MP Raad: March 14 Memo Indicates Involvement in Syria Assault

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The Head of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, MP Mohamad Raad, slammed the memorandum, delivered by March 14 coalition to President Michel Sleiman, as provocative.
mohammad raad
During a press conference at the Parliament, said that role of the memo is “a provocation against Syria in a bid to get together with the international assault targeting Syria.”

“The aim of this memo is to cover up March 14’s involvement and participation in the assault against Syria.”

 “We draw President Sleiman’s attention to the dangers, the aims and the contents of this memorandum,” MP Raad said, urging the President to deal responsibly with the memo.

Last week, ex-PM Fouad Saniora handed President Sleiman, on behalf of March 14, a memo demanding the annulment of the security treaties with Syria, the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador, the filing of a complaint with the Arab League over what it called Syria’s violations.

“The memo doesn’t reflect any keenness to preserve Lebanon’s sovereignty and violates the Taef accord,” MP Rad said further.

He called on the Lebanese authorities to investigate the clashes that erupted recently along the northern Lebanese-Syrian border and the side that opened fire first.

“The investigation will reveal if the alleged Syrian violations are true, and if Syria is opening fire first or if it comes as a reaction to violations committed by Lebanon.”

MP Raad also said that “if the government was ruled by March 14 then it would have engaged Lebanon in a war against Syria.”

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