PALESTINE, Not Just a Name!

No more, a bunch of refugees;
Not a mere oppressed and dispossessed, struggling for survival

A symbol of courage, determination, endurance and inspiration 
for every bullied individual and every oppressed nation

 Holders of the torch of justice, 
Seekers of freedom 
professors of endurance 
Teachers of dignity 
Callers to humanity,
Longing for an egalitarian society
Seeking liberation from a ruthless minority 
Of  predatory, oppressive warmongering elite

 No more, a mere geographical location 
No longer a decaying chapter in a book of history 

A poignant story, 
A beautiful vision,
 A passionate cause,
 An exquisite poem,
 A Melody of freedom
 An inspirational idea, 

 A moral concept 

 that could never be destroyed

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  1. Dearest Nahida,Your humility is one of the praiseworthy virtues that you have, one of many virtues that you carry in abundance.I have always loved your dedication to Palestine, and you do this in a peaceful and truthful way that educates and gives understand and also inspires.Your poetry moves me to tears, I weep for the love of Palestine that it invokes.Thank you for your generous words about my poetry; coming from you, it means a lot to me. Thank you.

  2. Dear GenieThank you very much for your humbling poem… I really don't deserve such beautiful words. Furthermore, allow me to use this opportunity to express my admiration of your work; for the wisdom, purity, insight and deep love for life, creation and Creator that emanates from your beautiful poetry. I find your thoughts, ideas and perception of life extremely inspiring. Your words concise, arrow-like, reflective, thoughtful, compassionate and utterly profound.

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