The Taming of Islam

It seems true that while Islam as a religion is expanding and becoming larger and more spread, its role and influence are being compromised by its relations with imperialist forces and its involvement in merciless crimes and atrocious behavior whether in Libya or -now – in Syria . Thus the “religion of Islam” has- in falling under western influences – parted with the true message and values to serve its coexistence with the colonialist west .

“Islam” is being used to subjugate peoples and to make possible for the usurpers to usurp the resources and land of Muslim people and is being used to create havoc and social unrest and internal wars .

This is the challenge that is confronting Islam and exposing the religion world wide which is in the first place an attack on real Islam and Muslims people. Islam is under attack- for sure- and for this the world Order has mobilized thugs who kill and slaughter in the name of the religion .

If this proves anything it proves that true Islam is the real enemy to the powerful western states . Islam- like that of Erdogan- is a friend to the world order because it recognizes Israel and normalizes with it; and the same goes for many Gulf states who have completely surrendered to the will of their masters of the western world .

The Arab spring has brought to power the Muslim forces belonging to a certain sect to fight with it the other sect . If Islam is targeted , it is not any Islam . It is the Islam of the Resistance, the Islam that has defeated Israel and turned Iran in to an independent strong country in spite of the world order. This is the Islam that is intended. . We need the quality of Islam and not the quantity . Iran has proved to be up the challenge and has become a fully equipped country capable of defending itself and of also promoting Muslim and Arab causes tirelessly . It has raised high the banner of committed Islam whereas the other Muslim forces – brought to power by the Arab springs- are exposing Islam rather than promoting it ; they are promoting normalization with Israel instead and have developed strong ties with USA while keeping Gaza under siege .

The Palestinians who –like HAMAS- are supposed to be the father of the child- not only have relinquished the struggle and turned to negotiations with the enemy, but are fighting the resisting forces on the ground like in Syria.. .What kind of Islam is this that normalizes and recognizes Israel? Is this Islam at all ? Now that the hajj to the Holy shrine in Mekka is drawing near, we will see millions flocking to perform the ritual from the four sides to Mekka while the first Qibla is under occupation .

Muslims need to connect to real Islam to be educated to the reality of their religion ; there is no avail to turning their religion into something that suits their personal ambitions and the ambitions of the usurpers of this world.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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New Massacre in Al-Haidariya, Armed Group Assure Attacking Town

Local Editor

Crimes against civilians continue in Syria as an armed terrorist group committed earlier Sunday a massacre against citizens of Al-Haidariya village in Al-Qseir countryside in Homs province, killing over 17 people and kidnapping a number that is not specified yet.

According to Syrian news agency SANA, an armed group early Sunday attacked Al-Haidariya village, shelling it with mortars and machineguns, and killing 17 people.

The news agency quoted a source as saying that “the armed group also perpetrated looting and theft acts in the village.”
For their part, Al-Farouq brigades assured in a statement published in their website that they attacked Al-Haidariya village, claiming that they “completely liberated it”.

The statement said that “the heroes” of Al-Farouq brigades surrounded Al-Ghassaniyah village, and fired rockets at a school that they later broke into, indicating that they “advanced after that towards Al-Haidariya to liberate it”.
Meanwhile, units of the armed forces clashed with an armed group in Bab Hud and Bab Al-Turkman neighborhoods in Homs city, killing a number of them.

SANA further reported that the Armed Forces destroyed six cars equipped with DShK machineguns and killed terrorists in Al-Jandoul roundabout, Baleh town, and Daret Izzeh in Aleppo.

Armed groups were also targeted in Sheikh Suleiman area and in Tal-Abiad town and its countryside in Raqqa province.

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Egypt’s Morsi the New Mubarak

Is Egypt’s Morsi the New Mubarak?

By:Alaa al-Aswani posted on Sunday, Sep 30, 2012

I did not vote for President Mohammed Morsi. Before the elections, I appealed to the Egyptians through As-Safir to boycott in protest of Ahmed Shafiq’s nomination for the presidency before the 35 corruption cases against him were investigated. The boycott failed.

