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This is a commentary on the commentary written by Khalid Amayreh about the last events in Sinai entitled : Murderous Terrorists, Par Excellence This is the other side of the coin that Palestinian so called journalist Khalid Amayreh is showing us now in relation to the bloody massacre that happened in Sinai and took the lives of sixteen Egyptian soldiers and injured others. Amayreh here is taking the role of the objective journalist which should not fool anyone , thinking that objectivity can be partitioned. . And while praising and celebrating those who kill in Syria as being revolutionaries bringing democracy to the Syrians , we see him here turning from the journalist thug he is to humanitarian objective witness he is not . You can hardly believe your eyes when you read by the thug -whom you know – the following ” In Islam, there is no crime under the sun graver and greater than killing an innocent human being. Indeed, the murder of even one human being is equated with the killing of the entire humanity and the saving of a single life is equated with saving the entire humanity.” Who could believe this coming from the war monger Amayreh is ? Of course Islam is to be applied in Egypt and not in Syria . In Syria the Ordinances of Islam do not work . What works are the instructions of the US Administration and Israel and the Turkey of NATO where we see our thug writer asking for more bloodshed to be spilled so that the Islam of the prince of Qatar and the Islam of Bandar bin Sultan rule. But this is not all because, as we proceed through the commentary, we find our unhappy writer accusing Israel of standing behind this bloody incident in Sinai in saying :” The manifestly criminal attack shows that there are treacherous fingers lurking in the dark, trying to undermine the stability of Egypt by sowing terror, violence, chaos, and death in the most important Arab country.” Before adding that: “ The first and foremost suspect is, of course, Israel” . How wonderful ! There is no doubt that great inspiration has fallen- suddenly -upon our enlightened writer accompanied with deep insight into the matter whereby he is able to identify his real enemy and the enemy of Egypt ,while – if you read the above quotation , and replace the word Egypt with the word Syria , you get more a real description of the Syrian situation than the Egyptian one .But our dubious commentator will refrain from accusing Israel or “treacherous fingers lurking in the dark “of destabilizing Syria and spilling innocent Syrian blood because- when speaking of Syria – our author has the power to make Israel disappear –as if by magic – with all its schemes and murderous plans , whereas Bashshar al Assad is to endorse the full role of the criminal usurper state. So it is Bashshar who kills and slaughters and not the armed thugs whom dubious Amayreh describes as criminals when they operate in Egypt against the Egyptian army, but as revolutionaries when they kill Syrian soldiers and slaughter Syrian children! Why would Israel be the enemy of Egypt that has signed peace agreements with it and the enemy of Palestinians who are in negotiation with it and not the enemy of Syria who is at war with it is a question that will not be answered easily by our dubious fake commentator. And this is not all because – as the commentary draws to its end , our fake Palestinian journalist becomes more and more eloquent especially when he states that the crimes were committed by :” …some of the overzealous elements who can be easily used by the Israeli intelligence to carry out some terrorist acts and are made to think that by doing these acts they are actually serving the cause of global Jihad!!!!” Exactly Mr. double standard journalist , this is what the so called Jihadists might be doing in Egypt and in Syria , except that- in addition- they might be offered some reward because- in most cases- they are simply hired to do what they do and not necessarily inspired ; but I guess this is a too itchy matter which our “integral” journalist cannot tackle without consequences . The last two lines of the so called commentary of Mr Amayreh are not less inspiring , when he summons all to show sympathy and solidarity saying :” However, Egypt shouldn’t flinch on this matter of paramount national security and the entire world would show understanding and sympathy for the Egyptian stance.” Thank you Mr. Amayreh we couldn’t have said it better – regarding Syria – and we will consider that it is Syria that is meant despite what you think . Once more you have not fooled anyone Mr. Amayreh and whatever neutral objective tone you have adopted will not make up for the lies and indecencies and slanders you have been all the way uttering through your various articles Comment by the Uprooted Palestinian I was wondering what Khalid Amayreh, the sectarian thug, would say about the Sinai attack on Egyptian guarding Israel? He finally preyed:

“However, all fingers seem to be pointing to the nihilistic Takfeeri killers who think they are practicing Jihad and endearing themselves to the Almighty by murdering innocent Egyptian soldiers, even during the holy month of Ramadan.

