniversary of the so-called battle of Tripoli in Libya.

Marsh towards Damascus
They were told that priority is marching to Damascus; hundreds of gunmen began moving towards the capital after the collapse of Baba Amr  in Homs.
Officer Ahmed Abu Al-Sil of Deraa was the first followed by waves of militants heading to Damascus which culminated in June waiting for the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.  

The plan for Damascus fall and its details was inspired by fall of Tripoli in Libya, with one difference, the absence of sea in Damascus. The Salafi fighter mobilized in densely populated areas as happened last year in Tripoli and led fast collapse of Gaddafi, This didn’t happen in Syria.

The Qatari Foreign Minister Hamad Ibn Jassem Al-Thani said at the Conference of friends Syria held in Paris on the 6th of last month, reflecting the primitive mentality in dealing with the crisis, especially in terms symbolism, said that there was no need for initiatives and political moves, the Syrian President will will fall before next September. His plan failed completely in Damascus.

After the shocking national security bombing and cleaning Al-Maydan in Central Damascus from Islamists, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan confessed that Assad still in rule and the situation remains unchanged; he then started speaking about the decisive battle of Aleppo the same way he talked about the decisive battle in Damascus

 Why the Syrian army in Aleppo would repeat what it did in Damascus?
The Syrian sources have no doubt that the Syrian army will regain control on neighbourhood controlled by armed opposition, and will repeat Damuscus scene in Aleppo due to several reasons, most notably that the Kurds in the city would not intervene in the interests of the opposition as well as most of the militants aee non-city residents who came from rural idleb would face the same fate of the gunmen who entered Damascus, besidesthe Palestinian fator is absent Palestinian in Aleppo while its influence was strong in  in Yarmouk camp in Damascus .

 Next week will be crucial, and decisive for all armed action in Syria if the Syrian army cleared the city of Aleppo, as he did in Damascus.

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West provoking civil war in Syria: Jonathan Steele

by Jonathon Blakeley
Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Published on Jul 30, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 and many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

The Syrian government says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the driving factor behind the unrest and deadly violence while the opposition accuses the security forces of being behind the killings.

The anti-Syria Western regimes have been calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, but Russia and China remain strongly opposed to the Western drive to oust Assad.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on July 28, “Our Western partners… together with some of Syria’s neighbors are essentially encouraging, supporting and directing an armed struggle against [the Syrian government].”

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jonathan Steele, former foreign editor of the Guardian and the author of Ghosts of Afghanistan, to further talk over the issue.

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It happened in July

It happened in July

My Photo3 July 1919: Syrian Arab Congress (attended by 15 delegates from Palestine) emphasizes Arab Unity and rejection of colonialism.

July 1920: The World Zionist Organization meeting in London establishes a new financial arm to raise money called Keren Hayesod. Since then donations were collected from Jews around the world to help dispossess the native Palestinians to transform Palestine to a Jewish state.
1314 July 1922: General strike throughout Palestine opposing the British occupation and the Zionist project.
14 July 1920: France demanded that King Faisal in Damascus end conscription and surrender his garrisons to French troops. He was forced to concede against the wishes of his people, but the French still betrayed him and forced him out of Damascus
24 July 1922: The League of Nations voted to approve the British Mandate of Palestine formalizing complicity of Western powers in the rape of Palestine.
22 July 1946: A Jewish Zionist underground group blow-up the King David hotel in Jerusalem housing also the British civil administration. The bomb killed 28 British, 41 Christians and Muslim Palestinians, 17 Jewish Palestinians, and 5 others while injuring over 200. This was in a string of terrorist attacks from underground forces whose leaders later became Israeli Prime ministers (Shamir, Begin etc).
9 July 1948: Start of Israeli operations labeled Dani and Dekel that broke the truce and continued the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian villages and towns.
24 July 48: Ijzim massacre by Zionist forces and the ethnic cleansing of the village. (and click on pictures)
31 July 1951: Israeli High Court of Justice, ordered the Israeli military to allow the villagers of Iqrith to return to their village. To this day this order has not been implemented because Israel did not want to set a precedent of villagers allowed to return (even if these are technically not refugees).
July 26, 1956: Despite imperialist and Zionist threats, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.
6 July 1958: Palestinian conferences were held simultaneously in Nazareth and Akka and were attended by about 120 Palestinians (40 others were placed under house arrest, preventing their participation). This heralded the beginning of organized political structures among Palestinians in the 1948 areas after the Nakba.
July 16, 1958: American Marines landed in Lebanon
July 18, 1958: Iraqi people overthrow the British installed Hashemite dynasty
15 July 1963: General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW) founded in Jerusalem
July 25, 1967: Israel conducts a census of the occupied territories it just conquered (WB, Gaza, Golan, Sinai). All people outside (students studying, those who left because of eh attack, business people, others) are denied return. 300,000 new refugees were thus created to add to millions created earlier.
July 1968: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked an El-Al airplane. The new PLO under leadership of Fatah denounced the action.
July 11, 1970: Attempted assassination of Dr. Wadi Haddad, PFLP commander in Beirut injring his wife and son.
July 23, 1970: President of Egypt Jamal Abdul Nasser accepted the Rogers proposals for peace in the Middle East.
July 1971: Hashemite monarchy in Jordan drives the last of the Palestinian guerrilla fighters from Jordan and consolidates its grip on power in this country, home to the largest population of Palestinian refugees,
July 1971: The first Socialist Republic was declared in Sudan but quickly crushed by dictators Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Moamar Qaddafi of Libya. They restored Numeiry to power and instigated a communist/socialist witch-hunt in the three countries.
8 July 1972: Famous Palestinian novelist Ghassan Kanafani murdered by an Israeli car bomb in Beirut
30 July 1973 Aref Al-Aref dies. He is a famous Palestinian leader (including mayor of Jerusalem) and intellectual
5 July 1974: Palestinian leader in the 1930s, Haj Amin Al-Hussaini died in Beirut
11 July to 6 August 1975: Hunger strike among Palestinian political prisoners that heralded significant changes and set a precedent for mass protest in Israeli jails; a form of popular unarmed resistance among hundreds of others (see Mazin Qumsiyeh, Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and Empowerment, Pluto Press, 2011)
July 1977, President Jimmy Carter tried to convince the newly elected Likud leader, Menachem Begin, to freeze settlement activity as part of the peace agreements with Egypt. Instead, Begin allocated Ariel Sharon to the task of drafting a program for accelerated settlement activity.
31 July 1985: The Israeli Knesset amended the Basic Law on elections by adding that “A list of candidates shall not participate in Knesset elections if any of the following is expressed or implied in its purpose or deeds: 1) Denial of the existence of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, 2) Denial of the democratic character of the State, 3) Incitement to racism”. This effectively bars any party that promotes changing Israel to a secular and democratic state of its citizens from running in the elections.
July 1987: Assassination of cartoonist Naji Al Ali (of Handala fame) in London by the Israeli Mossad.
7 July 1988: First major raid on Beit Sahour because of its tax-revolt during the intifada
30 July 1988: During the peak of the intifada (uprising of 1987-1991), King Hussein of Jordan reluctantly ends the “unity” between Jordan and the West Bank and declares that the PLO is responsible for that territory under Israeli occupation.
14 July 1992: In the New York Times, Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli Prime Minister (and terrorist) states: “The Jewish State cannot exist without a special ideological content. We cannot exist for long like any other state whose main interests is to insure the welfare of its citizens.
July 2000: Camp David Summit brought on by US President Clinton and Israeli PM Ehud Barak to force Arafat to accept apartheid as a final settlement.
9 July 2004: International Court of Justice rules that the apartheid wall and Jewish settlements inside the West Bank including in Jerusalem are illegal per international law and must be dismantled.
9 July 2005: Palestinian Civil Society Call to Action that includes call for boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel
July 2006: Israel war on the civilian population of Lebanon destroying many villages and damaging infrastructure. US vetoes a UNSC resolution to stop the aggression (the sole no vote at the Security Council).
July 2010: Israeli government under Netanyahu orders that archives that were to be declassified after 50 years will remain sealed for another 20 years. These attempts at hiding dirty secrets including war crimes and crimes against humanity of Israel’s formative years continue.
July 2010: Israeli forces demolish a Palestinian village in the Jordan valley (Al-Farasiya), demolish other homes in other towns, and kills and injures many Palestinians in a familiar ritual of occupation and colonization done with western (especially US) support.
July 2012: In pre-election maneuvering, US President Obama and the US congress decides to give more of US taxpayer’s money to Israel and his main Republican Challenger declares illegally occupied Jerusalem as “capital of Israel”. Both Republican and Democratic parties to receive each >$100 million in donations from Zionists (a cheap investment considering billions that go to Israel yearly). Meanwhile Israeli forces cap the month with more home demolitions and murder of Palestinians.