Millions of Egyptians saw that they had no choice but to vote for Morsi, not because they agreed with his ideas or those of the Muslim Brotherhood, but simply to prevent the restoration of Mubarak’s regime at the hands of Shafiq. So Morsi became president and I said that the will of the people must be respected. I thought it unfair to attack President Morsi before he was given a chance.
But three months after he took office his political orientation has become clear. Unfortunately, his actions and decisions have been disturbing, as exemplified by the following:
 1) One of the most important causes of the revolution was the Interior Ministry’s brutal repression. The people demanded that the state security apparatuses be eliminated, that the Interior Ministry be cleansed of Mubarak’s corrupt men and that those responsible for torture be held accountable.
However, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) refused to make any changes to the Interior Ministry during the transitional period. Then, after Morsi became president, we were surprised that he too refused to cleanse the Interior Ministry. Instead, he made use of the old leadership, such as Interior Minister Ahmed Gamal al-Din.
It seemed as though a bargain had been struck between the Brotherhood and the Interior Ministry’s men whereby the latter would retain their posts and privileges and remain exempt from accountability for their crimes in exchange for them restoring security and protecting the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Security was somewhat restored but acts of repression have also come back. Egyptians are again being humiliated in police stations.
Last week, an engineer named Mohammad Fahim was driving in Mansoura. A police officer stopped him and asked for his driver’s license. Mohammad noticed that he had forgotten it at home so he politely asked the officer to permit him to go home with a police officer to get the license.
The officer said: “That kind of conversation is more appropriate with your mother.”
When Mohammad objected to this slight, the officer beat him, had his men lay Mohammad on the ground for a while, then took him to the police station, where they tortured him, fabricated a charge against him and transferred him to the prosecution. He was then remanded in custody pending further investigation.
There have been many similar incidents, which indicates that President Morsi — like President Mubarak — doesn’t mind that citizens are being tortured and are having their dignity violated.
In fact, the dignity of the Egyptians abroad is not better than the ones at home. It is well known that the Saudi legal system does not conform to international standards of justice. But even though the Saudi legal system does not touch foreigners, hundreds of Egyptians are held in Saudi prisons either without trial or as a result of unfair trials.
Among them is Ms. Najla Wafa, who is being flogged every week because she had a fallout with one of the many princesses from the Saudi royal family.
There is also the case of Ahmed al-Gizawy. This lawyer is being tried on trumped-up charges because he dared to speak about human rights violations against Egyptians in Saudi Arabia.
During President Morsi’s first visit there, he exchanged hugs and had his picture taken with Saudi officials. Yet he did nothing to help his citizens who are detained in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, in Egyptian military prison there are thousands who have been detained during protests on false charges.
The 8 April officers were arrested for taking part in a demonstration on 8 April 2011, to protest an attack on a sit-in.
There also the “April 8 officers” who joined the demonstrations in Tahrir Square. They were arrested and subjected to severe torture. They are still locked up. Before he was elected, President Morsi promised to release them as soon as he took office, but so far he has not done so.
2) When President Morsi formed the government, we were surprised to see that it included several ministers from the former regime. This indicates that Mubarak and Morsi’s policies are not very different.
egyptian, workers, demand, a, say, in, the, new, egypt, under, president, morsi,
President Mubarak was partial toward the rich, whom he tried to please and help increase their wealth, while he didn’t care about the poor’s suffering. Morsi is unfortunately no different than Mubarak in that regard. Morsi is now close to the businessmen who belonged to Mubarak’s regime. When he visits foreign countries, he takes them with him aboard his plane.
As he tries to deal with the economic crisis, Morsi is not considering cutting state spending nor laying off advisers who are unduly being paid millions. He is not considering imposing a progressive tax on the rich nor stopping gas and electricity subsidies to factories that sell their goods at international rates. President Morsi is not considering making such moves because they threaten the interests of the rich.
He borrows like Mubarak: he requested $4.8 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without revealing the loan’s terms to the public.
We should mention that former Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri also wanted to borrow from the IMF but at the time the Brotherhood strongly objected, saying that borrowing would increase Egypt’s debt and that paying interest is against Islamic law.
But now, here they are cheering president Morsi’s loan request, which they suddenly discovered to be in conformity with Islamic law because “it is a necessity,” and the ends justify the means. It seems the Brotherhood has multiple doctrines from which it picks and chooses whatever suits its interests.
3) The Mubarak regime used to control the media and the national newspapers, which it utilized to spread lies and depict Mubarak as an inspiring and wise leader. Rather than make the newspapers independent and eliminate the Information Ministry, President Morsi appointed a Brotherhood member as Information Minister and the Brotherhood-dominated Shura Council appointed atop the national newspapers new editors who are well aware that they owe their positions to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s Information Minister Salah Abdel Maqsood tells
Lebanese TV host
“I wish your questions are not as hot as you are,”