What sort of spiritual and ideological blindness has overwhelmed these gangs of ignoramuses and fanatics?

I have no doubt the Khalid Amayreh, the only commentator at PIC, is well informed. Unlike, Hamas and Muslim brothers who blamed Mossad, Khalid blamed the Takfeeri killer and their spiritual and ideological blindness. We have seen the same nihilistic Takfeeri killers practicing the same Jihad in Libya, and now in Syria. In Sinai the same sectarian author called them Takfeeri killers, in Libya and now in Syria they are freedom fighters.

Besides, one is always prompted to ask who stands to benefit from this crime other than the enemies of Egypt, the enemies of Palestine and the enemies of Islam?

The Sectarian thug never asked who stands to benefit from changing the regime in Syria other the enemies of Syria, the enemies of Palestine and the enemies of Islam?

The perfidious attack on the small Egyptian garrison is undoubtedly a declaration of war on the people of Egypt, its army, government, sovereignty and national dignity and honor.

For the sectarian thug, the global war on the people of Syria, its army, government, infra-structure sovereignty and national dignity and honor, is a war for liberation, and freedom..

“It is also a treacherous aggression against the Palestinian people, having occurred only a few days after the successful visit to Cairo by the Prime Minister of Gaza, Ismael Haniya.”

Sinai attack is a “treacherous aggression against the Palestinian people,” Palestinians cause is losing in Sinai, but with the 17 months daily attacks in syria Palestinians cause is gainig. When I strated writing this, the title was: Sectarian’s Double Standards: Takfeeri killers in Sinai, Freedom fighter in Syria. But suddenly, I remembered that the so-called Sinai Takfeeris were smuggling arms and food to besieged Gaza, I remmebered Hezbullah cells.

“In a televised speech on April 10, Nasrallah denied the accusations of plotting terror attacks against Egypt, but admitted that alleged cell leader Sami Shihab (whose true name is Muhammad Yousef Ahmad Mansour) is indeed a member of Hizballah and that he was ordered “to provide the Palestinian resistance in Gaza with logistical services including moving military equipment and personnel to Gaza.” After Egyptian revolution police stations in Sinai were dismantled, the gas line with Israel was attacked more than fifteen times, and weapons arriving from Libya and from Israel’s black market and elsewhere are stockpiled. Sinai is becoming a major Resistance base with fighters vowing to repel any attempt by the US and Israel to retain control. I remembered also Nasrallah asking who smuggled arms and food to Gaza.

“Israel, today, is afraid of Gaza and afraid for Tel Aviv. Who gave [Gaza fighters] the rockets? The Saudi regime? The Egyptian regime? No. They were rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria. The Syrian leadership was risking its interests and existence in order for the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine to be strong. Show me one Arab regime that does the same.”

Connecting the dots, the picture is clear. Khalid Amayreh can’t call the attackers “Shiite killer” because they are Sunnis, moreover, he don’t like to see Sunnis fighting Israel, so he described the attackers as Takfeeri killers. Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri has charged that the attack on Egyptian soldiers in Sinai fell in line with attempts to destabilize the security in both Egypt and Gaza.Haneyya agrees with Jihad delegation on shunning ideologically deviated elements oussam Kanafani ended his article “The Sinai Attack: Sending a Message” Gaza Strip’s new joke about the Sinai attack: “Israel cooked, Egypt ate, and Gaza has to wash the dishes,”

Mursi between Tantanwi and Anan at Iftar in Rafah

Now I would say: Israel and the SCAF cooked, MB ate, Gaza and the Sinai Bedouin tribes has to wash the dishs. Otherwise, why would Mursi fire Egypts Chief Spy? Why would The Zionist entity give Egypt the “go-ahead “to deploy helicopters in Sinai, easing the restrictions on military presence in the peninsula set by a 1979 “peace” treaty” According to Haartez: “It might sound strange, but the current security coordination between Israel and Egypt is perhaps at the highest level it has been since the peace agreement was forged by the two nations.” River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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