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Syria, imminent site of third US heavy defeat in region: Iran Cmdr.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (file photo)
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (file photo)
Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:19PM GMT
There is a solemn resolve in the Syrian regime for a full-scale confrontation with the enemy, as there is no other way but to expel the terrorists, enemies and aggressors.”
Deputy Head of the Iranian Armed Forces’ Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri
A senior Iranian commander says Syria is on course to become the site of the “third heavy defeat” of the US and its allies in the region.

In an interview with Iran’s Arabic-language news channel Al-Alam, Iranian Armed Forces’ Deputy Chief of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said the Western-stoked Syrian unrest is the extension of the 22-Day and 33-Day wars in Gaza and Lebanon, respectively, and seeks to establish “a more extensive and permanent presence” for the US in the region.

“A massive front, led by the US and the global Zionism, once again tried to plunge the region into chaos and achieve their long-term objectives,” he said.

The Israeli regime waged a 22-day Christmas war on the densely populated Gaza Strip in 2008, which left more than 1,400 Palestinians dead including at least 300 children.

The Gaza War saw Hamas preventing Tel Aviv from materializing its stated aim of destroying the Palestinian resistance movement.

Forces with the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah also defended Lebanon against the Israeli invaders during the 33-Day War in 2006 and Tel Aviv was compelled to withdraw its troops without having achieved any of its objectives.

Jazayeri said a spectrum of conspirators against Damascus, which include the US, some European countries and some Middle Eastern states, has targeted another arm of the anti-Zionist resistance movement, but the Syrian Army, people, and regime are so far “in command of the situation.”

“There is a solemn resolve in the Syrian government for a full-scale confrontation with the enemy, as there is no other way but to expel the terrorists, enemies and aggressors.”

He said Damascus has many friends inside and outside the region, but the Syrian Army and government have so far “single-handedly” managed to quell the crisis.

“So far there has been no need for the Syrian friends and allies to enter the fray with full force, and our estimation is that such a necessity will not arise in the future either,” Jazayeri said.

He further rejected the Western allegations that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is aiding the Syrian regime, stressing that in the current situation, Iran’s support is of a “spiritual and expansive” nature.

“However, our support might vary depending on the conditions. It goes without saying that we will respond to threats with threats.”

Asked whether there is at least a theoretical possibility that Iran might become involved in a war waged by other parties in Syria, Jazayeri said, “We are sensitive toward our allies and the resistance [movement] in the region, and will not allow the enemy to advance.”



Western press portrayed these photos as Syrian tanks moving into Aleppo, when in actual reality, it’s Russian made tanks on the way to South Ossetia, how many lies do the West have to portray in order to demonize Bashar Al Assad and Syria?.


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"What will happen in Aleppo? Probably what happened in Damascus – the rebels will lose!"


Via MoonOfAlabama; ‘Alex Thomson is in Syria for the British Channel 4. He put up a Q&A at his blog. Some excerpts:’

What will happen in Aleppo?

Probably what happened in Damascus – the rebels will lose. But the rebels look to be doing well on TV? 

That’s because they are winning the propaganda war better than the real war. But why is the Syrian army shelling its own people? 

You could just as easily ask why are the rebels using the Syrian people as human shields? It’s a dirty civil war and the rebels sometimes choose to fight in residential areas.  

So what do Syrians want? 

Hard to tell. But for sure this is not Egypt – there are no Tahrir Squares or vast protests against the regime.There is no discernible sign in any of the big cities – Homs, Aleppo and Damascus for example,that the people even wish to rise up against the regime …”

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Torturing Children: Official Israeli Policy

My PhotoIsrael treats children like adults. Only two countries impose life without parole (LWOP) sentences on minors – America and Israel.

Israel is a signatory to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It’s explicit and binding provisions state:

  • “every human being” below 18 is a child;
  • their economic, social and cultural rights, safety and welfare must be protected “without discrimination of any kind” with regard to “race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status,” including their “right to life….survival (and) development;”
  • all measures shall be taken to protect children from physical and mental violence, exploitation or ill treatment; and
  • children deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity and not subjected to torture or other abusive or degrading treatment.

International human rights and humanitarian law demand it.
Israel spurns CRC and other international law with impunity. Studies document it. A new one conducted by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) titled “Children in Military Custody” discussed horrendous abuses.

From September 10 – 17, a delegation comprised of nine lawyers visited Israel and the West Bank. They included a former attorney general, a former appeals court judge, and several lawyers known as QCs. They evaluated how Palestinian children are treated under Israeli military law.

On July 29, 2009, Israeli General Gadi Shamni signed Military Order No. 1644. It established the “first-instance military court for youth, presided over by a single juvenile-court judge or by a panel led by a juvenile-court judge.”

It states:

“The head of the military Court of Appeal must appoint judges from the first instance court in the military court.”

