Netanyahu Congratulates Mursi, Urges Him to Uphold “Peace” Treaty

“The majority of those who are cheering the electoral results are not necessarily happy about Morsi’s victory, as much as they are relieved that Shafiq, the representative of the SCAF-backed counterrevolution is not in office.” 

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

The MBs are not a unified block. While the organization is in effect run and controlled by multi millionaires like Khairat el-Shatter, seeking compromise and reconciliation with the regime, their base cadres who hail from middle, lower middle and section of the working class are a different story. Across its history and with every twist and turn the Brotherhood were subject to splits.”
“while at the same time Saad el-Katatni (the parliament speaker) and el-Shatter were conducting negotiations and talks behind closed doors with SCAF….The MB leaders were and are sandwiched between the pressure coming from above (from SCAF), and that coming from below from the streets and from their own base cadres whose expectations are being skyrocketed.

“The revolution hasn’t ended and will not be diffused by Morsi’s victory. Morsi and the MBs have opened the pandora’s box, and the coming days will only exacerbate their contradictions. And it’s a process the left cannot be separate from. While continuing to build its base independently, and building alliances with other forces who seek an alternative different from what SCAF and the MBs could provide, the revolutionary left must continue to tactically intervene in any confrontation between SCAF and the MBs.”

Let us remmember that Khairat el-Shatter was the MB’s horse, and Mursi was the spare.
In his speech at cairo university, Mursi send “LOVE” messages to all concerned, starting with the junta, the great people of Egypt  and the Revolution’s Martyrs. He came in peace and promosed to  preserve all international treaties and charters” and Vowed to Back Palestinians until Getting Rights, and to support the Syrian people

Many Arab readers may remember the Syrian Comedian Hosni El-Barazan famous say:

“If you want to know whats goining on in Italy, you should know whats going on in Brazil”

إذا أردت أن تعرف ماذا يحدث في ايطاليا .. فعليك أن تعرف ماذا يحدث في البرازيل”!

For MBs “If you want to Liberate Jerusalem, you should liberate Damascus first”

I recommend watching this Vedio “Teshrein Village

Written after 1973 war, more than three decades before the so-called Arab spring. Watch Husni Elbarazan as if playing Hosni Mubarak / Tantawi / Shafiq/ Mursi.
The people wants to change the Mukhtar (Mayer)

Now Read Khalid Amayereh:

Don’t blame Mursi, his Palestinian brothers are not asking too much, they are seeking different strategy to restore Palestinian rights.
However, Netanyahu answered Muri’s message of peace.

Netanyahu Sends Letter to Mursi, Urges Him to Uphold “Peace” Treaty

Local Editor

netabyahuZionist entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to Egypt’s Mohammad Mursi, urging the new president to uphold a “peace” treaty between Cairo and Tel Aviv.
The letter “stressed Israel’s desire to continue cooperation and to strengthen the peace,” Israeli daily Haaretz and AFP news agency quoted an Israeli source as saying in condition of anonymity.
The letter was sent “in the last few days,” the source added, with Haaretz reporting that it was delivered to Mursi, via the Israeli embassy in Cairo.
The newspaper said the message “congratulated Mursi on his election, offered to cooperate with the new government in Cairo and expressed… hope that both parties will observe the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.”
Netanyahu “emphasized that honoring the agreement is in the interest of both countries,” the newspaper added, saying the Israeli premier had also “wished Mursi good luck” in his new role.
Haaretz said Israeli officials, after consulting with Washington, had decided to put off attempts to organize a phone call between Mursi and Netanyahu, but said the Israeli PM had dispatched an envoy for meetings with Egyptian security officials.
Netanyahu’s letter repeated much of the content of the statement he made publicly after Mursi was officially declared the winner of Egypt’s first post-uprising presidential election.
“Israel values the democratic process in Egypt and respects the results of the presidential election,” he said in a statement at the time.
“Israel hopes to continue cooperation with the Egyptian government on the basis of the peace treaty,” which the two countries signed in 1979.

Source: AFP
01-07-2012 – 11:27 Last updated 01-07-2012 – 11:27


Mursi Vows to Back Palestinians until Getting Rights

Local Editor

Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi delivers his first presidential addressEgypt’s President Mohamed Mursi announced on Saturday his support for the Palestinians until “they regain all their rights” and called for an end to bloodshed in Syria, in his first presidential address.
“I announce from here that Egypt, its people and presidential institution stand with the Palestinian people until they regain all their rights,” said Mursi.
He repeated as well that Egypt would respect its international treaties.

“We carry a message of peace to the world, accompanied and preceded by a message of right and justice,” Mursi said.

“We support the Syrian people. We want the bloodshed to stop.” he added.

Mohamed Mursi took his oath of office on Saturday in the University of Cairo, where Egypt’s military held national ceremonies celebrating the new president.

Mursi became Egypt’s fifth president and its first civilian and Islamist leader.

His predecessors were all from the ranks of the military which overthrew King Farouk in 1952.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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