Trading Palestine For A Share In The Arab Spring

by Daniel Mabsout
Monday, July 23rd, 2012


The words of the Sayyed of the Resistance were clear, it is an invitation to the Palestinian Resistance to resume the path of the Resistance and not to turn to hopeless Arab systems that failed in every respect regarding the cause. We don’t know if HAMAS will respond to what sounded like the last call sent to HAMAS from Sayyed to go back to its original position of fighting the enemy without betting on anything else that has proved ineffective.

Sayyed’s call was very mild and inviting but are the ears of the leaders of HAMAS still tuned to this kind of talk? Very unlikely, especially after HAMAS has fallen in the pit of sectarianism carefully prepared by the world order through Turkey and Egypt to make HAMAS slip to no return and relinquish the path of Resistance for that of reconciliation with the Palestinian authority and negotiations with Israel.

The Palestinian Resistance that started with Arafat and his companions has aged –no doubt-without achieving any its goals except for the independence of the narrow district of Gaza and the district that resisted invasion and could defend itself thanks to the Syrian weapons sent to it by the Syrian regime is now witnessing daily demonstrations that support the Syrian opposition. But despite the daily anti Syrian demonstration the living conditions in Gaza have not improved, the border with Rafah has not opened and the electricity is not back yet and things are pretty much the same four years after the Israeli assault. The district is still being daily shelled.
Why this giving up on the cause on behalf of the faction that was supposed to keep the fire burning and the cause alive? What is this that has happened to HAMAS and when did it start? The story of the Palestinian Resistance -despite significant sacrifices-is the story of the multiple failures that the liberation movement endured. These failures are maybe due to the fact that liberation- in the proper sense of the word-stopped at a certain time from being on the agenda of the FATEH movement, it was replaced by something else and the mere preservation of the Palestinian identity became-unfortunately -the sole goal, an identity without land.

Very few had a real vision of what liberation meant and implied; and how it was not limited to a certain locality and to a certain national identity but had a universal dimension. Liberation is certainly not restricted to the Palestine of Sykes/Picot but addresses all Arabs and particularly the human in the Arabs. This absence of clarity in addition to the money poured from Saudi Arabia to FATEH that participated greatly in corrupting the movement till corruption reached an unimaginable level where members started collaborating with MOSSAD and CIA against their own people.

HAMAS came later to change the course of things and restitute the armed Resistance as a priority.

HAMAS carried the banner well, coordinated with Hizbullah and Iran and succeeded in rallying the Arab and Muslim masses and rekindled the cause that was on the verge of being wasted by negotiations and agreements signed with the enemy. But this did not last and, when the Arab springs came, HAMAS turned against its own self and lost the Palestinian cause to Syria al Assad where the battle of Palestine is being fought right now, proving the fact that the cause cannot be confined to a sect nor restricted to a religion and, any attempt at confining it is bound to fail.

Had HAMAS taken a pro Syrian stand the same way Syria took a pro HAMAS stand when it supplied the district with weapons, things would have turned out differently and events would not have escalated the way they did. But HAMAS chose the sectarian alignment instead, relinquishing the essential cause for what seems to be a promise of sharing in the rule of neighboring Arab countries.

This is what HAMAS had to settle with: a share in a Sunni rule or regime in Syria in the absence of any prospect right now for Palestinians .One has to admit the fact that if there is no return to Palestine –according to the US/Israeli agenda – Palestinians would have then to be absorbed in their hosting countries where they will be given a share in the rule against relinquishing their cause. This is the spring promised to Palestinians on the remains of Syria as arranged by the world order and Israel.

By not supporting their major ally who hosted them for years and supplied them with weapons and protected their leaders and their independence , Palestinians are burying their cause with their own hands.

The cause –of course will not die– it will simply change hands and go to those who qualify for it. It will not suffocate in sectarianism nor in fanaticism , all the Arab bosoms and all bosoms of committed people will be open for it. It will find its right place and resume its own path…Palestinians should know that Israel has already been defeated and the way to defeat it is clear, accessible and feasible, the choice is still there. What would Palestinians choose?

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