“The judges must be prepared to be competent for the post of juvenile judges after the approval of the head of the Court of Appeal to be appointed as juvenile judges for a certain period, which has been identified.”

It also requested court sessions be “as separate as possible” from regular ones for adults. In addition, a Civil Administration welfare report on the defendant’s family should be issued “if the court believes this necessary to determine the minor’s verdict.”
Under Military Order No. 132, minors are categorized as follows:

  • children are under age 12;
  • youths are from 12 – 14;
  • young adults are between 14 and 16; and
  • at age 16, minors become adults.

According to CRC, adulthood begins at age 18.

In practice, children are treated like adults. According to Defence for Children International (DCI) representative Khaled Quzmar:

“After reading the order I can say that there is nothing new.”

“They are just playing with words and trying to make useless cosmetic changes to hide the realities of the military system itself.”

“This military order also gives incredible authority to the military prosecutor who can give permission to override a series of clauses in the order itself.”

“Military Order 1644 exempts all hearings to determine whether a child should be kept in pre-trial detention until the end of the legal proceedings from the requirement of having to be heard before a ‘juvenile judge.”

In September 2011, Israel issued Military Order 1676. It raised the age for children to 18. It states parents should be told and legal counsel provided.

Language lacked specifics. The order circulated only in Hebrew. Doing so violates international law. Moreover, youths of any age are denied basic rights.

They’re abusively treated. They’re prosecuted in military courts. In practice, they don’t differentiate defendants by age.

Children 12 and under may be imprisoned. Parents and legal counsel aren’t permitted with them during interrogations. Offenses most often allege stone throwing. Many youths are falsely charged.

They can be held for weeks without access to lawyers. They can be imprisoned up to two years. Complaints filed are ignored. FCO said:

“a significant number of allegations of physical and emotional abuse of child detainees by the military which neither the complaints system nor the justice system is addressing satisfactorily.”

Prosecuted Israeli and Palestinian children for similar alleged offenses face vastly different treatment.

Israel doesn’t dispute that “major differentials (exist) between the (military) law governing the treatment of Palestinian children and” how civil law treats Israeli youths.

Separate and unequal defines Israeli policy. It stems from the belief that “every Palestinian child is a potential terrorist.”

FCO determined “undisputed facts.” At least six CRC provisions were violated.

Most Palestinian minors are arrested pre-dawn at home. Heavily armed soldiers accost them. They’re painfully tied or shackled. They’re brutalized and intimidated during arrest, transfer and interrogation procedures.

Offenses amount to torture. Legal rights are entirely denied. So is bail most often. Nearly all charged receive custodial sentences inside Israel. From arrest until release, treatment is brutal.

FCO’s report documents grievous international law breaches. Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment is policy. So is institutionalized racism.

Council for Arab-British Understanding Director Chris Doyle called Palestinian youth and adult prosecutions “nothing less than a kangaroo court that does nothing to improve Israel’s security while criminalizing an entire generation of Palestinian children.”

Occupation harshness continues. Rogue state oppression inflicts enormous harm. Palestinians suffer grievously. Children feel it most. Many are severely traumatized.

Israel gets away with appalling crimes because world leaders don’t intervene. Public outrage has the best chance of pressuring them. Studies alone change nothing.
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His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”
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In Syria, U.S. should arm rebels, shape future political agenda, says Wolfowitz


In Syria, U.S. should arm rebels, shape future political agenda, says Wolfowitz


Appearing on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar Paul Wolfowitz, who has been a proponent of taking military action against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime, reiterated his stance that Syria is not Iraq.“I think Iraq and Syria are almost completely different situations,” said Wolfowitz in response to a question about the mistakes from Iraq’s post-war period.Wolfowitz, who was one of the chief architects of the Iraq invasion and post-war planning as Deputy Secretary of Defense under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, for one, there would be no American ground troops necessary in Syria.
Syria is going to be governed by Syrians, and I don’t see why people are so comfortable saying we shouldn’t be arming them, but it’s okay for Islamic, Islamist governments in the Persian Gulf that don’t share our objectives — it’s okay for them to be arming them,” said Wolfowitz, alluding to reports that Iran continues to send arms to Syria.“I think trying to shape the political agenda of that future Syrian government is very important,” he said.


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‘Syria’s ‘rebels’ have miscalculated: "They will pay heavily for this error!"


‘Syrian troops after regaining Damascus’

“… IMO, the rebels have miscalculated. Their force has not “evolved” enough to confront significant conventional forces in an urban environment or anywhere else that the conventional forces can “pin” them in place against terrain or some other obstacle.
They will pay heavily for this error. They will lose a lot of men, and be driven from the city. Following that defeat IMO the Syrian millitary will move further north and northwest to regain control og the “sanctuaries” on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey. They will succeed in doing this unless Turkey intervenes directly in the fighting.

This would not mean the end of the war. Following such a defeat the rebels are likely to spend an extended period re-building their force in Turkey.…”


أحلام الطفلة جنى تلاحق الجنود الإسرائيليين

Iran Warns Turkey of “Changing Game Rules” in Syria

A pro-Syrian Arab diplomatic source confirmed that Turkey has received, during the past couple of hours, a strict Iranian letter warning it of “changing the game rules” in Syria.

In an interview with Syrian daily al-Watan, the Arab source said that this warning comes as a clear response to the latest threats posed by Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, claiming that his country will target Kurdish combatants inside the Syrian territories.

Also, the Ankara-based Arab diplomat, whose country’s government supports the Syrian al-Assad regime, said that Ankara had been preparing, in agreement with Washington, for a military interference in the Syrian crisis; under the pretext of Kurdish population.

However, Iran drew a line for the Turkish dreams, and informed it that any attack on the Syrian territories will witness a harsh attack; as Iran might put into force the mutual defense agreement signed with Syria, the source iterated.

Furthermore, the Arab diplomat went on to say that Turkey agreed with the US that a limited military interference in North Syria, especially in Aleppo, might introduce a buffer zone to be protected by the gangs funded and armed by Turkey, in cooperation with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The said scenario however would be implemented only if the Syrian refugees in that area were evacuated, especially as they have become a burden on Erdogan’s government; although they were supposed to be exploited to lead a UN resolution, imposing international sanctions on Syria.

