On American Brother’s Hamayreh and "Shiite extremists"

In his latest piece of sectarian shit, Khalid Hamayreh, wrote for PIC about his the hard time he lived at deLiberation, without providing links to the the sectarian shit he left.
After smearing the thuggish foreign (Israeli) minister who invited the “elected leader” President Mohamad Mursi Mubarak “of the most important Arab country” to visit Jerusalem and meet “with  child killers such as Shimon Peres, Benyamin Netanyahu” inorder to” decapitate Mursi’s political career once and for all”

Tel Aviv wants Egypt’s Morsi to visit Israel

Though Hamayreh “know quite well that Mursi is not a naïve leader, and…..that the imminent president of the largest Arab country wouldn’t even pay the slightest attention to Lieberman’s inauspicious invitation” is worried because the Big American boss is planning to sponsor such meeting, therefore he warned:

The visit would have disastrous moral ramifications for many years to come, so much so that Mursi and the Muslim Brothers would have a hard time looking any Egyptian, Arab or Muslim in the Eye as a result of the monumental shame and embarrassment the Islamist camp would suffer.

Indeed, the catastrophic legacy that such a visit would bequeath would keep the Islamists busy for half a century to fix the damage.

Then he turned to express his  sympathy and empathy to the Corries . “Their daughter has actually been murdered twice by the evil entity called Israel, which unfortunately controls the American political arena in no superficial manner: First time when the young activist was crushed by the American-manufactured bulldozer in 2003 and, second, this week by the racist Israeli court, which acquitted the murderers of any wrong doing.”

Finally he dischaged his sectarian poison.

Shiite extremists

“In recent weeks, some ignorant Shiite extremists have been attacking and vilifying me personally for my principled stance in support of the Syrian revolution against the cultic, murderous and sectarian regime of Bashar el-Assad.” he claimed.

The media thugs, who are likely to be hired and paid by Hizbullah and/or the Iranian intelligence, have also been bad-mouthing prominent Muslim scholars, such as Sheikh Yousef al Qaradawi, as well as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, calling Sunni Islamic groups “the Ikhwan of America.” Qaradawi has been called the “NATO sheikh” and the Syrian freedom-fighters called “America’s fighters.” he added.

The Pig hopes and prays “that these media thugs don’t represent Shiites everywhere” 
The pig after his endless lies and smear campain against Shiites all Shiites at deLibration, is drawing “a line of distinction between the Shiites of Muhammed and the Shiites of Iblis (the devil.),

In fact the sectarian Pig is drawing a line of distinction between Sunnis (Shiites of Muhammad) and Shiites, because every Muslim knows that Muslims after the death of Muhammed divided into Shiites (Party) of Ali and Shiites of Abu Baker.

The truth of the matter is that Brothers of America fanatics are trying to destroy all bridges with their Shiites, Alwaites, Druz and Christian brothers, which means that they only have themselves to harm. Needless to say, those who decapitate toddlers and children and rape women in Syria and then shout rather hysterically Allah Akbar have lost not only their Islam, but their humanity as well.

Yesterday we have seen (ABU DAAN– wearing beard) “elected President” MURSI, forgetting that he is President “of the most important Arab country”, the president of all Egyptian, after destoying Gaza’s and Resistance lifelines, hiding  behind Gamal Abd Al-Naser and “behind the thin façade of the Palestine cause as well as…anti-Zionism” acting as the President of American brothers, calling for changinig the regime in Syria.  

I would tell the sectarian Pig that with or without visting Jerusalem the damage of the catastrophic acts of American brothers would keep them busy for half a century to fix the damage. They will only have themselves to blame.

Being one of the “media thugs, who are likely to be hired and paid by Hizbullah and/or the Iranian intelligence,”, the one who called the International Brotherhood “the Ikhwan of America.” Qaradawi the “NATO sheikh” and the FSA, “America’s fighters.” and called him Khalid “Hamayreh” and proved that Hamayeh is his real family name, and after reading the Story of a donkey an true son of Donkey’s tribe I would apologize for humilating all donkey on the earth  by calling the PIG a donkey.

Please read the following story about us, humans, insulting donkeys.

Donkey the son of a donkey
Once upon a time in an Arabic stable for donkeys.
One day a donkey made a hunger stike
As his health deteriorated his father decided to know whats going on
“Whats wrong my dear son?” asked the father. “I brought you the best barley why you don’t eat?, who disturbed you?” He added.
“Humans” The son replied
Surprised the father asked” What happened?
“Haven’t you seen them whenever someone do a shamfull deed they call him “Donkey”?
They call their stupids, Donkeys. Are we stupid Father?
We work hard, we understand, and have emotions.”

