Palestinian Reconciliation: Cocking aggregates

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem:

Dweik: Reconciliation must come before elections.

According to Abbas, Elections must come before Reconciliation.

Palestinian are facing a puzzle similar to the egg and chicken puzzle: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Since the last elections Fateh and Hamas never stopped taking about Palestinian reconciliation. Hamas never stopped telling us that reconciliation is a strategic goal.

After storming his one brain Khalid Amayreh wrote: Palestinians must rearrange their priorities?

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) is trying desperately these days to maintain its precarious survival under the Israeli occupation.
With empty coffers and no political breakthrough in sight, the Ramallah leadership is busy fabricating short-term “solutions,” rather than tackling and solving real problems.” he wrote without telling us what are the real problems, or how to tackle them.

“Last week, an Israeli cabinet minister was quoted as saying that the PA had only one and only reason for its existence, namely to serve Israeli security interests…If the PA failed to carry out this task to the letter, then it would lose its reason for existence as far as Israel is concerned.” he added.

If so, and it’s so, why Hamas don’t deal with PA as an occupation sub-contractor, the same way Hezbollah dealt with the Southern Lebanese army?

The majority of Palestinians are aware that “that the PA is an authority without authority, a police state without a state, an entity unlike any other under the sun.”

It is him, Khalid Amayreh, who promoted, after the famous meeting of Mishaal and Abbas in Qatar, the illusion of reconciliation with the Ramallah Traitor. He said that History will remember Abbas as a sincere man who tried but failed.

“But how can the Palestinian people hold real elections under the current circumstances?” asked Amayreh.

“Hamas shouldn’t be carried away by PA harrowing toward organizing elections that could only allow Israel to claim that the Palestinian problem is nearly over and that most Palestinians live under the rule of the PA, not Israel.” he added “”Elections can be an acceptable option if proper guarantees are obtained from the international community to the effect that the occupying power wouldn’t interfere or intervene in the polls in any manner.”

So the real issue is not the “security coordination”, not the occupation. it is the election and the “grand names, such as President, Prime Minister, parliament, etc.”

“Since the military solution in Gaza in 2007…In the process of avenging the ousting of Fatah militias from Gaza, the PA arrested thousands, tortured hundreds, sacked many from their jobs and launched a witch-hunt campaign against the supporters of Hamas….This reign of fear and terror, which is yet to come to an end, must be desensitized first and foremost before any election can even be contemplated. And this takes time.”

So, Abbas won’t election first, without giving Hamas “minimal degree of freedom of speech and expression and freedom to campaign and hold election rallies.” And Hamas won’t reconciliation first to guarantee its share in the PA cake.

I understood and supported Hamas going to Cairo for reconciliation during Mubarak era. At that time Hamas had no other choice.

I used to defend Hamas against those who wanted Hamas to be a Hezbollah saying that Hezbollah’s neighbor is a Lion, while Hamas neighbor is a traitor.

Now, after the so-called Arab spring Palestinians has the right to ask why Hamas don’t break with Ramallah, declare that west bank is occupied and declare a Palestinian state in ” liberated” Gaza?

Unfortunately, Hamas can’t do that and should comply with Mama’s priorities (Changing the regime in Syris), and Mama’s international comittments (Shalom for Israel)

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