  • From Iran, Moallem: Syria Facing Global Conspiracy, Rebels Will Be Defeated

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Libyan Fighter: I Left the battle field in Syria because of burning Bodies and selling Organs

They told me that they burn non-Syrian bodies, to hide the presence of non-syrian fighters… When Kuwaiti Abu Mohamad died, they kept his body and called his family and asked for money to get the body from regime thugs.
مقاتل ليبي: غادرت أرض المعركة في سوريا بسبب حرق الجثث وبيعها

محرر الموقع
في لقاء اجرته وكالة ليبيا الآن للأنباء مع احد المقاتلين العائدين الى ليبيا من سوريا، فقد صرح .حازم.م. المسؤول الاختصاصي في المتفجرات لواء طرابلس، عن مشاركته في المعارك في سوريا الى جانب الثوار في الجيش السوري الحر.
الجيش السوري الحر وقال “دخلت سوريا منذ شهرين للجهاد ضد نظام بشار الاسد الى جانب الاخوة في الجيش الحر،عن طريق تركيا وعند وصولي اخد جواز سفري ضابط تركي وادخلني بعض الشرفاء الى داخل سوريا (تسلل) والتقيت العديد من المجموعات التى تقاتل وكلها إيمان بالنصر، وعملت ضمن قطاعي التفجير والتدريب وتجهيز العبوات الناسفة التي كنا نزرعها لقتل كتائب الاسد”.
وأضاف حازم “كان مقرنا الرئيسي مدينة حمص، وبعد ان اشتدت المعارك هناك انتقلت انا وبعض المجموعات الى مدينة حماة، للعمل الى جانب كتيبة عمار ابن ياسر، وتفاجئة بما شاهدته هناك حيث كانت الكتيبة من جميع الجنيسات العربية، والافريقيه، وصنعنا اكبر الانتصارات، ولكن ما جعلني اترك ساحة المعركة هي طريقة التفكير التي بدأ يعمل بها الثوار هناك، فعندما يسقط شهيد في صفوفنا، يحرق او تباع أعضائه أيضا حسب الجنسية، فاذا كان من المقاتلين الافارقة يقومون بحرق جثة الشهيد، وعندما سألت عن السبب قال لي ابو حمذه وهو القائد العسكري لمدينة حماة هذا احتياط لكي لا يستغل النظام وجود جنسيات مختلفة ويقول أننا نحارب بمقاتلين غير سوريين”.
مسلحون في سوريا وأكمل “بداية الامر لم اعلق لانني اعلم ان الشهداء يدفنون في الجنة، ولكن عندما استشهد معنا ابا محمد، وهو كويتي الجنسية لم يقوموا بحرق جثته بل وضعوها في مكان معزز ليتصلوا بعدها باهله ويطلبون مبلغ من المال ويقولون لأهله ان قوات نظام الأسد امسكت بجثة إبنهم وتطالب بفدية مالية، وهذا ما جعلني اعترض وبكل قوة على هذا النهج والأسلوب، وعندما كان يستشهد احد من المجاهدين السوررين يقومون بدفنه دون الحرق، لذالك غادرت الاراضي السورية الى تركيا ومن هناك استلمت جواز سفري من شعبة العلاقات لمجاهدي سورية انا وبعض الاخوة من ليبيا وجنسيات عربية اخرى، وادعو جميع المجاهدين في ليبيا والدول العربية، عدم الدخول الى سوريا، لان ما يجرى ليس بثورة شعبية عندما دخلنا الى سوريا لبينا نداء الجهاد وكنا نعتقد أن الجيش السوري يغتصب النساء ويقتل الأطفال، ولكن ما رأيناه يختلف تماما عن الأخبار التي وصلتنا، والدين الاسلامي يحرم علينا قتل المسلمين، ومن يدير الثورة المسلحة هم في نظري مجرد عصابات لقد طلبوا مني عدة مرات تفجير مستشفى مدني وانا رفضت ذالك بعد ان استخرت الله سبحانه وتعالى وإكتشفنا فيما بعد أنها كانت تضم اطفال ومصابين في السرطان وهي مستشفى تهتم في مجال مرضى السرطان من الاطفال، اشكر الله على نعمة العودة الى اراضي ليبيا كما ادعوه ان تعود سوريا في امن وامان وان يعود الرشد والدين والعقل الى هذه المجموعات”.

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Putin Foils The Jews In Syria

by Jonathon Blakeley
Monday, July 30th, 2012


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Syria: Washington’s Latest War Crime

July 26, 2012|

Paul Craig Roberts

One wonders what Syrians are thinking as “rebels” vowing to “free Syria” take the country down the same road to destruction as “rebels” in Libya.

Libya, under Gaddafi a well run country whose oil revenues were shared with the Libyan people instead of monopolized by a princely class as in Saudi Arabia, now has no government and is in disarray with contending factions vying for power.

Libyan rebels

Just as no one knew who the Libyan “rebels” were, with elements of al Qaeda reportedly among them, no one knows who the Syrian “rebels” are, or indeed if they are even rebels (

Some “rebels” appear to be bandit groups who seize the opportunity to loot and to rape and set themselves up as the governments of villages and towns. Others appear to be al Qaeda. (

The fact that the “rebels” are armed is an indication of interference from outside. There have been reports that Washington has ordered its Saudi and Bahrain puppet governments to supply the “rebels” with military weaponry. Some suspect that the explosion that killed the Syrian Defense Minister and the head of the government’s crisis operations was not the work of a suicide bomber but the work of a US drone or missile reminiscent of Washington’s failed attempts to murder Saddam Hussein.

Regardless, Washington regarded the terror attack as a success, declaring that it showed the rebels were gaining “real momentum” and called on the Syrian government to respond to the attack by resigning. (

The following is from a leaked intelligence document describing a previous Western terrorist intervention in Syria just in case any reader is so naive as to think that “our government would never do that.”

“In order to facilitate the action of liberative (sic) forces, …a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals. …[to] be accomplished early in the course of the uprising and intervention, …
Once a political decision has been reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main (sic) incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals. …Incidents should not be concentrated in Damascus …
Further: a “necessary degree of fear .. frontier incidents and (staged) border clashes”, would “provide a pretext for intervention… the CIA and SIS [MI6] should use … capabilities in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.” (Joint US-UK leaked Intelligence Document, London and Washington, 1957) (

Obama has not said why his government is so desperate to overthrow the Syrian government. The current president was an eye doctor in London who was brought back to Syria to replace his father, who had passed away, as president of the country. Washington is reticent about its real motives, which it masks with high-sounding humanitarian rhetoric, but Washington’s motives are transparent.

One motive is to get rid of the Russian naval base in Syria, thus depriving Russia of its only Mediterranean base.

A second motive is to eliminate Syria as a source of arms and support to Hizbullah in order that Israel can succeed in its attempts to occupy southern Lebanon and acquire its water resources. Hizbullah’s fighters have twice defeated the Israeli military’s attempts to invade and to occupy southern Lebanon.

A third motive is to destroy the unity of Syria with sectarian conflict, as Washington destroyed Libya and Iraq, and leave Syria to waring factions to dismember the country, thus removing another obstacle to Washington’s hegemony.
Syria, a secular Arab state, like Iraq was, is ruled by a political party composed of Alawis, more or less Shia Muslims.

[In fact the majority of the party are Sunnis, Assad has two deputies, Faroul al-shara’ and Najah Al-attar, both are Sunnis, the second is the sister of a MB historic leader. Moreover, the so-called uprising failed because the Majority of Syrian sunnis are Pro-assadepecially in Syria’s two capitals, damascus and Aleppo].