The confused father did not know how to respond to his son’s, but soon he moved his ears left and right  then began trying to convince him son using the logic of donkeys
“Look son” the father started ” God created humans prefered them over all other creation, but they misread each other before turning to offend us, donkeys”

See for example …

Did you see in your life a donkey stealing his brother???

Have you seen a donkey complaining against his brother?

Have you seen donkey abusing his wife and his children?

Have you seen a donkey insulting his brother or sun abusing his wife and children?

Have you ever heard of an Americans were planning to kill an Arab donkey Arabs!!
In order to get his barley?

Have you seen a donkey from an Arab State who don’t not understand his brother from another Arab State?

Have you seen a donkey dealing with a foreign State against his own country?

Have you seen a donkey distinguishing between his brothers on a sectarian basis

Have you seen a donkey full with hatred killing his brothers  insatiable distinction and murder?

Of course you never heard such crimes against donkeyshood!!
So I ask you to use your hamiri mind hamiri, to lift youy head high and be as ecpected a donkey a son of a donkey. Let humans say what they want. It is enough that we are proud because we don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t insult.
Impressed by his father, the son said ” I promise you Dadi to be a proud donkey”
“Yesterday I was a donkey
Today I am still a donkey
Tomorow I am a donkey
Unlike some humans, satisfied and willing to stay slaves for America
I wish to I could change and be a horse”
Then he started eating his barley.

حمار ابن حمار !!

كان يا مكان في أحد الاسطبلات العربية معشر من الحمير وذات يوم أضرب حمار عن الطعام مدة من الزمن فضعف جسده وتهدّلت أذناه وكاد جسده يقع على الأرض من الوهن
فأدرك الحمار الأب ان وضع ابنه يتدهور كل يوم وأراد أن يفهم منه سبب ذلك
فأتاه على انفراد يستطلع حالته النفسية والصحية التي تزداد تدهورا فقال له : ما بك يا بني؟؟
لقد أحضرت لك أفضل أنواع الشعير.. وأنت لا تزال رافضا ان تأكل..أخبرني ما بك؟ ولماذا تفعل ذلك بنفسك؟ هل أزعجك أحد؟
رفع الحمار الأبن رأسه وخاطب والده قائلا:
نعم يا أبي .. انهم البشر..دُهش الأب الحمار وقال لأبنه الصغير: وما بهم البشر يا بني؟
فقال الأب وكيف ذلك؟
قال الابن: ألم ترهم كلما قام احدهم بفعل مشين يقولون له يا حمار..أنحن حقا كذلك؟
وكلما قام أحد أبنائهم برذيلة يقولون له يا حمار.. يصفون أغبياءهم بالحمير.. ونحن لسنا كذلك يا أبي .. أننا نعمل دون كلل أو ملل.. ونفهم وندرك.. ولنا مشاعر..عندها ارتبك الحمار الأب ولم يعرف كيف يردّ على تساؤلات صغيره وهو في هذه الحالة السيئة ولكن سُرعان ما حرّك أذنيه يُمنة ويٍسرة ثم بدأ يحاور ابنه محاولا أقناعه حسب منطق الحمير.. انظر يا بني انهم معشر خلقهم الله وفضّلهم على سائر المخلوقات لكنّهم أساؤوا لأنفسهم كثيرا قبل أن يتوجهوا لنا نحن معشر الحمير بالإساءة .. فانظر مثلا..
هل رأيت حمارا في عمرك يسرق مال أخيه ؟؟ هل سمعت بذلك؟
هل رأيت حمار ينهب طعام أخيه الحمار؟
هل رأيت حمار يشتكي على أحد من أبناء جنسه؟
هل رأيت حمار يشتم أخيه الحمار أو أحد أبنائه؟
هل رأيت حمار يضرب زوجته وأولاده؟هل رأيت زوجات الحمير وبناتهم يتسكعون في الشوارع والمقاهي؟هل سمعت يوما ما أن الحمير الأمريكان يخططون لقتل الحمير العرب!! من أجل الحصول على الشعير؟هل رأيت حمارا من دولة عربية لا يفهم كلام أخيه من دولة عربية أخرى ؟هل رأيت حمار عميل لدولة أجنبيه ضد بلده ؟هل رأيت حمار يفرق بين أهله على أساس طائفي طبعا لم تسمع بهذه الجرائم الإنسانية!!
اذن أطلب منك أن تحّكم عقلك الحميري
وأطلب منك أن ترفع رأسي عاليا وتبقى كعهدي بك حمار ابن حمار
واتركهم يقولوا ما يشاؤن॥
فيكفينا فخرا أننا حمير لا نقتل ولا نسرق ولا نغتاب ولا نسّب…
أعجبت هذه الكلمات الحمار الابن فقام وراح يلتهم الشعير وهو يقول:

نعم سأبقى كما عهدتني يا أبي
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

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