by Daniel Mabsout

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Go over this article full of lies written by the so called Palestinian journalist called Khaled Amayreh . See how readers are being served by the dubious press . See what kind of propaganda is being disseminated by Zionists . The syndrome of al Jazeera of lying publicly and openly is not restricted to Al Jazeera or Al ‘Arabiyya . Just read the headline and watch what kind of dubious message is being conveyed.

The headline says : “They are slaughtering Palestinians” . It is supposed to be catchy . When you read :”They are slaughtering Palestinians” , you normally expect that this is done by Israel , but the headline says that the slaughter is done “in the Name of Palestine”. 

This is supposed to draw your attention that these slaughters are not committed by the usual expected slaughterer ie: Israel but from someone else..

So much for the Headline. In Arabic we say that the content of a speech is all in the title which is true because the rest of the article is not less catchy in speaking- extensively- about how Palestinians are being slaughtered .What Amayreh has probably learned from his masters must be the usual Zionist trick to use the plight of their people as a political tool to achieve political goals . The story goes on , and the pill that we have to swallow is -of course- that Palestinians are being massacred by President Assad.

The first story is a lie , the al Yarmouk Palestinian Camp was not shelled by the Syrian Army.
If we tend to believe journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddu and we tend to do so , the camp was shelled by the so called opposition and the Democratic Front of Liberation of Ahmed Jibril -that is pro Syrian- was hit and other locations in the camp as well.
After this statement, the flow of lies will not stop and this is due definitely to the Zionist instructions to replace the Israeli / Palestinian struggle by the fictitious Syrian /Palestinian struggle and to replace simultaneously in our own minds Israel by Syria. Very smart trick indeed that goes very well with the pack of lies that we have to swallow because -hardly are we done with the first lie- that we bump into the next one .
The liar journalist said that 20 Palestinians of the Palestinian Liberation Army were slaughtered by what he calls the Shabbiha of the regime which is- of course- another lie because the Commander in chief of the PLA in Syria : General Tarek al Khadraa said to the press that the seventeen PLA soldiers that were slaughtered were on a leave and were heading home -weaponless- when the thugs of the opposition abducted them and slaughtered them in the ugliest way .
The dubious article of the dubious Amayreh does not stop here but adds that” Palestinians and third party sources affirm the responsibility of the regime”. And who are the third party sources only God knows . They must be some fictitious stories told by grand ma Israel.. And this is not all , because as the Arab saying goes : If you feel no shame then do as you please .And this is what our shameless journalist does , not what pleases him but what pleases his masters. And this is how- from lie to lie- we can go over the whole article .
What comes next after all this delirium is the derogatory fictitious conversation between the dubious journalist and some person called Ahmed that we are supposed to trust because he is the friend of Amayreh, Palestinian like him with a PhD from a Western University ,probably similar to that from which our liar graduated . Big deal .

The conversation shows how credulous our journalist is or how naïve he thinks we are . Because- when asked why the Syrian regime would slaughter the PLA soldiers and what kind of interest the regime finds in acting thus – PhD Ahmed -who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons – gave us a PhD answer saying that the Alawite regime knows that Palestinians are sympathetic to the opposition and against it , so -for this reason -the regime slaughtered the PLA soldiers by abducting them on their way home and cutting their throats .Wonderful answer .

Still our journalist wanted to show us more of his professional skills by asking more questions to his PhD anonymous about the Palestinians’ positions regarding the actual events to which PhD answered –thoroughly- that it is of neutrality adding : not only the position of Palestinian refugees in Syria but that of all Palestinian factions for the purpose of protecting Syria’s refugees .
By saying this our journalist seems to forget the anti Assad demonstrations that roam Gaza almost daily and Haniyya ‘s statements delivered in Turkey where he addressed the Syrian opposition saying that his heart was with them and that HAMAS leadership stood by them . Big deal !.We ask our dubious author of dubious affiliations how are Palestinian Refugees in Syria being protected when Palestinians have joined in big numbers the armed thugs to the point that they form the largest Arab group in the gangs active on the ground ?

Finally -after all these delicatessen offered by the dubious author to our delight –comes in the main dish that is non less delicious , and you can guess that it is made of pure sectarianism cooked with the utmost care by the greatest Zionist Chefs to be enjoyed by all . This is where the creativity of our writer comes to full blossom and you can swallow his words letter by letter that say :

It the Shi’as who kill in Iraq and everywhere , they kill Syrians and Iraqis and Palestinians mercilessly , the Shi’as are the great killers of all times and the great criminals ever witnessed who have been engaged in killing Arabs for a decade now !

Zionists –of course – couldn’t be served better .There comes a whole sect that can strip them of their bloody reputation as slaughterers and exterminators- by excellence- thanks to some dubious Palestinian journalist who has sold his soul to the devil!

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