The Alawis comprise about 12% of the Syrian population and are regarded as heretics by the Sunni Muslims [Brothers of America] who comprise about 74% of the Syrian population. Thus the orchestrated “uprising” appeals to many Sunnis who see the opportunity to take over. (In Iraq it was a Sunni minority that ruled a Shia majority, and in Syria it is the opposite.)

The divisions among Arabs make Arabs vulnerable to Western interference and rule. The Sunni-Shia split makes it impossible for an Arab country to unite against an invader or for one Arab country to come to the aid of another.

[Paul Craig Roberts ignored that divisions were created by the west. I wonder if he heard about Syks and Beco who drawn the border and installed western puppets to defend Sykes-Beco borders, I claim that both we not aware of the so-called Sunni Shiite split, otherwise, they would have drawn the maps along secterian line. Sunnis and Shea lived togeher in Saudia, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. In Iraq both Sunnis and Shiites Joined the 1920 revolution against British.]

In 1990 the Shia [Nationalist-Secular] Syrian government lined up with the US against the Sunni [Nationalist-Secular] Iraq government in the First Iraq War. Neither Lawrence of Arabia, Nasser, nor Gaddafi succeeded in creating an Arab consciousness.

[So the mission of Lawrence of Arabia was creating an Arab consciousness. I wonder if paul is kidding!!. Nasser created an Arab consciousness, and that consciousness is still alive 42 years after poisoning him]
Washington’s cover for its violent overthrow of other governments is always moralistic verbiage. First the target is demonized, and then Washington’s naked aggression is described as “bringing freedom and democracy,” “overthrowing a brutal dictator,” “protecting women’s rights.” Any assortment of cant words and phrases seems to work.

A protester holds up a poster with an image of former Egypt president Gamal Abdel Nasser during the anniversary of the 1952 Egyptian revolution at Tahrir Square in Cairo July 23, 2012.[Here, I should draw Paul’s attention, that military coups, assasination, and war was the way to change regimes. With Nasser they tried all, assasination in 1954 using American brothers, war in 1956, miltary coup to destroy the unity with Syria, war in 1967, and finally poisoning in 1970]
Hillary Clinton has been especially strident in advocating the overthrow of the Syrian government. The silly woman even issued threats to Russia and China for daring to block Washington’s attempt to use a UN resolution as cover for invading Syria. Washington misrepresents the Syrian government’s resistance to being overthrown as a government conducting terror against its own people. But Washington had no condemnation for the terror attack, whether its own or that of a suicide bomber, that killed high-level Syrian government officials. Washington’s double standard prompted the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, to accuse Washington of having “a sinister position.”
Indeed, Washington does. But what is surprising about Washington’s sinister position after Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan?

Undoubtedly, after Syria is overthrown, Washington will move on to Iran. Russia itself is already being surrounded by US missile bases, and the Russian government has a disloyal and traitorous political opposition financed by American money. China is confronting a rapid buildup of US air, naval, and troop bases in the Pacific. How long before China’s government has a disloyal opposition financed by Washington?
The hegemon is on the march, but what Syrian Sunnis [Brothers of America] see is a chance to overthrow the Alawite Shia [National-Secular Syria] . The Syrian Sunnis [Brothers of America]will ally with Washington despite the fact that Washington overthrew the Iraqi Sunnis [National-Secular Iraq] . Few Arabs, it seems, mind being puppets of a foreign regime that hands out billions of dollars.

Washington loosely refers to Syrian President Assad as a “dictator” or “brutal dictator,” but obviously if Assad is a dictator he is not very effective in that role. Normally, dictators don’t permit an opposition to rise, much less arm itself. It would be more accurate to say that the ruling party is authoritarian, but the ruling party has introduced elements of democracy with the new constitution.

As Iraq has proved, Arab governments have to be authoritarian if their Sunni and Shia populations are not to be constantly engaged in civil war. Both Bush and Obama claim that Washington brought “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. However, the ongoing violence in Iraq is as intense or more intense than under the American occupation. [The ongoining violance in Iraq intensified after Malki dare to say no to Obama. The goal is to prevent Iraq from joining the Axis of resistance]

Here are the reports for the last three days:

July 23: “A wave of bomb attacks and shootings in Baghdad and north of the capital has killed at least 107 people. At least 216 were wounded.”
July 24: “A second day of intensified attacks left at least 145 Iraqis killed and 379 more wounded.”
July 25: “Attacks continue across Iraq: 17 killed, 60 wounded.”

This is what Washington did for Iraq. Far from bringing “freedom and democracy,” Washington brought endless mayhem and death. And this is precisely what Washington is in the process of bringing to Syria.

[It is not about Freedom and democracy, it is about Shalom for “Israel”, Oil to contain China and about breaking the Russian Union, and redrawing the borders on sectarian ethnic basis]

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Israel Stands to Gain From Assad’s Ouster

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (C) stands with leaders of the army, including Fahad Jassim al-Freij (front L) and Daoud Rajha (front R) at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in a ceremony to mark the 38th anniversary of the 1973 October War with Israel, in Damascus. 2011. (photo by REUTERS/Sana/Handout/Files)

By:Eli Avidar posted on Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012

Ever since the demonstrations began in Syria in January 2011, the world has waited for a tie-breaking development in the struggle between the regime and the rebels. This took place last week [July 18] in the form of an explosion in the national security building [in Damascus] that took the lives of Defense Minister General Daoud Rajiha and his deputy, Assad’s brother-in-law General Assef Shawkat. This attack on the regime’s “holy of holies” proves that Assad no longer has the ability to consolidate the coalition of minorities that has retained his family in power…..

The events taking place in Syria are likely to affect the entire Middle East. While Turkey supports the rebels, it has reason for worry: the Kurds took control of four regions in Syria, and it is possible that they might try to unite with their brothers in Turkey and establish an independent Kurdistan, at last. There are also forces pushing for the union of Sunni Northern Lebanon with Syria (or whatever will remain of it). And the Druze, dispersed over three countries, may jockey to improve their position too, especially in light of fading hopes for liberating the Beirut government from Hezbollah’s grasp.

Jerusalem is justifiably concerned regarding the fate of Assad’s chemical weapons repository.

However, it would be sheer stupidity for Hezbollah to try to get its hand on these stockpiles because such an attempt would give the world grounds for dismantling the Shiite organization by military means, something that many hope will happen. Assad’s government has an interest in holding onto its chemical stockpile until the fall of the regime that now appears inevitable. Chemicals weapons are perhaps the last card remaining in the hands of Assad and heads of the Alawite regime, in order to negotiate to save their lives and obtain safe exit from the borders of Syria. ….

In the short term, the fall of the Syrian regime will cause considerable security-related headaches for [Israelis]. The border with Syria, which has been quiet for many years, may heat up: terrorist gangs may try to harm soldiers and citizens, similar to the scenario on the southern border. But in the long term, the fall of the regime will be net profit for Israel.