The Brotherhood’s influence over the media is becoming clearer by the day. As it did with Mubarak, state television keeps broadcasting images of President Morsi.
Even the private channels want to solidify their relationship with the Brotherhood. They have started replacing journalists who oppose the Brotherhood with ones who are more friendly to it. Morsi’s recent television interview was an exact copy of Mubarak’s:
The president sits majestically and full of confidence, and in front of him sits a TV announcer who is shuddering with fear because he knows that one wrong word could end his career or even his life.
The TV announcer asks the president softball questions and the latter answers with hollow and meaningless slogans. Then suddenly, the announcer looks at the president’s face in wonderment and says:

“Your Excellency works tirelessly for the sake of Egypt. When do you get to rest?”

President Morsi has maintained Mubarak’s corrupt media, which he is now using to his advantage.
4) The Constituent Assembly is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. This means that no matter how many hearings and discussions they hold, the Brotherhood’s “supreme guide” will have the final say in determining Egypt’s constitution.
Before he was elected, Morsi promised to make the Constituent Assembly representative of all parts of society. But as usual, he broke that promise and kept the assembly unchanged. The assembly is writing unacceptable articles that limit public freedoms, women’s rights and the freedom of the press.
It is likely that the assembly will write a constitution that serves the interests of the Brotherhood and then call for a quick referendum whereby the Brotherhood’s mighty political machine in the mosques would convince the ordinary people that they must approve the constitution to ensure their entry into heaven.
5) President Morsi promised that public freedoms would flourish under his reign. But the opposite has happened.
Newspapers were seized and al-Faraeen channel was closed. Regardless of how we felt about that channel, we do not accept that it be closed by an administrative order because then any channel that Morsi does not like can also be closed.
Islam Afifi is accused of insulting Prophet Mohammed .
SORRY, I mean President Mohammed Morsi
There is an Egyptian citizen named Bishwi al-Buhairi who will spend two years in prison for insulting President Morsi on Facebook. There are also senior journalists being tried on the same charge. The charge of “insulting the president” does not exist in a democracy, but president Morsi seems to want to put his opponents in prison. He refuses to decriminalize the so-called “publishing crimes.”
Brotherhood official Mahmoud Ghozlan said that journalists will not be exempt from imprisonment because they are not better than others.
This statement betrays Ghozlan’s ignorance on what happens in civilized countries, where writers and journalists are not imprisoned because of their opinions or writings but are punished by paying a fine, if convicted.
Freedoms may not be better under Morsi than under Mubarak. In fact, they could get worse.
6) President Morsi was elected by the people but he also belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a secret organization and no one knows its rules, regulations or funding sources.
We have repeatedly demanded that the Brotherhood’s status be codified and that its funding sources be placed under state supervision.
But it seems that President Morsi prefers to keep the Brotherhood a secret group that supports him from behind the scenes.
The president’s connection with the group has resulted in behavior unacceptable in any democracy.
Brotherhood official Khairat Shater behaves as if he were the prime minister. He makes statements on government projects. He travels abroad and meets with foreign officials with which he negotiates and signs agreements. But under what capacity is he doing that?
We really don’t know who rules Egypt: President Morsi or the Brotherhood’s supreme guide?
The situation has become worrisome. It seems that after the revolution nothing changed except the president. Mubarak was simply replaced with Morsi.
President Morsi moves around guarded by 3000 troops. When he prays at the mosque he prevents police officers from entering the mosque in order to keep the president secure.
When Morsi traveled to Rome he stayed at the same luxury hotel where Mubarak used to stay, costing the state thousands of pounds per night.
The revolution made a great achievement when it deposed Mubarak, tried him and threw him in prison with his followers. The revolution’s task now should be to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from controlling the state.
If the national forces do not immediately unite to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from fully controlling the state then we and our children will pay a high price.
On the 42nd anniversary of Nasser’s Death: 4 Nasserist Parties merge to stop selling out Egypt
The people who made this great revolution are capable of protecting it, God willing.
Democracy is the solution.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog

Ahmadinejad spoke like a Messiah

Posted on September 27, 2012
Yesterday, Iran’s President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered his 8th and last speech at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York City. However, during today’s speech, Ahmadinejad wore two hats; President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Chairman of the 120-nations Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

In contrast to early speeches by US president Barack Obama and British prime minister David Cameron, who threatened both Syria and Iran – Ahmadinejad talked about peace and justice. He avoided mentioning US-Israel sponsored bloodshed in Syria or the US-Israel produced provocative anti-Islam movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’. To show their guilty consciences – the US, British, Israeli and Canadian delegates walked out of the forum as soon as Ahmadinejad took the mike. They all accused the Iranian President of spouting “paranoid theories and repulsive slurs against Israel”

Ahmadinejad decried the “current abysmal situation of the world,” saying it resulted from “the self-proclaimed centers of power who have entrusted themselves to the Devil.” He also slammed the“arms race” and “nuclear intimidation” being perpetuated by “hegemonic powers,” as well as “the continued threat by uncivilized Zionists to resort to military action”.

During his address, Ahmadinejad spoke the word “peace” 12 times, “justice” 15 and “love” 13.

On Tuesday, Ahmadinejad met leaders of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths including Louis Farrakhan, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Leah Bolger, president of ‘Veterans for Peace‘. Interestingly, all the three are labeled as Israel-haters by the Jewish lobby groups. ”We note that Iran has been a signatory to the NPT since its inception in 1968, even though it does not have a nuclear weapons program. Israel, on the other hand, which is NOT a signatory to the NPT has a fully developed nuclear weapons program, but does not acknowledge that it exists. We also note that Iran fully supports a Nuclear Weapons-Free Middle East Zone, yet this proposal has been dismissed out of hand by Israel, and has been virtually ignored by the U.S. media,” Bolger told the guests.

“The only public figures that are vilified by the press at the UN for raising controversial questions – the alleged enemies of the empire—are Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Ahmadinejad,” said Mike Berger, a spokesman for said in 2010.

One problem central to the current tensions is that the US-Israel never accepted the legitimacy of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, Ahmadinejiad said, calling for the creation of a new, less polarized world order.

“I do believe the system of empires has reached the end of the road. The world can no longer see an emperor commanding it,” he said.

There is a great article posted on the Washington Blog. Read the article here and see Iran in photos here.

Listen to Ahmadinejad’s speech at the US General Assembly, below.

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Temple of "Israel"

 Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Before proceeding to watch the videos, a small piece of advice might help you cope with the contents and with surviving the aftermath of exposure to such “radiant brilliance”:

Sit in a nice cozy corner, dim the light, snug your favourite cuddly toy, shake off any tensions, relax your body and empty your mind of any negative or positive thoughts… keep it minimalistic; bare and clean.

While watching be careful, try not to exercise any of your mental muscles. Remember to stay as dumb and slow as you possibly can.

Be vigilant, don’t surrender to “fake clues”  that might appear on the way; remember, the first video has absolutely “nothing” to do with the second or third clips, nor does it have anything to do with this presentation. Any temptation to find “non-existing” links is doomed to failure.

The three videos are utterly completely and unequivocally unrelated. It is by sheer coincidence that they landed on the same page here. In real life, their relationship is like chock and cheese.

 Any “far-fetched” thoughts or “pipe-dream” ideas about a somewhat “relationship” of some sort will grant you one of these titles: conspiracy theorist, delusional-paranoid, hateful anti-Semite. Be safe, stay far far away.

 Do not try to link any dots, see any connections between anything or anything else, and most importantly, do not draw any conclusions.

