deLiberation: Khalid "Ibn Sabaa" faning Sunni-Shae Fitna

I never imagined the Chief Anal-sist of PIC would be so low.

But why not. After reading his latest sectairian articles at deLiberation against shea, I recalled the story of the SON of Hamas.

Who could have imagined that Mosab Ibn Omair, sorry, I mean Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef woud serv for over a decade as the Shin Bet security service’s most valuable source in Hamas?.

Who could have imagined that Mosab Ibn Al-zubair, sorry I mean Mosab Hassan Yousef, would convert to Evangelical Christianity?.

The Son of Hamas is now working on a movie about the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Mosab announced the project at a press conference in Jerusalem in his first visit to Israel since he left in 2007.


Back to Khalid ibn Sabaa’ secterian trash whose ‘mission is to expose the criminal heretics, otherwise known as the Shiites of Iblis’. He wrote:
“I don’t consider killers of children, rapists of women and liars like you Muslim. If Bashar Assad and his supporters and thugs represent Islam, then sorry I don’t want to have anything with this Islam of yours.” Khalid Amayereh

As to the shiites I don’t consider them Muslim, no matter how much you would fret and rave.The Shiites don’t believe in the Quran. The think the true Quran is hidden in the cave with the hidden god-imam Mahdi.The Shiites curse other Muslims as often as they drink water.

“I have lived under the Israeli occupation for 45 years, and I can claim honestly and candidly that Israeli violence against us is nothing compared to Assad’s genocidal extermination of the people of Syria.
“Israel had one Dir Yasin, but the Shiite regime in Damascus has transformed every Syrian village and hamlet into a new Dir Yasin!!!!”

===== Bad news for the sectarian Khalid Amayereh, “Former Gaddafists Win in Libyan Democracy”   Yes very bad new for Amayereh Who wrote: “In the final analysis (ANAL-YSIS), the Libyan revolution has an Arab-Islamic face, heart and mind. It will not betray or disappoint Muslims anywhere in the world. Just give them a grace period, and they won’t disappoint you.” Khalid Amayereh. Unfortunately, they only disappointed their stupid brother. They, after destroying Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria (250,000 Victims), Libya (150,000), they got a new contract, destroying Syria. In case the regime in Syria is changed as Khalid predicted (God forbid) It’s not difficult to imagine who would be the next Syrian president. 

The well-paid Syrian exile community
(clockwise from top left):
Malik Al Abdah, Ammar Abdulhamid,
Radwan Ziadeh, Anas Al Abdah,
Ausama Monajed, and Najib Ghadbian.

However, Khalid is right, he don’t belong to real Islam that was revealed and completed before the Death of Prophet Mohammad PUH, before Sunni and Shiite. He belong to British, then American version of “Islam”, where:   

  • Nasser (Must see), not Israel, was the enemy.
  • Soviet Union, not America, was the enemy.
  • And now Syria, Iran, Hezbollah are the enemies.

In his final anal-ysis Usrael are the people of the book. Nasser was a Soviet agent, and now out of sudden, he and his stupid brothers, after all what Assads done to their Hamas, they discovered that “Success will never come from deviant  It will come from Sunni Hashemite Abdullah, and Hamad.  Khalid don’t want to rock the brotherhood boat, he a is waiting another Eisenhower, not another  Khrushchev and his famous shoes, to set the record straight with Usrael. Meanwhile, Palestinian should seek an alternative strategy, which nothing but the Jordan option. In doing that they the brotherhood is repeating 1976 Arafat’s Lebanese option. “Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?” asked Asked Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Rashad Bayoumy. Yes was the American answer, and to my best knowledge Hillary the, Queen of Hearts is now in Cairo, to say Mabrouk to Morsi after performing his Ummra, and to thak him for reassuring Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies he has no plans to ‘export’ Egypt’s revolution. According to Syrian opposition circles in Cairo, Hamad bin Jassem, in a meeting with members of the Syrian National Council in the Egyptian capital, presented an analysis stressing that Hamas ended as the movement of armed resistance. Hamas exit from Damascus, which has become confirmed will put an end to hamas as a resistance movement.The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will not be able to protect Hamas as an armed resistance movement because of the Camp David and Egyptian army presence and the large economic vulnerability in Egypt as well as the Egyptian society is not psychological ready for going to war on the border with Palestine, moreover the Jordan brothers can’t embrace Hamas because Jordan cannot bear this burden.  