Without Assad, the evil axis loses its territorial continuity between Iran and Southern Lebanon. Members of the Iranian revolutionary guards and Hezbollah representatives will not be able to remain in the country (high-ranking members of the Islamic Jihad have already fled back to Tehran). Syria’s automatic support for terror will cease, at least temporarily. Syria had never been a Middle Eastern power like Saudi Arabia or Egypt, but from Israel’s perspective, Syria may turn out to be the most important domino of all in the Arab Spring.

CIA: Zionist Entity No.1 Espionage Threat in Mideast

Local Editor

The U.S. CIA and the Zionist Mossad slogans The US intelligence agency reportedly considers the Zionist entity as Washington’s number-one counterintelligence threat in the Middle East, highlighting new rifts in the historical “US-Israel ties.”
A number of current and former US intelligence officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the Zionist entity is the top threat for CIA’s Near East Division which undertakes Washington’s espionage activities across the Middle East, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

“This means the CIA believes that US national secrets are safer from other Middle Eastern governments than from Israel,” the report said.

Both the CIA and the Zionist prime minister’s office have declined to comment on the issue.
The report comes on the heels of a new revelation by the White House that the houses of several CIA agents in the Occupied Territories have been recently broken into.

In the most recent instance of such intrusions, the CIA station chief in the Zionist entity discovered that sensitive equipment he employed to communicate with the CIA headquarters in Virginia was tampered with.

“It is likely that Israeli intelligence is linked to the cases,” the report said.

“Israel employs highly sophisticated, professional spy services that rival American agencies in technical capability and recruiting human sources…..Israel as a steadfast US ally enjoys access to the highest levels of the US government in military and intelligence circles,” the report noted.
The existing mistrust between Washington and the entity of occupation becomes more manifest in excluding the Zionist entity from the “Five Eye” umbrella.

The Alliance which incorporates the US, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand agree to share intelligence and not to spy on one another.

The report pointed out that the Zionist entity is not America’s closest ally at least “when it comes to whom Washington trusts with the most sensitive national security information.”

Source: Press TV
29-07-2012 – 17:52 Last updated 29-07-2012 – 17:52

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Hezbollah Releases Video of 2006 Abduction of IDF Soldiers

A video shown on Lebanese television documents the abduction that led to the eruption of the Second Lebanon War.
The video stops once Hezbollah operatives reach the IDF Hummer

Hezbollah has released a special documentation of the July 2006 abduction of the Israeli IDF soldiers Ehud Goldvasser and Eldad Regev, the event which resulted in the eruption of the Second Lebanon War nearly six years ago.

In the video clip broadcast on the Lebanese TV network Al Mayadeen, the group of Hezbollah operatives which carried out the abduction can be seen approaching the Hummer in which both soldiers were seated, after being hit by antitank fire directed towards it.
Video allegedly shows 2006 abduction of 2 soldiersThe video comes to an end when the group of operatives reaches the vehicle and opens its front door in an effort to extract the soldiers and take them past the border. Since the video is halted at that point, it is not possible to ascertain whether both soldiers were extracted from the vehicle while still alive. 

According to a report by the Lebanese network, the operation was headed by Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated at Damascus in 2008. The report claimed that Mughniyeh headed the squad that secured the Hezbollah operatives on their way back to Lebanon.

The moment Hezbollah operatives reached the IDF Hummer (Photo: Al Mayadeen)
The moment Hezbollah operatives reached the IDF Hummer
(Photo: Al Mayadeen)

The circumstances surrounding the publication of the video at this time are unclear. However, Israeli Channel 2 news commentator Ehud Ya’ari says that it is possible that the goal behind the publication was to support the Al Mayadeen television network.

The network was founded by a Lebanese journalist who previously worked on behalf of Al Jazeera, and is considered to have close ties with Hezbollah.
Watch the video:

Hezbollah’s Moussawi: ‘On July 11, 2006 I was meeting with a ‘deposed Arab ruler’ & five of his lieutenants …’

Posted by G, M, Z, or B

Moussawi then told al Mayadeen’s Ghassan bin Jeddo that the meeting (s) was per repeated requests of the ‘deposed Arab ruler’ and that the ousted guy was adamant to have many of his non civilian lieutenants present (all of whom are alive and in power)…’

Bin Jeddo discarded the posdibilty that the ‘deposed’ was Bin Ali or Qaddafi (both for obvious reasons) that of course left Mubarak, Tantawi & co.
Moussawi neither denied nor confirmed.


Mubarak’s regime was one that championed all things anti-Hezbollah. To hear that they requested regular meetings with one of the region’s most effective organizations (HzB) to ‘coordinate’ is not surprising.

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Who is fighting in Syria? revolutionaries or ’contras’?

Free Syrian Army: revolutionaries or ’contras’?
Who is fighting in Syria?

Though the Western press portrays the Free Syrian Army as an armed revolutionary group, for more than a year Thierry Meyssan has affirmed that it is on the contrary a counter-revolutionary body. According to him, it would have progressively passed from the hands of reactionary monarchies in the Gulf to those of Turkey, acting for NATO. Such a non-mainstream affirmation needs demonstrative proof…
JPEG - 31.5 kb
Logo of the “Free Syrian Army”

For the last 18 months, Syria has been prey to troubles that have steadily increased to become a widespread armed conflict having already killed about 20,000 people. If there is consensus on this observation, narratives and interpretations vary beyond.

For Western states and their press, the Syrians aspire to live in the Western market democracies. Following the Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan “Arab Spring” models, they rose up to overthrow their dictator Bashar al-Assad. The latter suppressed the demonstrations with bloodshed. While Westerners would have liked to intervene to stop the massacre, the Russians and Chinese, out of self-interest or contempt for human life, opposed intervention.

On the contrary for all other states that are not vassals of the U.S. and for their media, the U.S. launched an operation planned a long time ago against Syria. First, through its regional allies, and then directly, they have introduced armed bands, modeled on the Contras in Nicaragua, that have destabilized the country. But they found only very weak domestic support and were routed while Russia and China prevented NATO’s destroying the Syrian army and reversing the regional equation.
Who is telling the truth? Who is wrong?

Armed groups in Syria do not defend democracy, they fight against it

First, the interpretation of Syrian events as an episode of the “Arab Spring” is an illusion because this “spring” has no basis in reality. This is an advertising slogan to positively present unrelated facts. Although there has been a popular revolt in Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain, there was none in neither Egypt nor Libya. In Egypt, the street demonstrations have been limited to the capital and parts of the middle class; never, absolutely never, have the Egyptian people identified with the telegenic spectacle of Tahrir Square [1]. In Libya, there was no political revolt, but a separatist movement in Cyrenaica against the power of Tripoli, and the military intervention of NATO, which cost the lives of about 160,000 people.