Do not try to remember or ever mention the ideology of the founders of Hollywood as per the first video, nor the disproportionate over-representation. Such information is of no interest to anyone at all. Rather, it is actually irrelevant and useless, bordering on being detrimental/ dangerous, because of its negative affect on equal opportunity and community cohesion.

 Keep in mind that it is absolutely perfectly OK that a specific small minority group gets the monopoly of this magnitude over such a “useless” branch of entertainment. Nothing wrong with that.

 If some questions pop up involuntarily in your head, resist their pushiness by all means possible. Sit in another quiet place, take deep breaths and as you inhale keep repeating calmly: I see no links, I hear no evidence, I speak no offence.

 Be reassured that such kind of “innocent” entertainment has absolutely “zero” influence on the minds of the youth who watch it. It has been made purely for “fun”.

Such “civilized”, highly “evolved” “fine art” should not be linked or accused of influencing the depleted state of mind, the spiritual vacuous conception, the violent behaviour of today’s youth, nor should this refined form of entertainment be linked to the arousal of fear from, and hatred of Islam and Muslims. Such thoughts are extremely offensive for its hazardous nature. Mute and suppress that type of “irresponsible” “uncivilized” thoughts in the cradle.

Now watch with care



Tunisian Salafist: “The enemy is Ennahda.”

Tunisia’s Political Rancor Cancels Ennahda-Salfist Honeymoon


By:Raouf Ben Hedi posted on Saturday, Sep 29, 2012

“The enemy is Ennahda.” That short sentence perfectly summarizes what the Tunisian Salafist movements’ activists and supporters are thinking. Written in the color of blood, that sentence has been everywhere on their social networking pages since late evening Sunday, Sept. 23, when Hassan Brik, the official of the Ansar al-Sharia’s outreach office, was arrested. The Salafists resent the government, the ruling party, and some Ennahda officials who welcomed the arrest.

The honeymoon between Ennahda and its Salafists “progeny” has ended. And so has the impunity that the latter have been enjoying. The government seems to have tightened the screws after the serious incident at the US Embassy. The government mainly accuses Salafist groups for that incident.

This change in tactics by Ennahda has angered Salafist militants. For them, the number one enemy is now Ennahda because that Islamist movement has betrayed the “cause” in order to satisfy the Westerners.

For 10 days, the Salafists saw themselves being turned into scapegoats. They deny being behind the violence that targeted the US embassy.

They say that they have only expressed their anger toward the American “devil” without ever having used violence. They do not understand why they are the only ones being accused while “all segments of society” have gone out to defend Prophet Mohammad against attacks from infidels.

Tensions rose after the killing of one of their members and the attempted arrest of Sheikh Abu Iyad on Friday, Sept. 14.

Their anger was further fueled by statements from Ennahda President Rachid Ghannouchi and from several government members who have promised a severe response to the attack against the US embassy, which the Salafists were quickly accused of.

According to the Salafists, the accusations are baseless and they are outraged that Ali Laarayedh has used the police against them.

Two days after the US Embassy attack, which happened on Sunday, Sept. 16, Sheikh Abu Iyad was sought at the funeral of those who have been “martyred” at the hands of the army and the infidel “taghoot” [tyrant]. That information was according to Shems FM. But the Interior Ministry denied it shortly afterward.

The Salafists, however, confirmed the presence of their leader at the funeral and prepared for a second provocation, which [would] be spectacular. On Monday, Sept. 17, they announced that Abu Iyad will deliver a sermon that day and they gave out the time and place. The mosque where the sermon was to be held was surrounded by the police, but that did not prevent the Salafists from arriving in droves. As was expected, Abu Iyad came and delivered his speech before quietly slipping away from under the noses of the police and special forces. The media, including Al-Jazeera, were present, which prevented the Interior Ministry from denying anything. The Interior Ministry said that it was a tactical decision to avoid a confrontation in the city center.

The Salafist leader rejected the accusations by the government and the ruling party. He declared what, to him, is obvious: The government is nothing compared to the umma [Islamic nation].

Three days later, it was the turn of Hassen Brik, the official of Ansar al-Sharia’s outreach office. He was invited to Shems FM and took the opportunity to defend his comrades and reject the government’s and the ruling party’s “unfounded and defamatory” accusations. He said that the government is employing a double standard. “Why is the law strictly applied against the Salafists but not to the Islamists close to Ennahda?” he asked.