Finally, opportunist Khalid claims, He “took part” in the Iranian revolution, learned Farsi and wrote numerous articles defending Iran and Hezbollah”. May Allah help Iran and Hezbollah, without Khalid and his brothers help Usrael could have crushed, and would crush Iran and Hezbollah. For those who don’t know Khalid and his brothers are the sons of Jewish spies Ka’ab Al-ahbar, Wahb bin Munabeh, and Abdullah Ibn Salam, who penetrated and divided Muslims, after murdering Omar Bin Al-khatab, thus paving the way for the Great Fitna.  According to Muslims yellow books, Ka’ab Al-ahbar warned Omar Bin Al-khatab, three days before his assasination, he repeated the warning next day, and Omar was killed on the third day. When asked how he knows, he told Omar: Without this Verses:

يَمْحُو اللَّهُ مَا يَشَاءُ وَيُثْبِتُ وَعِنْدَهُ أُمُّ الْكِتَابِ

“Allah doth blot out or confirm what He pleaseth: with Him is the Mother of the Book.”

I could tell you the past, the present and the future. Offcourse Kaab’s source is the Torah and Talmud. Nobody thought that ka’ab was involved in Killing Omar, and to my best knowledge, this Jew, “SAYEDNA Kaab” is burried in Homs in Syria, he have another grave covered with a big dome in a great mosque in Naseriya in Cairo.

فهذا اليهودي – كما هو معلوم – مدفون بمدينة حمص بالشام، ولكن له قبرا آخر فوقه قبة كبيرة تقع بأحد المساجد الكبيرة بحي الناصرية المشهور بالقاهرة.
“But I won’t sell my soul to the devil.” Khalid claimed.
You did Khalid, you and your Quradawi sold your soul to the American devil.
You are not a Zionist, you are worse. You belong to “Chosen Muslims” === “If you think that anyone objecting to or rejecting Shiite savagery and Nazi-like criminality must be Jewish, then I will be proud to be Jewish… Besides, what is wrong with being Jewish? Aren’t Jews human-beings who may be good or bad likwe the rest of mankind? Shiism itself is wedly thought to have been founded by Abdullah ibn Sabaa, a Jew. ” Khalid Amayereh   I would agree with Khalid “In the final analysis, wisemen have their mouths in their hearts whereas fools have their hearts in their mouths.” I would add Khalid has a very big mouth, and one cell brain. He is using his sectarian Islam in debaiting non-muslims, who don’t know that shiism started imediately after the death of Prophet Mohammad, who don’t know that Shea means party. So Shiism started as a the Political Party of Ali.   I challange Khalid to appear here to debate me about his claim that Shiism “been founded by Abdullah ibn Sabaa, a Jew.” According to Taha Hussain in his book: The BIG FITNA, Abdullah ibn Sabaa never existed, its a Sunni creation, who don’t have the courage to tell who was right and who was wrong in the fitna, is it Ali, or aysha and sahaba Talha and Zubair bin al-awwam? Who was right and who was wrong in the Famous Cammel battle. For stupids like Khalid, sahaba (comrades), are somehow like angles, not like other humans. Therefore, they created the myth of the Jew, Abdullah ibn Sabaa, and blaimed him for  dividing Muslims. Shiism (Immama Theory), and Sunni (Caliph theory) as theology existed after three hundred years and has nothing to do with Islam.
Religion, the holly text is something, and history of religion is somthing else.   River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!
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