The Lebanese station NourTV has been very successful airing a series of broadcasts by Hassan Hamade entitled “The Arab Spring, from Lawrence of Arabia to Bernard-Henri Levy.” The authors develop therein the idea that the “Arab Spring” is a remake of the “Arab Revolt” of 1916-1918 orchestrated by the British against the Ottomans. This time, Westerners have manipulated situations to upset a generation of leaders and impose the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, the “Arab Spring” is false advertising. Now, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Gaza are governed by a brotherhood; on the one hand imposing a moral order and on the other supporting Zionism and pseudo-liberal capitalism, that is to say the interests of Israel and the Anglo-Americans. The illusion was dispelled. Some authors, like Syria’s Said Hilal Alcharifi, now deride the “NATO spring“.

Secondly, the leaders of the Syrian National Council (SNC) as well as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) commanders are not democratic at all, in the sense that they would be favourable to “a government of the people, by the people, for the people“, according to Abraham Lincoln’s formula taken from the French Constitution.

Thus, the first president of the SNC was the Paris academic, Burhan Ghalioun. He was in no way “a Syrian opponent persecuted by the regime” since he circulated freely in and out of his country. Nor was he a “secular intellectual” as he claims, since he was the political advisor to the Algerian Abbassi Madani, President of the Islamic Salvation Front (ISF), now a refugee in Qatar.
His successor, Abdel Basset Syda [2] entered politics only in the last months, and immediately established himself as a mere executor of US wishes. Upon his election as head of the SNC, he pledged not to defend the will of his people, but to implement the “road map” that Washington drew up for Syria: The Day After.

Nor are the Free Syrian Army fighters champions of democracy. They recognize the spiritual authority of sheikh Adnan Alrour, a takfirist preacher, who calls for the overthrow and killing of Assad, not for political reasons but simply because Assad is of the Alawite faith, that is to say a heretic in the preacher’s eyes. All of the identified officers in the FSA are Sunnis and all of the FSA brigades are named after historical Sunni figures. The “revolutionary tribunals” of the FSA sentence their political opponents to death (and not only supporters of Bashar al-Assad) and they slaughter the unbelievers in public. The FSA program is to end the secular regime installed by the Baath, the SSNP and the Communist Party in favor of a pure religious Sunni regime.

The Syrian conflict was premeditated by the West

The western will to end Syria is known and it is quite sufficient to explain current events. Let us recall some facts that leave no doubt as to the premeditation of these events [3].

The decision to go to war with Syria was made by President George W. Bush at a Camp David meeting on September 15, 2001, just after the spectacular attacks in New York and Washington. Simultaneously attacks were planned in Libya to demonstrate the ability to act in two theaters at once. This decision was corroborated by the testimony of General Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme commander, who was opposed to it.

In the wake of the fall of Baghdad, in 2003, Congress passed two laws instructing the President of the United States to prepare wars against Libya and Syria (the Syria Accountability Act).
In 2004, Washington accused Syria of harbouring the weapons of mass destruction that could not be found in Iraq. This accusation fizzled when it was admitted that the weapons never existed and were but a pretext for invading Iraq.

In 2005, after the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Washington attempted to go to war against Syria, but could not manage it as Syria withdrew its army from Lebanon. The United States then elicited fake testimonials to accuse President al-Assad of ordering the attack and they created a special international court to try him. But they were ultimately forced to withdraw their false accusations when their manipulations were brought to the light of day.

In 2006, the U.S. began to prepare the “Syrian revolution” by creating the Syria Democracy Program. The idea was to create and fund pro-Western opposition groups (such as the Movement for Justice and Development). Official funding from the State Department was supplemented by secret CIA funding via an association from California, the Democracy Council.

Also in 2006, the U.S. outsourced to Israel a war against Lebanon in the hope of involving Syria in order to justify intervention. But Hezbollah’s quick victory foiled that plan.

In 2007, Israel attacked Syria, bombing a military installation (Operation Orchard). But again, Damascus kept its cool and did not let itself get embroiled in war. Subsequent audits by the International Atomic Energy Agency showed that the target was not a nuclear site, contrary to what had been claimed by the Israelis.

In 2008, during NATO’s annual Bilderberg Group meeting, the Director of the Arab Reform Initiative, Bassma Kodmani, and the director of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Volker Perthes, demonstrated briefly to the Euro-American Gotha the economic, political and military benefits of possible intervention by the Alliance in Syria.

In 2009, the CIA set up tools of propaganda destined for Syria such as the BaradaTV channel, based in London, and Dubai-based OrientTV.

To these historical elements, let’s add that a meeting was held in Cairo, the second week of February 2011, around John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Bernard-Henry Levy, figures like Mahmoud Jibril Libya (then number two in the Libyan Jamahiriya government) and Syrian personalities like Malik al-Abdeh and Ammar Qurabi. It was this meeting that gave the signal for covert operations that began in both Libya and Syria (February 15th in Benghazi and 17th in Damascus).

In January 2012, the U.S. Departments of State and Defense formed the Task Force named The Day After: Supporting a democratic transition in Syria, which drafted both a new constitution for Syria and a governance program [4].

In May of 2012, NATO and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) set up the Working Group on Economic Recovery and Development of the Friends of the Syrian People, under German and Emirati co-chairmanship. Therein, the Syrian-British economist Ossam el-Kadi worked out a plan to divide Syrian wealth among coalition member states, to apply the “day after” (that is to say, after the overthrow of the regime by NATO and the GCC) [5].

Revolutionaries or counter-revolutionaries?

The armed groups did not spring from peaceful protests in February 2011. These events in fact denounced corruption and demanded more freedoms, whereas the armed groups- as we have seen above- emerge from Islamism.

In recent years, a terrible economic crisis has hit the countryside. It was due to poor harvests, which were wrongly assessed as passing misfortunes while they were in reality the consequences of chronic climate change. To this are added errors in the implementation of economic reforms that have disrupted the primary sector. This was followed by a massive rural exodus which the government has managed, and a sectarian drifting away of some farmers neglected by the powers. In many areas, rural housing was not concentrated in villages, but dispersed as isolated farms, no one had measured the extent of this phenomenon until its adherents congregated.

Ultimately, while the Syrian society embodies the paradigm of religious tolerance, a takfirist current developed within. It provided the basis for the armed groups. These have been richly funded by Wahhabi monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sharjjah).

This windfall has led to the rallying of new fighters which include relatives of the victims of the massive crackdown against the failed bloody Muslim Brotherhood coup in 1982. Their motive is often less ideological than personal. It springs from vendetta.

Many thugs and habitual criminals lured by easy money joined: a “revolutionary” is paid seven times the average wage.

Finally, professionals who fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya or Iraq started pouring in. At the head of these are the men of Al Qaeda in Libya, led by Abdelhakim Belhaj in person [6] The media present them as jihadists, which is inappropriate, Islam not conceiving of holy war against fellow Muslims. These are primarily mercenaries.