The police reacted by quickly surrounding Shems FM, forcing him to take refuge inside the premises of the radio station. He then called his lawyers and supporters to the rescue. The police backed off. But they arrested him 48 hours later at el-Khadhra city on Sunday, Sept. 23, shortly before 10 p.m. It is still not clear why he was arrested.

The Salafists are only angry with Ennahda. They have no doubt that it is the ruling party that is spearheading the campaign against them.

As of this morning, Monday, Sept. 24, the comments on their Facebook page are about the reaction of the Ennahda official in La Goulette, Nawfel Jebali, who joked about the arrest of Hassan Brik.

Ali Laarayedh (L) Sheikh Abu Iyad (R)

Also on Facebook, they are trying to stir up the crowd with a picture of Jebali. “Today, it is him. Tomorrow, it’s you,” they write. They draw Ennahda’s logo in blood. They exchange a video of the “tyrant” Rachid Ghannouchi, whose discourse has dramatically changed after he came to power. The title of the video is “Tunisia’s tyrant is moving closer to the West by using the blood of Muslims defending their Prophet.”

The Salafists have no doubt that their enemy is Ennahda, which is headed by the duo Rached Ghannouchi and Ali Laarayedh. They are convinced that Ennahda is subservient to the American “satanic enemy.”

Meanwhile, the government and its Ennahda leaders are speaking in two voices. On the one hand, they are trying to placate Westerners by making many interviews and statements that emphasize the primacy of the law and the state.

Rafik Abdessalem was dispatched to Washington to reassure Hillary Clinton who, with a little diplomacy, harshly reprimanded him. They are using the attack on the embassy to demonize the Salafists and the “outlaws.” But on Tunisian media, their discourse is different and they are more or less conciliatory toward the Salafists. During an appearance on the number one public TV station, Rached Ghannouchi even denied an AFP report.

The young Ennahda members are calling for reconciliation with their Salafists “brothers” by indirectly implying that if the Salafists consider Ennahda as their enemy, that would place the Salafists in the same camp with the RCD [the dissolved Constitutional Democratic Rally], the secularists, and the left!

But that argument is not resonating with the angry Salafists.

They are seeing the wave of arrests targeting them. They are comparing it to what is happening in Egypt (where there has been 14 death sentences against Salafists) and they fear that their turn is coming soon. They are preparing, unless all that is just an act!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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Damascus to Ankara: We’ll Arm Every Kurdish Man with A Rocket

Local Editor
The United States has called for a contact with Syria at the United Nations, as Damascus told Ankara it was heading to arm Kurds, Nidal Hamade wrote in his “Friday Stance” at al-Manar Website.

The US delegation that took part in the UN General Assembly’s meeting has asked for a contact with the Syrian delegation through Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Arab sources in France told al-Manar Website that the US wanted to discuss the issue of Syria’s chemical weapons.

According to the sources, Syria stressed, with a Russian guarantee, that these weapons would not be used in any mean inside Syria during the conflict between the government and the militant opposition which has been supported by the US and its Arab and Turkish allies.

The Arab sources said that the Syrian delegation stressed that the chemical weapons have been secured and far from danger, and it would not be used but in case of foreign attack against Syria. And in this case, the countries which have been inciting and taking part in this attack, would be a “legitimate target” for the Syrian rockets which are loaded with chemical warheads, including countries neighboring Syria.


The Arab sources noted that the Zionist entity and Turkey were definite targets for the non-traditional Syrian rockets in case of foreign military intervention in Syria, something Qatari Emir and Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi have called for in the UN.

Turkish soldiersIn the same context, Kurdish sources close to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria, which is considered as the Syrian branch for the PKK, said that Syria has sent a letter to Turkey saying that the Turkish interference in Syria, which reached the extent of a direct military interference on the border and Idlib, would prompt Damascus to arm every Kurdish man in both Turkey and Syria.

The Kurdish source added that the regime in Syria is heading towards arming the Kurdish militants with heavy and advanced weapons including cornette rockets which the Kurds need during their fight against Ankara, in addition to mortar bombs and many other weapons and equipments.

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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