Western media and the Gulf press both insist on the presence of deserters in the FSA. That is certain, but it is false to claim that they defected after refusing to suppress political demonstrations. The deserters in question almost always come from cases similar to those we described above. Moreover, any army of 300,000 men would perforce have in its ranks its share of religious fanatics and thugs.
Armed groups use a Syrian flag with a green band (instead of the red band) and three stars (instead of two). The Western press calls it the “flag of independence“, as it was in effect at the time of independence in 1946. In reality, this is the flag of the French mandate which remained in force during the country’s formal independence (1932-1958). The three stars represent the three districts of religious colonialism (Alawite, Druze and Christian). Using this flag is certainly not the equivalent of brandishing a revolutionary symbol. On the contrary, it is to affirm the will to prolong the colonial project, that of the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 and the remodeling of the “Greater Middle East“.
Over the 18 months of armed action, these armed groups structured and more or less coordinated themselves. As it stands, the vast majority have come under Turkish command, under the label of Free Syrian Army. In fact, they have become auxiliaries of NATO; their headquarters is even located on the NATO air base at Incirlik. Hard core Islamists have formed their own organizations or have joined al-Qaida. They are under the control of Qatar or of the Sudeiri branch of the Saudi royal family [7]. They are de facto attached to the CIA.

This progressive constitution, which starts with poor farmers and ends with an influx of mercenaries, is identical to what we saw in Nicaragua when the CIA organized the Contras to overthrow the Sandinistas, or to what we had known in Cuba when the CIA organized the landing of the Bay of Pigs to overthrow Castro. It is precisely this model that the Syrian armed groups now claim as their own: in May of 2012, Miami Cuban Contras organized counter-revolutionary guerrilla war training seminars for their Syrian counterparts [8].

CIA methods are the same everywhere. Thus, the Syrian Contras focused their military action in part on the creation of permanent bases (but none held, not even the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr), then economic sabotage (destruction of infrastructure and burning down large factories), and finally terrorist tactics (derailment of passenger trains, car bomb attacks at popular sites, killing religious, political and military leaders).

In consequence, that part of the Syrian population which could have had sympathy for armed groups at the onset of events, believing that they represented an alternative to the current regime, have become progressively disaffected.

Not surprisingly, the battle of Damascus has consisted in the convergence on the capital of 7,000 fighters scattered around the country and mercenary armies based in neighboring countries. Tens of thousands of Contras have tried to enter the country. They moved simultaneously in numerous columns of pick-up trucks, preferring to cross deserts than travel the highways. Some of them were stopped by aerial bombardment and had to turn back. Others, after seizing the border crossings, reached the capital. They have not found the hoped for popular support. Rather, it is the people that have guided the National Army soldiers to identify them and weed them out. Eventually they were forced to retreat and have announced that, failing to take Damascus, they would take Aleppo. Moreover, it shows they are neither Damascenes in revolt, nor Aleppians, but transient fighters.

Contra infiltration through the desert near Dera

The unpopularity of the armed groups should be compared with the popularity of the regular army and self-defense militia. The Syrian National Army is a conscript army, so it’s a people’s army, and it is unthinkable that it can be used for political repression. Recently, the government authorized the creation of neighborhood militias. It distributed weapons to citizens who are committed to devote 2 hours of their time every day to defend their neighborhood, under military supervision.

The moon is made of green cheese

In his time, President Reagan met some difficulties trying to present Contras as “revolutionary.” He created a structure for this propaganda, the Bureau of Public Diplomacy, the management of which he entrusted to Otto Reich [9]. The latter corrupted journalists in most major U.S. and Western European media to poison the well of public opinion. Among others, he launched a rumor that the Sandinistas had chemical weapons and might use them against their own people. Today propaganda is directed from the White House by the deputy national security adviser in charge of strategic communications, Ben Rhodes. He employs the old methods and has spread rumors of chemical weapons against President al-Assad.

In collaboration with the British MI6, Rhodes managed to impose a phantom structure as the main source of information for Western news agencies: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH). The media have never questioned the credibility of this outfit, even though its allegations were denied by the observers of the Arab League and by those of the United Nations. Better yet, this phantom structure, which has neither offices nor staff nor expertise, has also become the source of information for European chancelleries since the White House convinced them to withdraw their diplomatic staff from Syria.

While waiting to be on live, the Al-Jazeera correspondent, Khaled Abou Saleh, phones his editor. He claims that Baba Amr is being bombed and organizes the sound effects. M. Abou Saleh was François Hollande’s guest of honour at the 3rd Conference of the Friends of Syria.

Ben Rhodes also organised shows for journalists thirsting for sensationalism. Two tour operations have been established, one in the office of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and the second at the offices of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. Willing journalists were invited to enter illegally into Syria through smugglers. For months, a trip was offered from the Turkish border to a remote witness village located in the mountains. You could have a photo shoot with “revolutionaries” and “share the daily lives of combatants.” Then the more sporting crowd could visit the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr from the Lebanese border.

Oddly enough, many journalists observed huge falsifications for themselves, but they did not draw any conclusions. Thus, a famous photojournalist filmed the Baba Amr “revolutionaries” burning tires to release black smoke and make believe in a bombing in the neighborhood. He broadcast these images on Channel4 [10], but continued to claim that he had witnessed the bombardment of Baba Amr as narrated by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. Or again, the New York Times noted that pictures and videos sent by the press service of the Free Syrian Army showing valiant fighters were staged [11]. Weapons of war were actually replicas, toys for children. The newspaper has nevertheless continued to believe in the existence of an army of deserters numbering nearly 100,000 men.

Reading a statement from the Free Syrian Army. The proud “deserters” are extras who carry fake weapons.

According to a classical irony, journalists prefer to lie than admit that they have been manipulated. Once duped, they consciously participate in the development of the lie they have discovered. The question is whether you, readers of this article, also prefer to close your eyes or if you decide to support the Syrian people against the Contras’ aggression.

Thierry Meyssan

[1] Tahrir Square is not the largest in Cairo. It was chosen for marketing reasons, the word Tahrir translates in European languages as “Liberty”. This symbol was obviously not chosen by Egyptians, for there are several Arab words signifying liberty. Moreover, “Tahrir” indicates the liberty that is given to one, not the liberty that one acquires.

[2] The Western press has made a habit of adding an “a” to Mr. Syda’s name, changing it to “Saida” to avoid confusion with the disease of the same name. Ed.

[3] The term “premeditation” is used normally in criminal law. In politics, the correct term is “conspiracy”, but the author abstained from using it because it creates a hysterical reaction from those who insist on making believe that Western policy is transparent and democratic. Ed.

[4] “Washington drafted new constitution for Syria”, Voltaire Network, 22 July 2012.

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